WREMAC Website

I presented the beta version of a new website to Western Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (WREMAC) members Wednesday. WREMAC asked us to develop a new website for their agency to make the site more user-friendly and accessible to EMS providers. WREMAC members are reviewing the beta version we created and we’re waiting for their suggestions. We’re hoping to go live with the new website prior to WREMAC’s next meeting on March 18. EMS providers can link to the WREMAC website through our STHCS homepage. The WREMAC website is a critical tool for Western New York EMS providers. Through the website providers can review all WREMAC policies, policy updates and the forms they need to continue providing EMS services. We constructed the new WREMAC website completely in-house. I want to thank our STEMS Coordinator Jen Budaj and STHCS Program Assistant Alicia Broadbent for spearheading this project and doing such a great job. I’m very grateful that we are able to provide these services to WREMAC to help ensure our communities receive the EMS care they deserve.

CAC Day at SBU

I’m very happy to report that the St. Bonaventure Women’s Basketball team hosted a “Child Advocacy Center Day” at the Reilly Center during their game against Fordham University. During the benefit anyone who brought a Beanie Baby to the Reilly Center was allowed to enter for free. Anyone who said they were there to support our CAC was admitted to the game at the discounted rate of $3. The Beanie Babies will be given to children who receive services at the Southern Tier Child Advocacy Center. The YMCA also set up one of its inflatables for children an hour before the game began and during half time to attract support for the center. I know I’ve said this many times, but we are very fortunate to live in a community that gives so much support to our programs.

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WREMAC Website
CAC Day at SBU

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