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An Orphan Smiles
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What has been happening?  Here is a re-cap...
In the fall we were able to reinstate our Tsurupinsk GAP program. Currently, we have 12 kids that are participating.  
As a group, AOS has been covering the costs of any un-sponsored Tsurupinsk GAP kids.  
We are still in great need of sponsors and hope we can find some soon!  This month we are featuring Nadya (pictured here). 
Nadya was born March 25, 1994. She is studying to be a computer operator/lead secretary.
She speaks English fairly well. She knows that other students have a sponsor and she would love to have her own.  She is an outgoing and active girl who likes to be involved in the community.  HERE is the Tsurupinsk GAP Sponsorship Page.  
Currently, our Myko GAP program consists of monthly food and hygiene shipments to the kids in vocational schools in the East.  
Recently, we had some trouble while the war was really active; we were told not to send anything for fear it couldn't get to the kids in Gorlivka who were in separatist controlled territory.  
We received a message that Valentina had figured out a way!  In nothing short of a miracle, here are the Gorlivka boys at the orphanage picking up the food!  
The students were able to supplement their diets for 2 weeks with what they could carry back.  
We send a BIG thank you to Phyllis and Diane for shipping these boxes for us!  
The needs are changing,
but one thing is certain:
the economic crisis lingers.
If you would like to help our Myko kids that have "aged out", please contact Leslie at
Here's another scenario that shows how vitally important the emergency fund is: it was used to buy bread for two weeks while the orphanage finds another supplier.
Without a cash reserve, they would have been in trouble.  
About Us.
An Orphan Smiles
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.
Our tax ID is 26-3211721.
100% of your donation is used to directly benefit the orphans in Ukraine.
Donate Now!
We know you have been concerned!  War and Post GAP Students in the East.
The conflict in the East caused hundreds of thousands of residents to flee. Our Mykolaivka post-GAP coordinator, Jane Mitchell, says, "In normal times, this is the period the kids [who have aged-out] find the hardest to adjust to, but with the war, everything was worse."
While the ceasefire helped, work is hard to come by and food is still expensive.  Many of the kids have little support and have lost contact with other kids and the orphanage.  Jane located as many post-GAP students as possible to make sure they were okay.
In February, our focus week project was to bolster the emergency fund.  Because of your generous donations we were able to send money to several Mykolaivka Orphanage graduates in dire situations during the worst of the fighting, when help was needed the most.
The ceasefire is still fragile so we will continue to monitor the situation and if urgent needs arise, we will do our very best to make sure the graduates have the help they need.
All is well at Mykolaivka Orphanage.  The students are studying.  Many thanks to those of you who sent boxes of warm clothes for the winter.  Much appreciation was expressed for our efforts!  
An especially big thank you to the kids at Saints Cosmas and Damian church in Ohio for helping to ship boxes of clothes and for their thoughtful messages of love to our Myko kids during the conflict. 
Thank you to everyone who shipped emergency kits. Especially to Karen and her family (in Utah) and Christi and her friends (in Texas)!
They each made a big project of it!  
The peace of mind they purchased was invaluable! 
Recently, there were strong winds and tree branches took out the power lines.  The orphanage was without power for 2 days.  
They took the generator we purchased late last year to Valentina's tiny kitchen where they were able to prepare all the food for 122 kids!
Valentina said the children were wonderful helpers by shuttling everything between her house and the orphanage!  Thank you to everyone who donated to our generator focus week project!  To see our recent  focus week projects, click HERE!
AOS couldn't function without you!
Welcome to our new Myko Sponsors: Ron and Rose , Jon and Svetlana, Leonor, James, and very soon...Michael and Joni! 
Did you know? Angie Albright has sponsored 8 kids!
Big thank you to Dan Frost for his help with photos! Evald Pultz will be our new photo coordinator and Dan will be helping AOS with some special photo projects! 
New Officers of AOS:  President, Leslie Reinhold; Vice-president, Wendy Hite; Treasurer, Diane Sitkowski; Secretary, Angie Albright.
An Orphan Smiles  •  P.O. Box 175  •  Kimberton  •  PA  •  19442
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