Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 2015 23rd Edition April 26, 2015


It's that time of year for Sheepie gathering!  We are holding our annual Fall gathering at the Pinckneyville Dog Park in Norcross, GA at 1:00pm on Sunday,  November 1.   We hope will we have a beautiful day and no rain!  However, if we have a rainout our RAIN DATE is Sunday November 8 at 1pm.   See link for more details and if you want to RSVP.



Skippy Update- ADOPTED

Yup.. Skippy is now 10 month old and a bundle of joy.  He was adopted by ME!  Fiona Bowen, the Placement Director.  I realized early on, I was having a hard time letting go.   I really hadn't planned on a second sheepie in my life, but he's been with me since he was 14 weeks old and well, as each month passed (waiting for healing on the leg, then getting the neuter) several months had passed. I found I was being exceptionally hard on finding the right home.  So in the end, I came to terms that he was already home.  
Skippy crates well, plays with Sunshine (my 8 ish year old female), and has even been to a dog park.  He runs faster that my big girl and moves fantastically when running, more so than his hopping around.  He's got quite a stride when he's running.  He has a best friend sheepie that comes to stay with us from time to time (Blue) and they are inseperable when they are together.  
He is still working on his cat skills, but I have a very tolerant cat.   He took quite awhile on potty training, but is fine now.  He never got over his travel sickness and even in a less than 10 mile trip, he will get sick.  
Overall, he is a bundle of joy and I smile daily at him.  He will be coming to Sheepie Day in the Park, so come and say hey and meet Skippy!


ADOPTION SUCCESS: Bentley and Gabby

It's always tough when someone has to give up their dog, but when they have to give up two dogs, its a bit more of an issue.  The question comes into mind, do we need to keep them together, can we seperate them, and the trouble with these two were they were seniors.  Quite honestly, that worried me more than anything else.  
The owners had a baby on the way and young family and just didn't have time to give to the dogs anymore.  They asked us to help.  We were lucky we found Melanie in west Florida who had some nice land and a lake and 2 other dogs.  They had no other kids at home and were ready for sheepies in their life again.  We had a back up plan if the 2 dogs were too much for the household, but it didn't take long to get glowing reports of walks out to the lake daily and everyone was in a routine and all were happy.  
We can't thank Melanie and her husband enough for helping us keep these two together and loving them in their senior years.  Seniors are so easy and these two have plenty of pep left in their step.  
Congrats to this awesome family.
Thanks to the Waxmans for fostering and transport!


Oyster (Khloe) Update- RIP

I have left the original information from our spring newletter as a back up to help you understand Khloe's background.  Read just below this article on her original write up.
Sadly, it is with regret that I need to let you know we had to let Khloe walk with our other sheepie friends at Rainbow Bridge.
Debbie, our foster, spent so much time loving on and taking Khloe to so many doctors visits.  Quite honestly, so  much of her (Khloe's) story was so similar to Dock's (our boy about a year ago).  
It was probably close to 3 months trying to get rid of her UTI.  At one point the infection she had (ecoli) was resistant to 14 different medicines and there were only 2 we could try to rid her of this issue.   Once we cleared up the infection there was still serious Incontinance issues filling up several diapers a day.   In addition, we weren't sure if we were dealing with a thyroid issue, cushings  or some other problem and test after test after test was just not giving us the information we needed to support her.  We weren't allowed to put her on incontinence medication because of the other medicines she was on.   
She had experienced some seizures, she sometimes just didn't feel well at all.  And after several thousands of dollars and no end in sight, we had to make the judgement call.  When adrenals are affected, it seems to be very difficult to diagnose and treat.  And this is our second dog.  I am slowly learning, but of course each scenario is different.   Decisions are made with Vet discussions, specialist's evaluations and fosters input.   No decision like this is made lightly.
We appreciate Debbie and her love for Khloe and thank her for her time and attention to Khloe's needs.


Oyster now Khloe

I get notifications from time to time where good shelters reach out to us.  We are always thankful when they give rescue a chance to help and notify us.  On this particular occasion, we were notified after 5pm on a Thursday from the Tallahassee, FL shelter and by Saturday the dog was picked up.  I'm always thankful for our Facebook participants, because they can rally when needed and we had several offers to rally and help out Oyster.  
Firstly, Oyster isn't a pretty name, but it best described our pretty, but smelly one blue eyed girl.  She was named this because when she brought in as a stray she smelled fishy.  They bathed her every day and just couldn't get rid of the smell.  While she was in holding (waiting for someone to come looking for her), they got her to their inhouse vet who was able to determine she had a UTI (hence the smell).  Their inhouse vet was pretty awesome.  He helped us determine an approximate age of 5,  He got her on meds for the UTI. Gave her shots to bring her up to date (with no records you have to err on the side of caution).  
After notification from the shelter that they wanted us to take her, I notified our facebook family and many offered to pick her up. 
We picked a home in Tampa who had lost their sheepie 6 months back, but had a senior lab and a cat.  I asked the shelter to do their best to temperment test her and they felt there wouldn't be an issue, because she was just really sweet and she didn't seem phased by other animals.  
The vet also determined she had already been spayed and we were aware she might have an incontinence issue.  
So now she is in the hands of her foster family who will get to decide if she is the one for them.  We will pay for additional testing to make sure she doesn't have other urinary issues hidden to us.  She will not be able to begin her PROIN medication until the UTI is cleared up for a few days and until futher tests show she is free of any other issues.  In the meantime, the foster is diapering her. She also had dirty ears that will be taken care of.  Her new vet in Tampa is awesome and is managing her treatment very carelfully.  
TRANSPORT & FOSTER:  Debbie Melendez



Camelot is a dog we were vary wary of bringing into rescue.  At 18 months old, she was being given up for many bites to her owner and if we couldn't save her they were considering putting her down.  Her prime owner was in her 70's and her mother also lived with her and she was in her 90's.   After the owner had gotten her dog from a reputable breeder in New York (from what I recall), the puppy soon  became a dog and the dog got big and needed alot of attention.  The owner still worked some and she probably wasn't giving enough of an outlet for play and excercise early enough in it's life.  Additionally, the dog had never been socialized with other dogs.  Groomers and vets didn't seem to have the biting issue that the owner had.   While we would not normally take in a dog like this, we had a foster ready, who had no children at home, and who also had worked with a very difficult dog before and was willing to do the work.   There were a couple of times that the owner of Cami almost backed out, but in the end she decided to let us give it a go, which was the best decision for this active girl.
Sherry, our foster,  was willing to give it a try, but we had several plans in place and alot of communication in the beginning weeks while more consultants and trainers were brought into the picture.   Sherry and her hubby made plans to go to south Florida from Atlanta to meet with the owner and bring back Cami.
Sherry took months working with the dog.  Testing the dog with other dogs, testing in dog parks, and dealing with food aggession and resource guarding issues.  
After about 3 months, Sherry let me know, this was a go and Camelot had made her home with them.   Sherry has taken Cami to the beach and sent me video of a very happy playful dog.  
We want to thank Sherry and her husband for their patience, travel and time taken to gain the dogs trust.  Sherry walks Cami, about 3 miles a day and has kept Camelot busy.   Specific training techniques are in place for resource guarding and Cami is quite happy in her new active life.  


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There are many cross country dog friendly hotels. Hilton instituted a new animal friendly floor and program at their hotels (always check in advance.. deposits and size of dog may matter, but generally they don't worry about size). Additionally, LaQuinta's, Red Roof Inns and many Holiday Inn's provide dog friendly rooms.
Remember that when travelling, while they are providing you a service, its up to you to know the limits of your dog.   Does your dog bark alot?  Do you need to bring a crate because of destruction (should you leave the room) or during maid service? 
Don't forget that in a new environment like a hotel, you should exercise the dog often for potty breaks. 
Happy Trails!

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