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Planet Earth Remedies
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Planet Earth Remedies - Muscle Soother Spray
 Special Offer
Muscle Soother Spray - Receive a free $8.00 bottle
with purchase of 8.5 ounce
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As I'm sitting here working on the newsletter , my bottle of Muscle Spray is getting a workout today.  It's very hot outside and I've been digging holes all morning to planet trees and shrubs. With all the products I make, this is the one I go to 99% of the time. I never leave my house without the purse size with me. Although massage products tend to go deeper, faster - this product relieves pain immediately, but seems to reduce swelling very fast also. 
 This special includes a free 2.3 ounce bottle with purchase of the 8.5 ounce bottle. The duo sells for $30.00 with a value of $32.00. Of all my products, I find I use the Muscle Soother Spray most of the time, as it seems to work in seconds and many times, especially at night, I need to use a product that will work instantly, versus massaging.  I've had a spine disorder since I was a kid, and the older I get - when I have an episode in my back that affects my chest area, I need to get it immediate relief.   

This spray is one of my top selling products for me, as for several years a sample went out in most packages.  I have heard amazing stories from customers who have used for pain from shingles, menstrual cramps, recuperating from knee surgery,hip surgery, headaches and the list goes on.  It is very fast acting, within seconds.
A Five Star Product that is never too far from my reach - a no-rub muscle soothing mist with an energizing blast of cold & heat that is felt immediately within seconds - upon contact with the skin. One of the big advantages of this product, is that it is not greasy and will not stain,and for people involved in sports - it's a lifesaver. This soother will help reduce inflammation in areas of pain and swelling and restore blood flow to areas. A must for the person on the go, busy moms, athletes, working professionals, as well as people disabled with the inability to massage.

The ideal product to carry in your purse, golf bag, gym bag and use in emergencies for immediate relief for strained muscles, sciatica, headaches (including migraines), neck and shoulder problems, fibromyalgia, knees, arthritis, rheumatism, cramps. This product stands out for people in the athletic field, as can be used before and after events without being greasy. Once sprayed, re-apply muscle soothing spray five minutes later for maximum relief.

Be sure and note in comment of shopping cart "Newsletter Special" This special will be available until  June 25, 2015
This is not a product to be used for all over body treatments.

A huge price break on the Half Gallon Muscle Spray (64 ounces)
              = 4 bottles free as 64 ounce yeilds almost 8 bottles

Our Muscle Soother Spray is now available in half gallon and gallon sizes.  It has been one of my most popular selling items ever. I started including a sample of the spray in most packages about 7 years ago, and it has become a customer fave. This spray offers immediate relief -  within a second or two with an icy cold feel - then warmth. Considering it is not a massage product, it does have a feeling of penetrating deep, when the warming begins, and you can actually feel the pain relieved in minutes or less. I, myself use this spray 99% of the time, as it's non-greasy and non-staining and convenient if you handle paper.  This is a great gift for any person involved in sports as it's non-greasy and won't stain. I can guarantee if you know give a bottle to a golfer he will love it.  

 The price for the half gallon is $90.00 which, when you break that price down  - each bottle is costing you about $11.50 over the $24.00 on our site. This basically gives you close to 4 bottles Free.  This is such a savings and a great gift for friends at holiday times.
The Muscle Soother half gallon will ship in two - 32 ounce bottles (for a total of 64 ounces = 1/2 gallon  ) If you are interested in the gallon size two of these bottles will fit in a small flat rate box - the most shipping would be as far back as the East Coast on the 1/2 gallon container would be $11.50.  If you order additional products the cost would be about $15.80 for a large flat rate box.
I am not adding these larger sizes to the website - but you can e-mail me at or message me through Facebook - if it's more convenient you can contact  me at 520-245-8623 if you are interested.  As always, I will stick in a gift to help off-set freight.
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 I'm working on additional Crabby Girl Formula's that will debut very soon. Focusing on Pick-me-up and headache balm as well as concentration. Using wonderful Citrus Oil that have been through scientific studies on how the brain is affected just by applying these oils under your nose and on temples. 
I will introduce on the Planet Earth Remedies Facebook page -  I am big on offering recipes you can make at home that are all natural, using common, inexpensive ingredients. Also we offer specials on products, including our totes, and post notifications of new products. 
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Wishing everyone a healthy and happy summer.  It's been a very warm winter in Phoenix so it's probably going to be a scorcher this summer.
Best to all..Judy
Planet Earth Remedies
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