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Summer and the Sea
Summer and the Sea Crafts
My August 2015 knitting was inspired by the Pottery Barn bottle toppers summer collection. I took a picture of them in the store to have it as an idea for my projects in the future.
It was not long in coming because my travel destination this summer was The Maritime Provinces.
What could be better for crafts on the road than these cute sea motives?!
Maritime Sea Creatures
The model items are knitted
My project
is crochet
Summer Yarn
For these wine bottle toppers, I used leftover yarn from other finished projects.
Again, it was my favorite blue cotton. 
(I have tons of it :-))

Click on image to see my other
blue cotton knits
Bobble ... - a fun word to say.
The technique to make them is fun too.
You have to create 3-dimensional texture on the knitted surface.
I wanted 8-10 small bobbles for my sea star. 
I knew how to knit bobbles, but I never crocheted them. A crocheted bobble stitch exists, but apparently I invented my own since 
my bobbles looked different :-)
Sea Star
My sea star does not probably look very elegant, but I thought
it was okay since my product was
supposed to be a kind of rough - like the rough craggy sea shore  rocks through which we were passing

Click on image to see made in July  'little stars' baby sandals
Summer Yarn
For the next bottle topper I picked beautiful, very soft orange yarn. Cotton again. Marine colors can be so bright! 
Last summer, I crocheted from grass green cotton. The project was never finished ... :-(
Click on image to see the start of it :-)
From the Shoreline and the Deep
I took the crochet-in-process pictures in different sea creatures habitats - by the sea, on the beach, on the boats.
I have no idea what fish it is. I didn't have any specific pattern. It was just crocheting the shape of a fish. But when I was putting everything together for the newsletter, I found the link to all crochet sea creatures.
Click on image to go to Sea Creatures and Sea Mammals crochet patterns
Looks Fishy?
Fish? Fish ..... Finished!!!!!!
It doesn't look like an ocean sunfish, but it looks pretty much like a lake sunfish (no kidding - you can google the image). Who would have thought these types even existed?!
.... And the color is sunny!
Click on image to see ArtiSUNnity knits
Summer Yarn
For the last wine bottle topper, I picked two shades of purple. Purple is a color between red and blue in the color wheel. In my project, it's between
a red fish and a blue star :-) 

Click on image to see all these colors in the Garden Knits newsletter, 2012
Purple Lupines
Wonderful color! It can represent deep cold ocean water and beautiful lupines in Nova Scotia and P.E.I.
where they bloom mostly in their natural
color in the wild -  purple.

Researchers at the University of Prince Edward Island are trying to figure out why purple is the dominant colour amongst
the lupines that line P.E.I.'s roadways.

Click on image to learn why
Oh, Octopus
This friendly octopus has a spiraling single-crochet light-purple body and several curly dark-purple tentacles.

Click on image to see Aqua August newsletter
Aquatic Wonders
There are so many other aquatic wonders to knit and crochet. Each of them is fast and easy to make and can be yours in an evening.
Click on image to go to Artisaknity respect-to-wine gift ideas
Cheers to
the summer and the sea!

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