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Earthaven Ecovillage
Spring 2015 Newsletter
Spring came early with intimations of summer, then backed off for a few freezing nights and turned around for a balmy re-entrance. Buds already opening on fruit and berry branches may not all recover, but many were slow bloomers and will make it.
NikiAnne was out touring when Mana’s mom Dorien came strolling by and they posed for the camera. Happy Spring, y'all!
Gardeners have begun their outdoor planting—some by the moon and some not! Most seeds and starts can go right in, but others will remain safe inside until around the 10th of May.
Plant starts are now available on Tuesday mornings and by contacting Eli at 828-669-0534. And speaking of Tuesday mornings, Coffee & Trade is about to move outdoors again; these might be the last pictures of the winter location inside Council Hall.
Outside in the fields, another lambing season has proceeded under Caroline’s care. Below, she leads the flock in Gateway field.
Up in Bellavia, mushroom logs have been inoculated and lay about waiting for stacking. Life is pulsing through every farmer and gardener’s fingers. Birdwatchers (and listeners) are delighted once again.
Can We Slow Down?
by Arjuna da Silva
When Camp Elliott Road was still unpaved, in dry spells we had to crawl “like the Elliotts” so cars and homes wouldn’t be enveloped in clouds of dust. We agreed to the paving for that reason, but ease brings speed, and attempts to self-regulate to 10 mph or less have been spotty.
We’ve been trying to remind ourselves and our guests with all kinds of signs. Ryan added the 5 mph sign after one rainy day’s serious loss of toads.
Although we’ve lost some toads and an occasional snake, close encounters between cars and bikes have been unsettling. It’s so easy, when coming in off State roads to think we’re going slow at 20. It’s automatic after sitting at the computer or working a firewood shift to head for town or the neighbors at a seemingly slow 15. But little kids on trikes or tots in the road require something more like a snail’s pace.
At one point, before Ryan made his signs, the children took on the task of making a sign we couldn’t miss—calling for a speed we may no longer think is low enough.
How do we get ourselves to remember to take that slow breath, the one that reminds us to be where we are? That birdsong is in the air, that children are playing, people are strolling or jogging, that a season is changing right before our eyes if we move slowly enough to notice?
We’ve been at this crossroad before. When we were fewer people who all saw each other more often, we could use everything from peer pressure to songs on voice mail to keep ourselves reminded to drive real slowly. If anyone out there has a good plan to recommend, please write me directly at
Driving slow as royalty can be a short, sweet meditative way to begin or end the trip to town or the errand onsite. Let’s drive like that, like the Elliotts—nice and slow!
Earth Day 2015
45 Years and Counting
Earth Day (April 22) broadens the base of support for environmental programs, rekindles public commitment and builds community activism around the world.… Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. More than a billion people participate … every year.
The possibilities for getting involved are endless! Volunteer. Go to a festival. Install solar panels on your roof. Organize an event in your community. Change a habit. Help launch a community garden. Communicate your priorities to your elected representatives. Do something nice for the Earth, have fun, meet new people, and make a difference!
News at the White Owl

It’s musical housing once again, as Carmen and Black Wolf decide to move into the White Owl together and hold space for more community socializing and events open to the public. Art and Aura move over to the Trading Post, and now both Troy’s hut and Black Wolf’s trailer are beckoning to new tenants. Brent, who moved recently to the Love Shack in the Hamlet, was seen looking seriously at the trailer. Kim moved into the Pink House at Full Circle Farm and then Euna left the Hex Hut to move in with her. The Baehrs moved into the Love House.
Back at the White Owl, Carmen gets an immediate chance to check out her vision of running a guest house and event space in the community’s most beautiful social setting. Stay tuned for special events hosted there over the next seasons. Your table will be waiting!
And in the meantime, if you have the time, please fill out Carmen’s survey at this link:
Goodbye to Brian Love
We are saddened to report that Earthaven Member Brian Love passed away in March of 2015. Brian contributed enormously to the agricultural and technological development of our community, contributed countless hours of creative design, planning, management and physical labor to land-based and building projects across the village, and was an active leader in numerous committees and Council. Among his many notable achievements at Earthaven, he leaves behind the beautiful farm and home created in the Gateway neighborhood. His official obituary is available here.
Upcoming Events
We’ve got short or long, light or intensive offerings all Spring and into the Summer. If you haven’t joined us for a public tour (2nd and 4th Saturdays, most months) or a private one for you and your family, class or group), you are hereby cordially invited! To schedule your tour, go to our visitor's page.
Culture’s Edge and SOIL (the School of Integrated Living) want to welcome you to our programs and our community. Come thrive with us!
Milpa Farming and Lifeway Series
at Earthaven
with Zev Friedman
(APR. 18-NOV. 8, 2015)
An in-depth, hands-on class in the whole cycle of growing food, fiber and medicine with an ancient, polycultural method that grows annual crops integrated with animals and fungi. To learn more and register, go to the SOIL class page.
Community Through Comedy!
Workshop and Performance at Earthaven
with improv veteran Robby Boyer
Join Robby and a cast of communitarians for an alternately hilarious and profound afternoon of exercises and games that free the soul! No experience necessary!
For more info and to register:
828 669-1965
Restorative Circles in Our Communities
Conference with Dominic Barter, Duke Duchscher, Karl Steyaert, and others
JUNE 4-7 at Earthaven
Friday, JUNE 5, 8 PM in Asheville
Restorative Circles practice can help our communities thrive by showing us how conflict has become our most underutilized natural resource! Presentations, practice sessions, and an Open Space format in the relaxed and spacious atmosphere of our developing ecovillage.
For more info and to register:
828 669-1965
Farm & Ecovillage Experience
at Earthaven
JUNE 14-21
SOIL's Farm & Ecovillage Experience is a residential service-learning program in which participants are immersed in the village, homes, lives, businesses and farms of the Taylor Creek Watershed community for a hands-on, skill-building, life-changing experience. Social, ecological and economic issues are examined through a variety of activities, with a specific focus on organic food production, regenerative systems and community living.
For more information, or to register, visit the SOIL class page.
Gardening the Permaculture Way
at Earthaven
with Patricia Allison
JUNE 20-21,
JULY 11 & 25,
AUGUST 15 & 29
Focusing on home-scale food production using Permaculture principles, this course will consist of a weekend [Sat-Sun] Introduction to Permaculture class, followed by four mostly hands-on Saturday classes. Come for just the Intro weekend or take the whole series.
Renewable Energy: Now and the Future
at Earthaven
with Chris Farmer
SATURDAY, JUNE 20TH 10am-5pm
Learn about electricity and how we depend on it. Tour off-grid renewable systems in practice, including the groundbreaking “Microgrid” project in action. Explore issues surrounding both grid-tie and off-grid renewable energy systems. Discuss and see development of energy alternatives to the world’s impending energy crisis.
For more information, or to register, visit the SOIL class page.

Earthaven is an aspiring ecovillage in a mountain forest setting near Asheville, North Carolina. We are dedicated to caring for people and the Earth by learning, living, and demonstrating a holistic, sustainable culture.
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This issue of the Earthaven e-newsletter was brought to you by Arjuna da Silva, NikiAnne Feinberg, Galen Menzel, Caroline Williford, Carmen Lescher, Ryan O’Sullivan and Martha Harris. We hope to greet you again next newsletter! Please send us your comments and your ideas for future issues.
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