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Good Dog Pet Care
 We Love Pets, Just Like You...
Happy New Year!

Fresh start, new year, the sky is the limit! That is how I feel, how about you?  As we move into this new year I am excited, exhilarated and ready to grow both personally and professionally. I love to learn new things. I am constantly reading trade journals, books, watching videos, documentaries, listening to podcasts, etc. that will help me to be better. A better dog trainer, pet sitter, dog walker, business owner, citizen, networker, manager, person, wife, mother, friend and human being (not necessarily in any particular order).  I resolve to face new challenges with Enthusiasm!
1. intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
"her energy and enthusiasm for life"
A fellow networker shared with me… ENTHUSIASM- The maker of friends – the maker of smiles- the producer of confidence. It cries to the world, “I’ve got what it takes.” It tells all men that our job is a swell job – that the house we work for just suits us – the goods we have are the best.
ENTHUSIASM- The inspiration that makes us “Wake Up and Live.” It puts spring in our step – spring in our hearts – a twinkle in our eyes and gives us confidence in ourselves and our fellow men.
I challenge you to face every day with ENTHUSIASM!
Warm Regards,
Terie Hansen
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
Grooming Special!
The benefits of walking your dog are endless for both you and your dog. You can experience more energy and feelings of calm and well being. You can strengthen your bond with your pup and brush up on their training skills or just enjoy the quiet time together.
Many dogs don’t get enough exercise and that energy can build up and then be expressed through negative behaviors such as excess barking, chewing digging, jumping, anxiety and even aggression.
Walking can enrich the life of your dog both mentally, physically and socially.But for many people life is very busy and fitting a good dog walk into their day just isn’t possible. In fact the last thing most people want to do after a long day at work is walk their dog. That’s where we come in! Our Professional Dog Walkers can visit your pooch midday and take them on a Private Dog Walk or Poochie Power Hour ! They will burn off that excess energy (or pounds) and you will come home to a calmer happier dog who is ready to snuggle up on the sofa with you!
We can help bring peace to your home.
At Good Dog! Coaching , we teach you how to communicate to your dog the positive behaviors you want from him. Good Dog! Coaching is a proud member of APDT – Association of Professional Dog Trainers. 
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training video!
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Furtografie Atlanta
New Year, New Pet
By Terie Hansen   
At this time of year I receive an influx of calls for dog training as many people have brought a new dog into their home. Some call right away while others wait till they have experienced negative behaviors or issues with their new dog.
This begs the question… When is the best time to reach out to a dog trainer? The answer is simple… before you bring the dog home! In fact before you even choose a dog is best.
A good dog trainer can help you decide which breed or more importantly, what temperament and energy level would best fit you, your family and your lifestyle. A good dog trainer can give you tips to help make the transition of the new arrival go smoothly and help you to establish leadership skills immediately especially if there are already other pets in your home. They can advise you on how to introduce your new dog to the dog(s) you already have. This is vital to minimize possible battles for pack ranking.  Read more here.
Vaccine Special
In this issue:
We'd Like It A Lot!
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Pet Picture of the Month
Meet Charli
Charli is a rescued Australian Shepard Mix.  He is the sweetest little guy.  He loves to take his walks to his neighborhood park and is an awesome snuggler on his overnight visits!
Rescue Group
of the Month
Road Trip Home Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization providing life-saving services for homeless pets in need in Georgia.  We work tirelessly to save as many homeless pets as possible and to relocate them to shelters in states where there is a demand for shelter animals.
"Awesome experience. It’s obvious you love what you do. Terie you are awesome. You taught me so much valuable information. I feel more like the pack leader which is essential with 5 dogs."
Lisa M.
"I want to thank you all again for the excellent pet sitting you did for my cats while I was out of town on vacation last week.  I want to compliment Marlaine and the wonderful job she did  while watching my two “4-legged children” – Gibson & Margarita!  She left very detailed notes each day about all she did for my “kids” and it was very much appreciated.  Thanks again for the excellent job you all do at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care!"
Donna F
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Pet Massage Special
$20 OFF all pet massages until February 28, 2015!!!!!
Canine massage- $35 ..... normally $55
Equine massage- $60 ..... normally $80
Contact Savannah at 678-779-4531 or
 Customer Portal
We are pleased to announce the addition of our Customer Portal to our website.  New and existing clients can now access their pet information and book services online.
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