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I was raised in an era when kids knew that it was their responsibility to entertain themselves. When we got bored we asked, "What can we do?" If your kids ask this question, you are doing a good job of parenting.
Many kids today ask, "I’m bored. What can I watch?" This is difficult to combat in an era where television, internet and video games can keep kids in an almost constant state of stimulation.
Research on the brain tells us that this constant excitement can wire a kid's brain to prefer activities that offer immediate stimulation and entertainment. As a result we see many children who cannot handle the slower speed of a normal classroom. These kids see school as boring and often stimulate themselves by acting out.
Our media-driven culture of constant stimulation through television, internet and video games contributes to the number of kids who need and demand instant gratification. Dr. Ed Hallowell describes these kids as attention-disordered.
Do your kids a favor and limit the amount of time their brains are connected to electronic entertainment. More than one-half hour per day is hurtful to your child's brain.
Read our book, Meeting the Challenge and learn how to help children develop better attention and behavior skills.
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