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Happy February!

I am recently back from a cruise to the Caribbean! What a wonderful time was had by my husband and I as we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. While visiting Belize our excursion guide and I struck up a conversation and when he learned what I did for a living he offered to take me to a local animal shelter. Now this is not a shelter like one you may have visited in the states. This was an outdoor area run by a very kind local man. He fosters/shelters both dogs and cats. When Lucio (my guide) and I walked through the gate we were greeted by happy faces and wagging tails. Cats and dogs alike. I was struck by the fact that not one animal was underfed but neither were any overweight. There was no jumping, or barking. All the animals lived peacefully and happily and in perfect harmony together awaiting their forever home. It was a sight to see!
While I was away one of our wonderful pet sitters stayed overnight in my home caring for our dog Cole. I had such peace of mind knowing that she was there and that Cole was getting pampered and loved in our absence. We sure were happy to see Cole on our return and it gave us freshness of appreciation of what a wonderful furry family member she is.  If you will be traveling or maybe you just work long hours keep us in mind for pet care. For as little as $19 a visit you and your pet can experience the exceptional level of care from one of our loving pet sitters!  This month is also National Pet Dental Health month so take care to be sure you are keeping your pet’s teeth clean which can help prolong their lifespan
Warm Regards,
Terie Hansen
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
Ticks and Your Pet
By Tanera Swan
Strutt Your Mutt Grooming
What Are Ticks? Ticks are external parasites that feed on the blood of host animals such as your dog. They usually require three feedings to complete their life cycles.
How Are Ticks Transmitted to Dogs?
Ticks are most active from spring through fall and live in tall brush or grass, where they may attach to dogs playing on their turf. These parasites prefer to stay close to the head, neck, feet and ear area. In severe infestations, however, they can be found anywhere on a dog’s body.  
How Do I Know if My Dog Has Ticks?
Ticks are visible to the naked eye. If you spot one, it is important to take care when removing it. Any contact with the tick’s blood can potentially transmit infection to your dog or even to you! Treat the area with rubbing alcohol and pluck the parasite with tweezers, making sure you’ve gotten the biting head and other body parts. Since it may only take a few hours for disease to be transmitted from an attached tick, it is ideal for your dog to be evaluated by a veterinarian soon after any  are found  on your pet.
February is National Pet Dental
Health Month
4 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Teeth Clean
By Terie Hansen
Is brushing my pet‘s teeth really that important? Yes! Keeping your dog or cat’s teeth clean can save you money, keep them healthier and stave off bad breath. Let’s face it, even when your pet’s teeth are clean their breath doesn’t smell like roses but when the smell changes to something worse it can be a major problem.  Poor pet dental health can lead to periodontal disease which can lead to all kinds of serious health issues. Click here to visit the AVMA-American Veterinary Medical Association’s website where you can watch short videos on how to brush your pet’s teeth as well as a video that explains what periodontal disease is and how you can prevent it!
Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is really pretty simple. There are products on the market for brushing their teeth with, products you just squirt in their mouth and even products you can put in their drinking water that all help to keep their teeth clean and can delay or eliminate a trip to the vet for a costly and traumatic cleaning procedure (I mean really, what pet likes to go to the vet?).  February is National Pet Dental Health Month so what better time to implement a brushing routine so get brushing people!     Simple tips for keeping your pet’s teeth clean:
1. Choose a product- tooth paste, mouth rinse, water additive
2. For tooth brushing use a small amount on a pet toothbrush and gently lift your pets lips. Gently brush the side teeth and then the front teeth.
3. Be patient and take your time. Start with brushing once a week and work up to two to three times per week. This gives your pet time to adapt. If you have a puppy start right away as they will adapt pretty quickly.
4. Keep plenty of fresh water available as many pets will drink after eating which helps to rinse off a lot of food or treat particles.
We can help bring peace to your home.
At Good Dog! Coaching , we teach you how to communicate to your dog the positive behaviors you want from him. Good Dog! Coaching is a proud member of APDT – Association of Professional Dog Trainers. 
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Pet Picture of the Month
Meet Max & Meika
Max & Meika are cute little rat terriers.  They love to go on their
 walks wearing their adorable
sweaters.  They always make us feel
welcome on our visits!
Rescue Group
of the Month
Fancy Feline Rescue of the South, a non-profit, no-kill rescue licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, is a small rescue organization with a big heart for the "Fancy Feline" breeds -- particularly Persian, Himalayan, Exotic, Ragdoll, Birman, Maine Coon, Siamese, and other CFA- and TICA-recognized breeds and mixes. Our goal is to provide tender, loving care and safe-haven for those cats that are abandoned, abused, or neglected.  Read more here.
"Good Dog!’s prices are very fair especially for the high level of service provided. I am very pleased with the company’s flexibility and attention to detail. Very thorough and professional."
Kenya N.
"I am so pleased with the results and training Sheba received. When I first called Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care, Sheba was a bit much to handle. Now she is a very obedient, sweet and loving dog! I consulted a few trainers before calling Good Dog! and their prices, by far were the best I found. Thanks a million!"
Kimberly L.
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February 24th is
World Spay Day!
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