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National Alternative Education Association
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  Volume  1,   Issue 1                                                                                                                                       July 1, 2015

Could Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose be the Keys to Motivating Students?
By Dan Pink
Daniel Pink has studied motivation in the business world for a long time and he’s come to the startling conclusion that traditional ways of motivating employees with financial incentives doesn’t work. In study after study, social scientists have found that external rewards narrow the focus and restrict possibilities, making it difficult for people to come up with creative solutions to complex problems.
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“There is a 
brilliant child locked in every student.”
Marva Collins
The National Alternative Education Association, (NAEA), is made up of people like you- teachers, counselors, para-professionals, crisis workers, administrators, school resource officers, board members, and others who are interested in and committed to best practice, resource sharing, research, and networking to benefit the youth and children we serve through alternative learning options
Mission: The National Alternative Education Association (NAEA) provides advocacy and support for professionals who work on behalf of children and youth receiving alternative education services.
How the Mission Will Be Accomplished: NAEA will accomplish this mission through the support of all professionals who work on behalf of youth who can benefit from alternative curriculum, instruction, and customized educational programming by (1) maintaining effective guidelines for best practice and (2) providing sustained professional learning for all those individuals who work on behalf of these youth.
Vision: The vision of the NAEA is to provide outstanding, innovative, and professional services to education personnel both nationally and internationally to enhance programs, promote academic excellence, develop self-discipline, and create life-long learners in a multifaceted, diverse society.
NAEA Board
Kay Davenport, President
Jacqueline  Whitt, Vice President
Edward Lowther, Secretary
Pat Conner, Treasurer
Denise Riley, John E. Holmes, Richard Thompson, Adrienne Lacey-Bushell, Ja’net Bishop, Pam Bruening, and Joel Shutte, Board Members
Robert L. Eichorn,, Immediate Past President (Advisor)
Tom Trautman, Regional Symposium Consultant
Harbor Alternative Students Honored for Learning Expedition

Southeast Polk High School in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, is studying space exploration in a learning expedition this quarter. Students and staff traveled to Ashton-Wildwood County Park to visit the Ashton Observatory on Thursday, April 16.  Students were there to view the night sky as they never had before, and had the opportunity to look through a powerful telescope at planets, stars, and constellations.  

English Teacher,
Dan Kline saws on the Door of
There was other business to attend to as well.  Previously, in the first quarter of the school year, students explored the concept of “forgiveness” in Dan Kline’s morning English classes.  Students read books such as Vengeance, Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom, and The Sunflower. Simon Wiesenthal, author of The Sunflower, was a Jewish prisoner in a concentration camp who later received international honors for his work in identifying Nazi war criminals.  However, he later realized that no matter how many war criminals he helped bring to justice, he still felt imprisoned, until he learned to forgive.  
The door was burned to symbolize forgiveness. Simon talked about opening the door to forgiveness and invited his readers to write him letters discussing the topic. Harbor students not only wrote letters to the Simon Wiesenthal Center -- they also created their own “door to forgiveness”.  An old door was brought into the classroom and, over the course of the year, students wrote things they wanted to forgive and let go of in their life on it.  After a short ceremony where students and staff had an opportunity to talk about some of the things they wrote on the door, the students watched as the door was burned in a park fire pit .
2016 NAEA Conference!
March 16–19, 2016
Sawgrass Marriott, Ponte Vedre Beach, FL
More information will be added as it becomes available.
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