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Our adventure actually began months ago, but tomorrow is the official beginning of the school year. I think we are all feeling a lot of emotions, and “excitement” doesn’t even begin to describe it. People keep asking me if I’m nervous. Honestly, I’m not. I am relieved. I feel a sense of relief that my children and the other students will get what they need this year. I can say that because I know that Mr. D along with our team members have spent the last few weeks making sure that they have thoroughly poured over each child’s individual needs and developed a plan for each child. That has been so reassuring for me as a parent to see that there is a unique plan for each of my children’s education.

Recently, Facebook has been flooded with posts about the beginning of the school year. I have seen pictures of cute little faces and tiny kids sporting huge backpacks on the first day of school. I have read comments about great schools and great teachers and everyone’s excitement. I know that many excellent schools exist and there are innumerable teachers who are passionate and dedicated and make sacrifices for their students every day. I, in no way, want to diminish the hard work that others are doing. However, I also know that I have never witnessed anything quite so special as what I have seen this summer. I have been surrounded by parents, students, a teacher, board members and a community that has given it all to make this dream school a reality. You have no doubt heard the expression: “blood, sweat and tears". Well, blood, sweat and tears have been shed. There have been weekends, late nights and all-nighters. There have been meetings, training and endless planning. I promise you that no one is doing it for the money. These long days and nights have been fueled by a passion for education that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or felt.

On the eve of our first day of our first school year, rest assured that, at our school, your children will be loved and inspired. This will be a year that none of us will forget as the first class of the Yadkin Valley Community School.
-Kimberly Seipel-Parks
Looking for lunch box and snack ideas? Check out our Pinterest Board, Healthy Eats. Also, if you have any creative suggestions, please share those on our Facebook page.  We are always looking for easy, healthy and inexpensive ideas for keeping our students fueled for their busy days.  

Tuition is due on the first of each month. Please bring your September tuition check on Tuesday. There will be a folder just outside of the office door. Feel free to place your check inside that folder each month.
Items to pack for your child:
  • lunch and a snack
  • a water bottle that can be refilled
  • a change of clothes to leave at school
  • sunscreen, a hat for outside and bug spray if you wish
  • school supplies on the list
We are so grateful to our donors!
  • Walmart (Elkin)
  • PGW
  • Wall Flash Designs
  • Primo Water
  • Shaw Industries
  • Lowes (Elkin)
  • Ann and Ron Ashman
  • Debbie Carson and Chris Groner
  • Jennifer and Nick White
  • Eddie Harris

We are also very excited to collaborate with our generous partners:

Yadkin Valley Community School  •  240 Standard Street  •  Elkin, NC 28621

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