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Blueprint Basketball Newsletter
Issue #32, 2015
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Blueprint Blog

14 Bench Rules

By Alan Stein of Stronger Team
While the 5 starters usually get most of the headlines and shine, in order for a team to maximize it’s true potential… it has to continually develop and maximize the other 10-12 players on the team. Bench players play an integral role in any team’s success.
Here are 14 Bench Rules to help you maximize the rest of this season:
  1. Clearly establish and communicate the role of every member of your team. Every player on the team should know everyone’s role. You probably did this at the beginning of the season. Do it again.
  1. Get each player to be a ‘star’ in their role, no matter how small it is, and to understand that their role is integral to the team’s success. Every player needs to feel important.
  1. Give just as much attention and love to your bench players as you do to your starting 5 every day in practice. Give them just as many reps when running sets, doing end of game situations, etc. They need to be just as prepared as the starters. Make every player on your team feel needed and involved in every practice and everyned every day in practice and it earned during games. Convince players to make the most of every minute they play (even if it is during a blowout). Let them know that 1 minute of playing time may turn in to 2 minutes next time… 2 minutes may turn in to 4 minutes, etc. READ MORE CLICK HERE
News and Notes

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Quotes of the Month
 "Feed your Eagles and Starve your Turkeys."
"Every team needs Finders, Minders, and Grinders."
  "Don't treat the symptom, fix the problem."  
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See you in a Gym soon!
Best Swishes,

Free Bounce Pass Clinic Notes of the Month
Download the latest in a collection of clinic notes that I have collected and traded from around the country!   NBA, College, and High School Coaches and help improve your program.  I have just added a Clinic Notes Section on my website with archives and Google Docs of all the Clinic Notes.
 Coaches Clinic Notes Courtesy of Kevin Eastman
Free Plays of the Month
Man Sets, Zone Plays, and BLOBs
 St. Bonaventure Zone Sets
Courtesy of Zak Boisvert

Best Man Set Plays  
Courtesy of Zak Boisvert

The Danger Zone

by Jerry L. Mills

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