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Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
We Love Pets, Just Like You..
Happy May!
May includes National Pet Month, Pet Cancer Awareness Month, Microchip Your Pet Month and May 18-24 is Dog Bite Prevention Week. Did you know it can cost as little as $25 to microchip your pet? A simple injection that that could be life saving. The microchip holds all your information from your pet’s name to your phone number and address. Many pets go missing each year that could have found a way home if only they had a microchip. When a pet goes missing and someone finds the pet they can simply take the pet to most vets or shelters to have them scanned for a microchip. If chipped the scanner will bring up the microchip number so they can see who the pet is registered to and can contact the owner immediately. Run don’t walk to the nearest vet, shelter or low cost pet clinic to have your pet microchipped today!
National Dog Bite Prevention week is this month. Most dog bites are preventable. Get educated on the signals that most dogs display before they bite. Teach your children these signals but always supervise young children around your dog or any other. Learn more here…
And last but not least we welcome into our family our first Granddog! My oldest son recently adopted a Rat Terrier puppy named Loki. Two weeks into living with my son and Loki is already exhibiting plenty of exuberant puppy play biting. We facetimed each other last night as they were a bit beside themselves with his piranha like behavior. My advice? A few well timed techniques and lots of patience, persistence, follow through and consistency. Ahh  the joys of parenthood!
If you have a new dog or puppy and need some help give me a call. It would be my pleasure to be of service.

Warm regards,
Terie Hansen
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
Furtografie Atlanta Mini-Session!
Furtografie Atlanta, in conjunciton with Pawprints Magazine will be holding an open call "Mini-session" on May 9 from 10am-noon at Sims Lake Park in Suwanee.  There will be a $20 sitting fee and Pawprints will pick a photo of one of the pets to use in their upcoming issue.  The winner will also receive an 11x14 print of the chosen photo. 
7 Stress Signals Dogs May Offer Prior to a Bite
Teach Your Children (And Your Dog) Well, 7 Stress Signals Dogs May Offer Prior to a Bite
By Terie Hansen
Dogs can and do bite.  In the US alone 850,000 people seek medical attention for dog bites annually. When children are bitten it is usually a dog they know (theirs, neighbors, friends). While biting is usually a last resort type of communication for most dogs, it is just that, a way of communicating “I am afraid” or “I don’t like what you are doing to or around me”.  Usually a dog offers another form of communication previous to a bite. Most adults and definitely children either don’t pick up on these signals or ignore them.
While I certainly don’t believe it is ok for a dog to bite I also don’t believe the responsibility falls soley on the dog in any given situation.   Read more here
Rescue Group of the Month
We are a small, non-profit rescue located outside of the Atlanta metro area. We began several years ago as a Mom and Pop organization as a foster agent. We lost our wonderful Pop, Jim, in December 2008. He loved our Jacks and worked tirelessly day and night to take care of the dogs. Now Mama Donna and a handful of volunteers are running the rescue … and holding down regular jobs. As you might imagine, this is a huge undertaking, but these precious dogs are worth saving and re-homing.  Read more here.
Special Savings
For Pet's Sake
Safe Cleaning Should Protect and Enhance Your Pet’s Health
By Melinda Harris
Should my pet (s) water taste like air freshener?
Do you let your dog eat treats off the floor? Do you watch your cat lick itself clean after playing on the carpet? Do you enjoy watching your pet stretched out taking a snooze in a sunny spot on the carpet?
Then you want to make sure that those places…and everywhere in your home…are clean, to protect their health…and YOURS.
Ammonia: burns nasal membranes and triggers asthma; found in oven, glass and stainless steel cleaners and in straight formula for cleaning.
Chlorine: causes dizziness, vomiting and asphyxia; found in disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaners, and automatic dish detergent, and bleach coffee filters.
Glycol Ethers: causes anemia, lung damage and kidney damage in people and pets; found in glass cleaners, carpet cleaners, and spot removers.
Formaldehyde: triggers asthma and causes cancer; found in many soaps and pet shampoos
Let Brite Touch Cleaning GA professional cleaning process protect your pet…AND YOU! Nothing could be safer for Fido and Fluffy than a fresh and safely-cleaned home…clean and healthy for everyone the Brite Touch Cleaning GA Way!
Even little animals can make big messes. We use Mr. Clean Professional products to make your pet’s home “on the floor” and everywhere else in your home clean.
Cleaner: definitely it shines clean, but it also sanitizes and disinfects, killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria!
Safer: non-toxic formulas protect your dog’s paws and nose, and your cat’s natural grooming!
Greener: removes biofilm, where bacteria grow and reproduce.
Shouldn’t your home always look its best?
Brite Touch Cleaning GA can help.
Contact Us
Melinda Harris is the Owner of BriteTouch Cleaning GA
PH: 678 752 1041
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Pet of the Month
Playful kitties, Squeaker, Scrapper, and Tom
are siblings adopted by their owner because someone was going to literally throw them away. And Zsa Zsa is an outdoor kitty that she feeds daily. Aren't they beautiful?
Hearty Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Check out this awesome recipe for
Hearty Chicken Pot Pie.  I make this for
my family all of the time and they love it!
The recipe can be found
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