Executive Health Budget

As many of you know, the proposed budget Governor Cuomo released last week would cut the Rural Health Development and Rural Health Access budgets by 15 percent and bundle both programs with the Health Workforce Development budget. We strongly oppose the Governor’s plan to slash and bundle these programs. On Monday Senator Cathy Young hosted a conference call for rural health network CEOs to discuss the Governor’s budget and its impact on rural health. Senator Young is a member of the Senate’s Health and Finance committees and is Chairwoman of the Legislative Commission on Rural Resources. There is no one better to have in our corner for this fight. Rural health networks including STHCS are submitting written testimony to Monday's Legislative Public Hearing on the Executive Health Budget. Our testimony explains in detail why bundling us with workforce development is a bad idea and how cutting the budgets would harm our programs and would hinder health-care reform in rural communities. I want to thank Senator Young for hosting Monday’s conference call and for her continued support of STHCS and rural health care programs across the state. I'll update you as we know more.

Distance Learning Milestone

We achieved a new milestone using distance learning this week. We presented a QA/QI class for EMS providers in Jamestown, Olean and Wellsville simultaneously with two instructors, one in Olean and the other in Jamestown. We experienced no difficulties with the technology and the transitions between the presenters and students were seamless. I couldn’t have been happier. The students were at ALSTAR Training Center in Jamestown, Olean General Hospital and Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville. The instructors were live at Olean General Hospital and ALSTAR. More than 60 EMS providers attended the class, which is triple the number that would attend in a traditional classroom setting. This is great news. We’re getting more bang for our training buck and students and instructors continue to adapt to using distance-learning technology.

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Executive Health Budget
Distance Learning Milestone

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