SAFE Recruitment

STHCS’ Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) Program helped eight victims of sexual assault while gathering the evidence needed to hold offenders accountable during the last three months. This would not be possible without the 11 dedicated SAFE providers who respond to sexual assault cases at Olean General Hospital, Jones Memorial Hospital and WCA Hospital. We continue to recruit new medical providers who want to help sexual assault survivors through the SAFE program. Increasing the number of SAFE providers ensures we can provide 24/7 coverage at all three hospitals. Please review and share our become a SAFE provider webpage to learn more about the program if you or someone you know is interested in helping sexual assault victims.

Reports, Reports, Reports

We’ve had a very busy month completing quarterly and annual reports for the New York State Office of Rural Health, the US Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), NY Division of Criminal Justice Services, NY Office of Victim Services and the Bureau of EMS. OJJDP is supporting our youth with sexual behavior problems (YSBP) treatment pilot program. Our Southern Tier Child Advocacy Center Multidisciplinary Team members are working with community partners to design and implement a treatment program for children 10 to 14 with sexual behavior problems, the victims and caregivers. I’m happy to report that the program is on track and we’ve begun providing treatment. The Office of Rural Health adopted a new Excel reporting format in June that we’re now using for our quarterly reports. The new format includes drop down menus to capture information about the NYS Prevention Agenda, the Affordable Care Act, Triple Aim and DSRIP. It is a great tool that will highlight our efforts to support health-care reform and I want to thank the Office of Rural Health for creating it.

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SAFE Recruitment
Reports, Reports, Reports

It is the mission of the Southern Tier Health Care System to improve the health and wellness of our rural communities.

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