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Little Pearls
Clearing Out, Gearing Up! ~ May 19, 2015
Clarity has been the theme for 2015 as I make space for creativity, beauty and functionality on many levels, in my home and in my life. Little Pearls has had to wait in the wings a bit longer than expected, though it's gaining its own momentum now.
"Keep only what is useful, beautiful, joyful, meaningful" ~ adapted from Anonymous  
Filming Little Boy Wonder
We've begun filming three very young boys who are in that space of wonder between babyhood and boyhood. The idea for one or more new Little Pearls with these children came from their charming photos and stories on Facebook. 
We filmed 20 month old Ben and his mother Devon in April at their beautiful country home and here on my porch with the dogs and cats. 
Ben is an expressive child. He certainly is excited about something here ~ a school bus, a tractor, an animal, a butterfly?
We will film 17 month old Zi next week. He was almost a year old when his parents Jana and Seth adopted him from a Chinese orphanage, and it's heartening to see him thriving as he engages with this new world. 

His new family has a horse, a dog and two cats who are now part of this little guy's life. Depending on the footage we can capture, there may be enough to create another Pearl on adoption, too. 
And then there's Julian, who is much younger. We hope to film him in July and possibly later, when he's closer to the age of Ben and Zi. I already care so much about him that I can imagine how his parents and grandparents might feel, especially with all the news lately about the dangers that black boys and men face in our country. This precious child, and all children, deserve a world that meets them as they really are ~ not as some fearful stereotype.

Julian's grandmother is Glenis Redmond, a performance poet who honed her skills here and now travels the country. Her own grandmother was the subject of the very first Little Pearl: Great Katie. Filming Julian feels like a sweet return to this family, and we'll see what unfolds when we can get together.  
Here is Julian with his mother Amber. His father is Donte. We hope at least both parents and Glenis can be part of the filming. He has a talented extended family. 
At this point in the life of Little Pearls, we do not yet have grant resources or big corporate sponsors. We depend on individual and small business donors to create new Pearls. Please help us fund these new Pearls.  
October 1 Event to Fund New Pearls
We will be holding a small event to raise money for new Little Pearls on October 1 at the Wysteria Inn in downtown Weaverville, north of Asheville, NC. Kat Williams, a heart-full, powerful singer who has been central to Little Pearls from almost the beginning, will anchor this event. We plan to have raw footage from current film shoots to share. The rest of the entertainment line-up and other details are in formation.
Save the date!
Change is Good ~ Join Us!
"It's a mission to create small moments of wonder and awe in this sometimes troubling world."
Jill Zimmerman

Little Pearls is ready to bring in new energy and creativity as we step into a new phase in this small organization's life. We welcomed one energetic new Board member last week, Nancy McCullough, and anticipate another at the next meeting.

We are grateful for investments of time, money and ideas. If you or someone you know can volunteer, donate, be a Sponsor, serve on our small board or suggest a connection, please let me know.

Warmly, with gratitude
Linda McLean
Executive & Creative Director
Little Pearls
GreatLittlePearls on YouTube
(photo by Lee Barnhardt Hatling, Big Yellow Mountain, NC - 10-28-14)
Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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