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September Shells and Stones
About SSS collection
This collection was inspired by the beautiful shells and stones collected on different beaches. In combination with high quality fiber, they make nice summer accessories.
InSpiration, Sun, Smile, niCe, StoneS, acCeSSorieS, shellS - all these words whisper - Shhh..... September ..... 
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Florida Sun Bracelet
Stone - from one of the beautiful Florida beaches.
Yarn -  silk and cotton
Florida Sun Pendant
When you have a beautiful stone, you don't have to come up with a complicated design. The stone speaks for itself. 
Just add a nice thread ... 
Stone - Florida
Yarn - silk and cotton
Fabulous Fish Pendant
Stone - Chile
Yarn - mohair
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Black Pearl Shell Pendant
Shell - P.E.I. 
Yarn - mohair
Black Pearl Shell Pendant
Yarn is always a special ingredient.
The background for this stone is
soft mohair which adds texture
to the whole piece. 
Summer Flowers Pendant
Shell - P.E.I.
Yarn - Japanese cotton
Want to see more flowers? Click on the image :-)
Maritime Beauty Pendant
Stone - P.E.I.
Yarn - Japanese cotton
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Playful Sheep bijouterie collection
Pebble with Holes Pendant
Stone - P.E.I.
Yarn - cotton
Handcrafted jewelry might be chunky and weird .....
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to see more jewelry for knitters: 
Sisters Knit Bijouterie Collection 
The Maritime Cold Water Pendant
Fabulous Fiber helps this shell shine :-)
September Smile
She sells
sea shells
on the sea shore
of the Seychelles
Shhh..... Summer is not over yet :-)))))
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