Announcing an Exciting New Staff Development Opportunity for Educators 
Attention school administrators.
Listen up professional educators.
This could be the exact opportunity you have been waiting for, an opportunity to see Chick Moorman live in your office, classroom or media center. Now, you too can partake of this stimulating live presentation without having to fight big city traffic and pay big bucks to attend a distant seminar.
Announcing a full day video seminar with Chick Moorman presenting The Teacher Talk Advantage before a live audience.
Finally, A video seminar that gives teachers an edge!
This video seminar will strengthen your teaching effectiveness and help you be better prepared to deal with the everyday challenges and stresses of being a professional educator. You will gain the knowledge and practical verbal skills that will allow you to walk confidently into your school with The Teacher Talk Advantage.
The Teacher Talk Advantage video seminar will help you….
  • Structure your classroom so students feel safe to take risks, make mistakes and give and get respect.
  • Learn and use instructive verbal strategies to help students become self-motivated, self-responsible, and self-reliant.
  • Discover efficient and effective ways to encourage students to think critically and stay conscious of the choices they are making as well as the effect those choices have on themselves and others.
  • Devise a classroom atmosphere that demonstrates concern, caring and genuine interest in each other's well-being
  • Help students come face-to-face with personal responsibility by helping the experience related, reasonable, and respectful consequence that flow naturally from their choices and actions.
  • Learn how to speak in words that nurture, uplift, and inspire, even as you hold students accountable for inappropriate behaviors.
Two worthwhile choices tailored to meet your specific needs.
Choice #1: The Basics
This choice begins with the complete 6-hour video seminar on 4 DVD disks. It also contains a comprehensive resource handbook that includes activities, techniques and stories of real educators using this material with real students in real classrooms.
Ideal for Teachers
This unique and valuable material is ideal for educators who have been denied access to professional development opportunities due to lack of school funding. Take charge of your own professional growth using material that you choose. Take part in staff development that you alone determine is of benefit to you and your students.
Become the teacher you always wanted to be with verbal tools that leave you with renewed confidence and techniques to put to use immediately.
Invaluable for Administrators
Perfect for staff meetings. Show a ten minute section and discuss it as a group. Give it to a teacher who could use it to reach his/her improvement goal. Watch it yourself. Use the ideas to deliver meaningful suggestions when you do teacher evaluations. Apply some of the valuable verbal skills when interacting with students and parents.
The Basics package includes: 
  1. 4 DVD disks.
  2. 6 hours of instructional and motivational video.
  3. A 118 page comprehensive workbook.
Your price? Only $129.95 plus postage.
Choice #2: Everything but the Kitchen Sink.
This offer includes everything listed above in The Basics package plus more. You will receive:
  1. 4 DVD disks.
  2. 6 hours of instructional and motivational video.
  3. A 118 page comprehensive workbook.
$129.95 total value
  1. The Teacher Talk Advantage: Five Voices for Effective Teaching (hard cover book - $24.95 value)
  2. Teacher Talk: What it Really Means (paperback book - $14.95 value)
  3. The Teacher Talk Advantage Super Site One Year Subscription ($59.95 value)
This subscription-based web site opportunity is designed for serious Teacher Talk Advantage practitioners. This exclusive site will give you on-going help and support as you use the verbal skills in this incredible system.
  • Over 400 Teacher Talk Quick Tips.
  • 29 articles featuring educators using Teacher Talk verbal skills with their students.
  • A question and answer section with guaranteed priority response to your concerns, problems, frustrations, and successes.
  • 22 video clips of Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman explaining, demonstrating, and teaching practical Teacher Talk skills.
  • 19 audio clips of Chick and Thomas responding to current events in the crucial profession of education.
The Everything but the Kitchen Sink offer includes:
  1. The full Basics package……………………………………………......$129.95  
  2. The Teacher Talk Advantage book…...……………......………. $24.95
  3. Teacher Talk, paperback book……………..........………………...$14.95
  4. The Teacher Talk Advantage Super Site subscription…….. $59.95
Total value - $229.80
Everything but the Kitchen Sink Offer - $179.95 plus postage.
This is your moment to say "yes" to owning your personal copy of the live video seminar, The Teacher Talk Advantage, featuring distinguished author and dramatic speaker, Chick Moorman. Now is the best time to select from the following two choices.
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