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In the Loop
Loop the Loop
Our annual early September activity is the air show. This year we watched  it from the Toronto Islands. What a performance!!
[loop-th uh-loop]
an airplane maneuver in which a plane, starting upward, makes one complete vertical loop.
a ride in an amusement park that simulates this maneuver.
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Loop Knitting
Naturally, this maneuver reminded me of
one of my favorite stitches - the loop.
This techniques gives projects a nice depth and texture. 
Click on image to read about loop knitting
The Loop
It also reminded me a lovely yarn store in Halifax, Nova Scotia: an amazing shop girl and beautiful local yarn. And, as you can see in the picture, the knitters' creativity. The entire block was under construction, but it didn't spoil the party. The work platform got a nice graffiti knitting touch - the shop used it to colorfully display knitted and crocheted yarn along with the enthusiasm of its visitors.
How artsy-craftsy!!

P.S. The name of the shop is The Loop.
Nova Scotia, 2015
Click on image for more graffiti knitting 
Buenos Aires
Many yarn stores go creative displaying the yarn they have to offer. When I travel, I always check out the local yarn shops
and purchase the yarn from
the new place. 
Beautiful Wool! 
Argentina, 2012
I stopped by at some nice yarn shops in
Pueblito Los Dominicos (Los Domonicos Village) - a crafts market in a heritage
zone of Santiago.
Lana maravillosa!
Chile, 2012
KUNA yarn stores are in many cities in South America.  I visited two of them and bought yarn in Kuna shops in Chile and Peru.
In the picture - KUNA store in Peru, 2012
Click on image to find out more.
I bought yarn in Vienna as well. They love knitting here. My Austrian yarn project is
still work in progress.
Wunderbare Wolle!
Austria, 2014
Just opened this summer - a lovely shop in Kensington, P.E.I.

Wonderful yarn!

PE.I. 2015
The yarn is beautifully displayed. I bought very nice wool there.
PE.I. 2015
Click on image to learn more about this store.
"At Lellabella, you won't find just "wool", but the highest quality Italian yarn and unique products from the most sought-after
brands. We use our yarns to create
a large variety of personalized
items made by hand."
Meravigliosa lana! 
Italy, 2008

Click on image to keep reading about Lellabella

I forgot what shop it was, but it was a good one. And they've got wonderful yarn - wool in particular.
Merveilleuse laine!
France, 2008
New York
You can buy beautiful yarn at the knitting workshops and shows - like at
Vogue Knitting LIVE.
I visited the first one - in 2011.
The last one was in January 2015.
Click on image to take a look.
to be informed?
I'll keep you in the loop :-)


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