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The Anti-Fur Society
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Cruelty Free Fashion Show & AFS Conference
Exciting!   Fun!   Informative!   Enlightening!   Evolutionary!
Enjoy a fabulous day with like-minded people, great speakers, designers,
exhibitors, and a fabulous Vegan Reception & Fashion Show!  All info:  AFSCONFERENCE.ORG
A glimpse of the program:
Keynote Speakers
Fashion Show
The exhibits will go from noon until the end of the show (at about 10:30 p.m.) so as to offer exhibitors an opportunity to be exposed to all attendees & media coverage. Our reception will have awesome vegan hors d'œuvre, hot & cold food and a vegan wine & mimosas cash bar! 
WHEN:  Saturday, November 21, 2015
WHERE:  160 Central Park West, NYC,
In the heart of Manhattan!
Cruelty free exhibitors are all welcome!

But...Wait!  It's not over yet!
November 22nd at Central Park!

We are preparing a great anti-fur march starting at noon in Central Park towards the Fashion District. We are including animal costumes to give a face to animals that people may only know from the fur industry's fur items list. We will peacefully send out a message to unenlightened customers that the trade they are supporting is one of the most superfluous and cruel in the world. So, get your fur animal costumes and put them to good use for a very worthy cause. Let’s tell the world that animal skins are NOT fabric! Come speak up for them!

Fur bearing animals should not become forgotten or their fate downplayed as if their extreme suffering throughout their hellish lives and brutal slaughter were not important in the animal rights movement. The fur trade is an industry that should have been gone a long time ago, but instead it regrouped and is now in full force, making billions of dollars from the skins of innocent animals simply for greed and vanity. In their infinite lack of compassion, the very animals who enriched them are not offered one minimum of comfort or compassion in their lives and even less in their brutal slaughter. However, most people do not know that fur bearing animals in the wild or on fur farms are not protected under any animal welfare law, making them fair game for anyone who wishes to destroy them. Fur animals in the wild suffer horrific abuses by trappers as well as blood sports people. To learn more about the extreme cruelty endured by fur bearing animals which occur away from the public eye, click here:Bloodsports
But we CAN help end so much abuse.
We CAN end the cruel exploitation of animals used for fashion if we react in positive ways, creating antidotes to enlighten and attract uninformed customers to our side. Our goal is to show that there are concrete ways of being fashionable without hurting sentient beings. Ideally, vegan designers, models, beauticians, and other compassionate fashionistas should be predominant in a world where animal exploitation is still the norm, and this is why we wish to make a contribution as a step in the right direction. This event will be a friendly, enriching and fun experience for all!  I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,
Rosa Close

The Anti-Fur Society  •  722 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 172  •  Towson, MD 21204

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