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Would You Be a Guest in Your Own Home?
By Kathryn Long, ASID and Linda Constable

The guest room is so often the forgotten room in the house and the catch-all for knick-knacks or furniture and rugs that no longer fit in other rooms. Truly, a guest room should make guests feel special—not like stowaways in your storage space. And a guest room can provide you with the opportunity to experiment with adventurous interior design that you might not want in your everyday space.
Asheville is now such a year-round destination that your guest room will no doubt see family visitors and other guests coming to your home, so get ready for them now by checking into your guest accommodations to see just how comfortable they are.

Spend a night or two in your own guest room—you will learn a lot by staying there. If your child’s room doubles as a guest room, go ahead and give it a trial run, moving your child to temporary quarters (you might as well learn how he or she will fare during a guest’s stay).
Below is a checklist of items to consider while you are a guest in your own home. If you checked off every item without a second thought, your guests must love visiting your home, because you make it a special experience. If you weren’t able to check off every item, now is the time to get your guest room into shape. It might even be the time to consider a whole new look—be a little daring, go more colorful or more dramatic or more romantic than you would be in the everyday areas of your house. Make your guest room such a special place that even you look forward to staying there.

Guest Room Checklist
____Bedding: good enough for you?
____Blankets: are there plenty of extras?
____Pillows: is there a variety of types, such as feather and hypo-allergic?
____Good reading lights: one bedside light for each guest?
____Window treatments: do they offer privacy and control of light?
____Night tables: one on each side of the bed, cleared of clutter?
____Drawer space: emptied of old Christmas cards?
____Closet space: unencumbered of your mothball bags?
____Coat hangers for shirts, skirts, and slacks?
____Alarm clock: does it work?
____Pitcher of water and glasses?
____Current magazines?
____Writing table or desk?
____Notecards, postcards, stamps?
____Pens that work?
____Wi-Fi password?
____Fresh flowers or real green plant?

Guest Bath Checklist
____Soap: is there a variety of soap a guest can really use?
____Wastebasket: is it big enough for daily use?
____Towels: are there plenty of 100% cotton, all sizes?
____Medicine cabinet: stocked with aspirin, band-aids, toothpaste, and other necessities?
____Coat hooks: are there at least a couple, for bathrobes and clothes?
Note: all guest bedrooms were designed by either Kathryn or Linda.

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