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Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
We Love Pets, Just Like You..
Happy June!
Summer is on the way! Kittens, Kittens everywhere! It’s kitten season in case you didn’t know. The shelters are full of them. The other day I heard the sound of cats in our neighborhood doing what comes natural. If you own an indoor/outdoor cat please be sure they are spayed/neutered. Many places will do low cost spay/neuters. Check out the resources page of our website at to find out where. There are too many unwanted litters and not enough people to adopt. Speaking of which if you are thinking of getting a kitten check out your local shelter and adopt don’t shop!

On another note about cats and tying into the pet insurance article in this newsletter our cat Momo had a blocked urethra the Friday evening of the holiday weekend (these things never happen in the middle of the day when you can take them to your regular vet!) so we had to take him to the emergency clinic. Well, two visits, one surgery and about $3000 later he is doing fine. My wallet not so much! Wishing we had pet insurance on him!  If you have a male cat then you might be familiar with this affliction as it is fairly common. The surgery he had is called PU (seriously!) Perineal Urethrostomy.  Click here. to learn more.  Momo had blocked four times prior to this surgery. Had we known about the surgery we probably would have done it sooner saving him the painful blockages and saving my wallet about $1000 in vet bills. But the bright side is he is recovering nicely and he is happy as ever. He’s worth it!
Warm regards,
Terie Hansen
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
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Paws in the Park Gwinnett 2015
Come visit our booth on Saturday, August 1st, 2015 from 9am-5pm at Rabbit Hill Park in Dacula!
Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation Partners with Big Paws for a Cause to kick off National Dog Month. This event is to bring awareness to man’s best friend. We are proud to announce we will be setting new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. We will also attempt to break 2 existing records.
5K Fun Run, Canine apparel Fashion Show, Trivial Pursuit/ Scavenger Hunt Race, Treat walks for dogs/ Cake walk foe Dogs Best Friend, Hot Dog eating contest, Mouth watering Watermelon Eating contest, Guest Speakers, Dog Nutrition, Common health issues, testing CGC & CGCA,
Longest Tail, Best Kisser and more.  A Ton of Fun for the entire family!
5 Simple Insights: Microchipping Your Pet
Is It Worth It?
By Terie Hansen
Is this your idea of how to find your pet if they are lost?
Considering the fact that pets that HAVE a microchip are more than twice as likely to be returned to their owners when lost than pets that are not.  I say yes.
1. What is a microchip? A microchip is a small (just a bit larger than a grain of rice) indentifying  circuit device that carries a unique identifier which when scanned can give the matching pet recovery service (Home Again, Avid just to name a few) so they can be contacted to find out the name of the owner that the chip is registered to. That being said you must keep your registration up to date with current address phone number etc (which you can usually do easily and quickly online).
Read more here.
Rescue Group of the Month
Canine CellMates began in June 2013 as a dedicated jail dog program in cooperation with the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, GA. Canine CellMates maintains a continuing partnership with the Fulton County Animal Services (FCAS), the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and the Fulton County Jail, allowing us the opportunity to save dogs from the shelter by vetting them, training them and ultimately transforming them into adoptable dogs, all while benefiting the inmates and the greater communityRead more here.
Special Savings
Pet Insurance: Life Saver or Scam?
by Terie Hansen
What is Pet Insurance? Pet insurance is health insurance for pets. There are plans that cover everything from routine vet visits to catastrophic illnesses. There are plans that only cover major medical events and accidents as well. There are varying levels of deductibles and most if not all are reimbursement plans. The good news is you can use any vet you like.
If you own a mischievous puppy, an active dog or a dog that seems to get into everything pet insurance can save a life not to mention your wallet!  Read more here.
Pet of the Month
Sunny is a beautiful 1 year old shepherd/lab mix.  He loves to go on walks and play with his balls outside, but also loves to relax in his backyard oasis.  He is learning how to stay out of his crate without chewing.  He is doing great!
Monte Cristo Party Sliders Recipe

Check out this awesome recipe for
 Monte Cristo Party Sliders.  I make these for
my family all of the time and they love it!
The recipe can be found
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