Santa Barbara Receives Good Grades in Heal the Bay's Annual Beach Report Card
Heal the Bay recently released their annual Beach Report Card, and all beaches in the City of Santa Barbara received an A+ for ocean water quality during dry weather!
The grades are based on weekly water quality samples collected by County Environmental Health Services throughout the year.
Due to the ongoing drought, there were no wet weather grades for our local beaches, but we know that when we have wet weather, we have poor water quality. This is because when it does rain, any pollutants left on our streets are washed into storm drains, creeks, and the ocean untreated.
How can you help prevent bad grades when the rain returns? Easy everyday things like picking up litter, picking up after your pet, properly maintaining your car, and reducing your use of pesticides and fertilizers all help to protect our local water quality.
Want to do a little more? Prevent water from leaving your property! Install a rain barrel or direct downspouts away from pavement and into planters. Install a rain garden planted with native plants (also good for water conservation, since natives require less). Remove impervious (hard) surfaces from your property where possible, to allow water to infiltrate into the ground.
Learn more about what you can do to protect our creeks and ocean by visiting!
Construction Underway at Plaza de Vera Cruz 
Earlier this month, contractors began construction of a storm water infiltration project at the park service road through Plaza de Vera Cruz between E. Cota Street and E. Haley Street.
The existing asphalt road has been removed and will be replaced with permeable pavers, which allow storm water and urban runoff to soak into the ground below the pavers rather than running offsite. 
Later this summer, permeable pavers will also be installed in the sidewalks around Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens. Next summer, pavers will be installed in the sidewalks and street in the 700 and 800 blocks of N. Quarantina Street.
Funding for these projects has been provided primarily through a grant agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board, and by hotel visitors through Measure B.
To learn more about these and other permeable paver projects, visit
Volunteer at Annual Looking Good SB Event on Saturday, July 25!
Join in the City Trash & Recycling Division's annual community clean-up day, Looking Good SB!
City staff from various Departments and Divisions will be coordinating volunteer efforts like graffiti removal, weed abatement, litter pick-up, and more!
The Creeks Division will host a creek clean-up and storm drain marking. Details to come soon!
Saturday, July 25
Two Locations:
Calvary Baptist Church, 736 W. Islay Street (Free pancake breakfast 7:30am-9am before the event begins!)
Ortega Park, 600 Bock of E. Ortega Street (Meet here for free lunch and activities following the event!)

Community members interested in volunteering are encouraged to pre-register at!
Newly Certified Clean Creeks Businesses
Join the Creeks Division in congratulating the following local businesses for becoming Clean Creeks Certified! 

Armstrong Associates

1825 State Street, Suite 202
(805) 569-6170

SB Progressive Painting, Inc.
(805) 570-8520

Ca'Dario Pizzeria

37 E. Victoria Street
(805) 957-2020


37 E. Victoria Street
(805) 884-9419

Rusty's Pizza Parlor
414 N. Milpas Street
(805) 564-1111


Avis Car Rental

34 E. Montecito Street
(805) 965-1079

Mobile Washers
e-magic carpet cleaning & mobile carwash
(805) 452-9876
J Luna's Mobile Carwash
(805) 284-8868

For a complete list of Certified Businesses or to learn more about the program, visit 

City of Santa Barbara • PO Box 1990 • Santa Barbara, CA 93102
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