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July 2015
The Rivers Coalition general meeting slated for July 30th has been cancelled in view of various conflicts and schedules, but the beat goes on as river supporters fight to end massive polluted discharges from inland in wet times. 
Meanwhile, there are no projects in the works that will stem the main discharge dumpings, according to most Rivers Coalition leaders. 
The Rivers Coalition Defense Fund, the legal arm of the Rivers Coalition, continues to seek judicial and procedural ways to curtail the estuary pollution that is caused by over-drainage of reclaimed agricultural property south of Lake Okeechobee.
The Defense Fund has named two additional board members, Darrell Brand and Kenny Hinkle, both of whom have been active in restoring the Everglades and estuaries. 
Get the facts! Stay informed! Be involved! 
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2015 Meeting Schedule
The 2015 meetings will be held at
City Hall – Commissions Chamber
121 SW Flagler Ave Stuart, FL 34994
August 27 - Thurs 11:00am – 12:30pm
September 23 - Weds 6:00pm – 7:30pm
October 29 - Thurs 11:00am – 12:30pm
* Please note that evening meetings are held on Wednesdays instead of the usual Thursdays
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Kevin Henderson's Letter to the Editor - Stuart News
Dear Editor:
Regarding the endless advertisements US Sugar is running in the News, with bold statements in large type such as: “Florida Farm Fact...growers have (paid) over $ protect the Everglades”
Fact: The public has paid over $1.6 Billion to clean up EAA farm runoff, while farmers have paid as little as legally possible.
“Water from our farms does not contribute to water quality issues…in Lake O, SLE and IRL.”
Fact: Lake O is polluted by decades of backpumping from the EAA. When farmers were finally required to stop backpumping, they forgot they ever did it? They don’t know Lake O pollution is killing our River?
“…the water that…flows…south (from the EAA) leaves our land cleaner than when it entered.”
Fact: Highly polluted EAA runoff is treated in Stormwater Treatment Areas bought by, built by and operated by the public.   Even so, discharges do not meet standards for phosphorus.   Nitrogen is off the scale high. Sulphur is way higher than any receiving water.   This particular lie is outrageous. It implies the EAA’s irrigation “treats” Lake O water to improve it. Totally false.
“…farmers…work…to meet the highest quality water standards.”
Fact: Sugar farmers fought tooth and nail against any water quality standards in the past and continue to fight pollution standards today. They have paid lawyers, consultants and politicians millions to allow continued pollution of public waters.
“We will continue to work with all our neighbors to improve water quality issues for all of us.”
Fact: Basic 6th grade grammar can be used to outline this claim; just identify subject, verb, object and indirect object.  It then reads “We will…improve…issues…for us.”
Now that is true.
Full page four color ads in the paper are fancy lipstick on the pig.
Kevin Henderson
Speakers Bureau
 If you are interested in having a representative of the Rivers Coalition speak to your group, please contact Todd Weissing at 772-223-6743 or by email at 
Get informed, be active and be part of the solution to help our river!
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