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Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
We Love Pets, Just Like You..
Happy DOGust!
August brings with it several great national pet holidays such as…
Aug. 1st DOGust
Aug. 5th Work Like a Dog Day
Aug. 15th National Check the Chip Day and International Homeless Animals’ Day
Aug. 17th National Black Cat Appreciation Day
Aug. 26th National Dog Day
And more. If you are a pet owner there is a lot to celebrate so check out the links above to see how you can celebrate with your pet!
At Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care we have something to celebrate as well, we have a new arrival amongst us. Abbie, one of our fabulous pet sitters welcomed a new baby boy Graham Ashton John! Here is the happy Mom & baby at our most recent Pet Sitter appreciation brunch.
Pictured here are some of our Amazing Pet Sitters that attended our appreciation brunch.

Why do we celebrate our pet sitters at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care? Here is a bit of insight into the life of a pet sitter…
Up before dawn, works no matter the weather, lives in their car, works 7 days a week, on call for emergencies, family plans cancelled/rearranged to care for client’s furbabies at last minute, lots of walking, eats meals on the go, attends to many details, administers medications and first aid, is organized and dedicated, cleans up poop, pee, and other yucky things (ewww!), gets covered in slobbery kisses (yay!), lots of kitty head butts (yay!), protects and cares for clients most prized possession: their furry family members, plays fetch, gives belly rubs and butt scratches, may be bitten, scratched or pecked, definitely jumped on, smells like a dog most of the time,  carries pet treats in their pockets, wears out their shoes and car, somewhere in all of this makes time to care for their own pets and family, falls into bed well after dark and does it all with a smile and love in their heart because they are truly passionate about pets and their people.
So if you use a pet sitter, thank them, celebrate them and let them know how amazing you think they are (we thrive on this stuff).
Hugs and Happy Tails,
Terie Hansen
Owner-Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care
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Housetraining Your Dog
in 9 Easy Steps
by Terie Hansen
Housetraining your pup can go smoothly if you know what to do and you are consistent. Follow these 9 steps to accelerate the learning process.
1.       Choose where you would like your pup to potty. You can create a designated potty spot in your yard. I like areas of mulch or pine straw as it is easier to pick up the solid waste and I like my grassy areas potty free. Make sure it is quick and easy to get to so your pup can make it there in a hurry.
2.       Teach your pup two potty commands (one for pee and one for poop) such as “go pee pee” and “get busy”. They should not sound alike so the dog knows which action you would like them to take. Repeat the appropriate command while the pup is eliminating.
3.       As soon as the pup finishes praise them with enthusiasm, pet, love and treat them if you like.
4.       When you take your dog out to potty do not engage them in play or other activities. This helps them to learn that potty time is just that. Puppies get distracted easily by sticks, leaves, stones, squirrel! These are all distractions. Calmly and quietly get them back to the business at hand. Stay quiet and calm so they can focus.
5.       If an accident occurs inside just clean up and go about your business. Punishing the dog after the event will only hinder their progress. Supervision is the key to preventing accidents indoors. If they have pooped in the house take the poop outside to their potty spot. The scent of their elimination will help them to know that this is the place for potty. However do not allow the potty area to get so soiled that they don’t want to go there. Read more here.
Paws in the Park Gwinnett 2015

We had a great day on August 1st at the first annual Paws in the Park at Rabbit Hill Park in Dacula. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth.  We loved meeting you and your furry family members.  You can view more photos on our Facebook page here.
Rescue Group of the Month
Georgia Jail House Dogs (GJHD) is a unique rehabilitation program for inmates and homeless dogs. A start-up non-profit organization incorporated to rehabilitate Georgia 's county jail inmates and local shelter dogs through a good behavior incentive program. Providing county inmates a new sense of self-worth with skills to care for and train at-risk shelter dogs to become more adoptable to loving and caring homes. GJHD goal is to have as many Georgia county jails participate in the program that improves communities and spreads awareness to rehabilitate both inmates and dogs. More here.
Special Savings
Pet of the Month
Wyatt is a sweet 7 month old Lab/Collie Mix.  He is a newer dog walking client and has been an absolute pleasure.  He loves to play fetch with his ball and walks great on his leash.  He has also learned to potty while on his leash and sits patiently for his treat. 
Recipe of the Month
Check out this awesome recipe for
Monster cookies.  These are so
yummy very easy to make!
The recipe can be found
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