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Twitter for clay mineralogists
Many of us turn and run when the subject of social media comes up. Facebook - who needs it? Twitter? It's just for those who have nothing better to do, right? Some of the language ("tweet" for example) sounds silly, but it's the result that is worthwhile! Think back to when you first used email. How widely adapted to it are we now? Like email, social media is a tool we can learn to use.
Here's a bit of news for you. The Society has decided that Twitter and Facebook are good ways to promote our activities to the broader scientific community. We are establishing our presence online and we want you to join us and help!
How does it work? First, open an account (easy, at Search for names or keywords that interest you. Then, 'follow' the accounts of people or groups you know and are interested in learning more about and keeping up to date with, e.g. in terms of their published work. You can send tweets to them, simply retweet a newsbite (think share or forward), or tweet on your own account and wait for others to follow you. Tailor your experience to your interests. It's all about building networks and that is what The Society is doing. The key dividend is that you will find new people who didn't know about you before and who are interested in your work.  Who knows, maybe you will discover someone you never knew.

You do not have to read about all of the minutiae of everyone's life on Twitter.  You engage as much as you want, find what you want to find, and make it a tool that is beneficial to your work.
We look forward to hearing from you (@ClayMinSociety).
New CMS publications
Have you bought your copy of the recent volumes in the Workshop Lecture Series? Check them out here.

Materials and Clay Minerals
edited by L.F. Drummy
Advanced Applications of Synchrotron Radiation in Clay Science
edited  by Glenn A. Waychunas
President's Corner

The start of 2015 has been busy so far for the CMS.  We note the establishment the new 'Blair Jones and Jane Flinn Award'. This will be given to the student with the best student travel proposal as judged by the Student Grants Committee. We are grateful to Dr. Jane Flinn for establishing this award which will serve as a wonderful way for the CMS to honor Blair’s memory. The first travel award will be given at the Euroclay Meeting in Edinburgh. 
New source clays
The CMS has received two new Source Clay materials. Halliburton Corporation has donated a Wyoming Bentonite to replace our rapidly depleting stock of the Wyoming Bentonite (SWy-2).  At the time of writing, IMERYS has shipped a new stock of Georgia Kaolin to replace our dwindling supply of the KGa Source Clay.  We are very grateful to our friends at Halliburton and IMERYS for these donations. The clays will further clay mineral research in many ways.

International Year of Soils
2015 is the International Year of Soils so designated by the United Nations. Recall, 2013 was the International Year of Crystallography. A good editorial 'Giving soils their due' was published recently in Science (v. 347, p. 695).  Habitation of life on earth not only requires clean water and clean air. Soils provide the substrate for our crops. They help to clean air and water. Soils are essential and very much under threat. Please join in the celebration of the International Year of Soils. 
Haydn Murray
Lastly, mentioned previously in a number of ways,  we note the passing of Professor Haydn Murray of Indiana University - a true friend, colleague and gentlemen of science.  There will be special issue in Clays and Clay Minerals  in his honor.
I wish all a prosperous New Year and hope to see you all at Edinburgh this summer.
Crawford Elliott, President
Euroclay - only 4 months to go!
Euroclay - Early registration rates close on March 1. Abstract deadline, March 31. Don't forget To sign up!
Our joint CMS-European Clay Groups-Mineralogical Society event, Euroclay2015, in Edinburgh, Scotland is building nicely. View the extensive list of keynote speakers, the field-trip programme, the enticing list of social events at the conference website ( Do support this meeting - and look forward to meeting all your international colleagues there.

Recently published in Clays and Clay Minerals
    • Reiner Dohrmann and Stephan Kaufhold
      Cation exchange and mineral reactions observed in MX 80 buffer samples of the prototype repository in siute experiment in Äspö, Sweden
    • Maria Ibanez, Arjan Wijdeveld, and Claire Chassagne
      The role of mono- and divalent ions in the stability of kaolinite suspensions and fine tailings

    • Tomasz Kozlowski and Łukasz Walaszczyk
      Analyzing expanding clays by thermoporometry using a stochastic deconvolution of the DSC signal

    • Martin Pentrák, Linda Pentráková, Adi Radian, Yael G. Mishael, and Joseph W. Stucki
      Nitrate reduction by redox-modified smectites exchanged with chitosan 

  • Na Guo, Jin-Sheng Wang, Jian Li, Yan-Guo Teng, and Yuan-Zheng Zhai
    Dynamic adsorptoin of Cd2+ onto acid modified attapulgite from aqueous solution
  • Lan Nguyen-Thanh, Horst-Jürgen Herbert, Jörn Kasbohm, Thao Hoang-Minh, and Rafael Ferreiro Mählmann
    Effects of chemical structure on the stability of smectites in short-term alteration experiments
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