Buckyball Music Summer 2015 News
Dark Matters video
Dark Matters videoContinuing with synchronizing videos with Marc Wagnon's Earth is a Cruel Master release, a new clip Dark Matters video
Two new student videos - they rock!
samba baiao videoPercussion class I Baião and Samba video
Burundi Gahu video

Percussion class II Burundi and Gahu video
Updated from the Archives
exulta videoThis video was taken at a gig in Miami in 2003. It features Sarah Pillow on vocals, Marc Wagnon on vibes, Percy Jones on bass, Julien Feltin on guitar, and the late great Lance Carter on drums. This video has been on the Buckyball channel for many years and received over 4000 views, as well as many comments pertaining to its provocative nature. It has been enhanced and is at a higher definition. (select image to view)
Sarah's page at Buckyball Music
Drum Talk - a new iBook
“Drum Talk” is a teaching method created by musician and educator Marc Wagnon that does not require students to have any previous knowledge of music technique. The method is based on group dynamics, and by starting with simple concepts by singing the polyrhythms and various drum strokes before playing them on instruments, which is an adaptation from the West African way of transmitting drumming knowledge. This system allows the group to attain a level of complexity that would normally demand longer preparation. The book of 10 lessons contains 58 video clips and 86 musical examples.
Sample and order it on iTunes

Achievements from two of our artists
link to Yuko's CDYuko Yamamura has done it again! Her compositions have attracted yet more attention, now with the Hollywood Song Contest. Yuko is a 2015 nominee for 'Dancing in the Dialog', and a
2015 Official Finalist for 'Rove Over' and 'Thirst'.
View Yuko's page
link to Evolutionlink to PatternsJake Hertzog has made  the ultimate sacrifice, releasing a full album for free!! It is a collection of jazz standards, and features the same line-up as all of his previous releases that are available on Buckyball Records. you can download the CD here:
Beyond the Standard Model
Science and Music Blog
Read the latest blog entry which muses about the possibilities and consequences of connecting with extra-terrestrial civilizations.
Science and Music blog
Upcoming Projects
- Galileo's Daughters and the Perpetual Motion project with author Dava Sobel will soon announce its upcoming season- stay tuned!
Galileo's Daughters website
- Marc Wagnon is working on a new release of new tunes, and re-arranged old tunes.
Marc's page at Buckyball Music
Buckyball Video Channels
We have two video Channels - our main one is YouTube, which features more than 80 videos:
Buckyball Music YouTube Channel
But for a few even more creative video releases, visit Marc's page on Vimeo:
Marc Wagnon on Vimeo
VoiceOver: a 4th of July special!
Since starting this part of the newsletter, I've been steadily experimenting with the possibilities of interaction between visually impaired and the computer in a creative way.God Bless America video
This video is an example of what can be done. One of my students made an arrangement of America the Beautiful using GarageBand to create the sequence, and although 13-year old Matheucz has been blind since birth, he had the vision to want fireworks along with the music. In order to do this we created one extra silent track that would trigger generated virtual fireworks using a QuartzComposer composition that I created for this purpose. See the result here. Happy 4th of July!
America the Beautiful
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