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September 2015 CPPA Newsletter
Editor: Matt Farrell
President’s Message
Ron Profeta

Greetings Parking Professionals,
Fall is upon us and so is the start of a new school year for most schools throughout the state. For most of us whether university or municipality that means increased traffic and back to normal parking usage throughout your facilities. I hope you all had the opportunity this summer to regroup and get recharged for the upcoming year ahead. To help you get prepared for the demands of parking management your CPPA Conference Committee has been hard at work putting together an Annual Conference and Tradeshow that you will hopefully find informative and useful. So if you have not already registered for this year’s conferences don’t wait, register today. Online registration is quick and easy.
This years Golf Tournament will be held at Monarch Bay Golf Course. As we have done in previous years prizes will be awarded as well as a contribution to a worthy charity. The day prior to start of the conference CPPA will be hosting IPI’s Green Garage Training on Tuesday, November 3, at the Oakland Marriott. This training is a must for any one who will be seeking Green Garage Certification. I attended the training last year and I will have to say that it was very useful and informative.   Also on that Tuesday we will have a Hearing Officer Training session as well as Customer Service/Conflict Resolution training presented by Cindy Campbell. For more information regarding any of these training opportunities on November 3rd please visit the CPPA Website and click on the “Workshops” link.
On behalf of your CPPA Board of Directors we thank you for your continued support of CPPA and we look forward to seeing you all at our Annual Conference and Tradeshow. If you have any comments or suggestions that would help CPPA meet your needs better please feel free to contact me.
Have a great September!
Ron Profeta
Board of Directors Nominees
CPPA Annual Conference
Legislative Update
Advisory Committee News
The Know Parking Zone: Flawed Assumptions
Consultant’s Corner
CPPA Membership Renewal
HUMOR - A young parking professional in training…
September Quote
Career Opportunities
Request for Proposals
Newsletter Articles Wanted
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Board of Directors Nominees
Are you interested in getting involved with CPPA as a board member or serve on a standing committee?   CPPA is currently taking nominations for 2016 Board of Directors.   The positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
The Board of Directors is required by the CPPS bylaws to recommended nominees to the members. These nominees are:
President: Ron Profeta, City of Riverside
Vice President: Charles Kindred , UC San Diego
Secretary: Mike King, City of Sacramento
Treasurer: Mario Inga, City of Beverly Hills

Additional nominees may be nominated by three voting members in good standing in writing, with consent of nominee, no later than Monday, October 5, 2015. If you interested please e-mail Wayne Dalton at
CPPA Annual Conference
By Michelle Wendler
AIA Principal
CPPA Program Co-Chair

The CPPA Annual Conference is fast approaching and the agenda is very exciting.  We have a fabulous pre-conference program scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd. Two half-day sessions will be presented by Cindy Campbell, Senior Training & Development Specialist for the International Parking Institute. Cindy is responsible for the development and delivery of on-site training programs for staff working in the field of parking and transportation.  She has worked in the parking and transportation industry since 1981 and was formerly the Associate Director of University Police overseeing parking, events, and transportation for Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo. Cindy is a Past Chairman of the International Parking Institute, and has a long history of providing training to Parking Professionals.   

Tuesday morning’s training session topic will address Customer Service and Tuesday afternoon’s session will address Conflict Resolution.

Customer Service
This course will provide attendees with basic concepts related to the delivery of customer service. Topics include the dimensions of customer service, customer acknowledgment, effective communication methods, and techniques that can be used when interacting with difficult customers. Attendees will also gain valuable insights into how they may be perceived by customers and co-workers.

 Learning Objectives for Customer Service: In this course, attendees will learn how to:
  • Review statistics on how customer service word of mouth and social media reports spread and what that means for your organization and returning customers.
  • Explore how to handle difficult and angry customers in a positive manner, including the importance of nonverbal behaviors.
  • Identify the three dimensions of customer service.
  • Illustrate how the “Model of Communication” can contribute to a positive customer interaction.
  • Recognize the benefits of active listening including how to restate, summarize, divide, and clarify the customer’s words to facilitate problem solving.
  • Use acknowledgement and positive interactions to deliver good customer service.
The concept of being able to provide excellent customer service can be challenging, especially when the customer ISN’T always right! For those of us working within the parking industry, the goal of being perceived by the public as helpful and professional is attainable.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into how they may be perceived by customers and co-workers. Come learn how you can contribute to positive customer interaction through the use of effective communication methods and customer acknowledgment.

Conflict Resolution
This course will provide attendees with concepts and techniques intended to neutralize and de-escalate customer conflict. Topics include sources of workplace conflict, personal motivations that contribute to conflict, and an assessment of the attendees personal communication style as it relates to conflict. Class discussion will include methods of dealing effectively with aggressive behaviors and angry customers.

Learning Objectives for Conflict Resolution: In this course you will learn how to:
  • Examine the four sources of workplace conflict.
  • Evaluate personal conflict style by completing and analyzing an assessment.
  • Effectively apply communication techniques during conflicts with customers and co-workers.
  • Explore how the five stages of group development affects conflict and workplace needs.
How do you handle yourself when faced with conflict?  Complete a self-assessment and learn more about how to tailor your responses to different conflict situations in the workplace and with customers.  This session will help you to identify the sources of workplace conflict, assess your personal communication style, and recognize tools to communicate effectively with customers and co-workers.  Once you understand your style, you can apply the right tools when dealing with workplace conflict.  

Participants will receive useful information and techniques helpful to front line personnel, supervisors, and managers who interact with the public as well as peers and co-workers.  

You can register now for the conference and your opportunity to pave your way to success with new rules of thinking!

For more information go to Or contact Yael Oved at

Oakland Marriott City Center
1001 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607
CLICK HERE for hotel arrangements.
Xerox - Parking Solutions
We provide Total Parking Management solutions for on and off-street parking. Delivering intelligent parking and collection solutions for municipalities that optimize compliance, revenue and the customer experience. Violations processing, automated street sweeper parking photo enforcement, meter management, enforcement and other technologies combined with proven strategies for powerful results—every time.  Website:

Legislative Update
By Julie Rosenberg
From CPPA’s Legislative Counsel Tim Yaryan:
The fiscal committees have completed their work for the session, and we are now in the final two weeks of the 2015 session.  Friday, September 4, is the last day to amend bills, so our focus will be on amendments to bills.  Of course, some of the most controversial legislative items often arise at the very end of session, so we will be particularly focused on “gut and amends.”   The end of session is always a time of high drama, not just with legislation, but with legislators as well.  Following are some changes:
New Republican Leadership
  • California Assembly Republicans chose first-term Assemblyman Chad Mayes, R-Yucca Valley, to be their next leader in a closed-door vote.  Current Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen, R-Riverbank, took over the leadership post last fall after an election that saw Republicans erase a Democratic supermajority. Her effort to build on that momentum came with an expiration date: Term limits prevent Olsen from serving in the Assembly after November 2016. Olsen will continue to lead the caucus through the end of a session in which Democratic leaders are seeking Republican votes for taxes to help pay for health care and transportation infrastructure. But Mayes will take over election activity and will join Olsen on fundraising missions as he prepares to assume his new role Jan. 4.
  • Senate Republicans ousted their leader, Bob Huff, last week, replacing him with Jean Fuller of Bakersfield.
New Assembly Speaker
  • Moving to designate a leader with just days remaining in this year's legislative session, Assembly Democrats voted to make Assemblyman Anthony Rendon their next speaker. Speculation about a leadership change spiked when Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, circulated a pledge asking members to not hold a vote until next January. Term limits require Atkins to give up her Assembly seat in 2016. Rendon, a Lakewood Democrat, was first elected in 2012 . Under new term limits rules, he is eligible to serve until 2024.
Legislative Update by Legislative Committee Chair Julie Rosenberg:
One bill the CPPA has been watching, AB 451, was signed into law.  The bill allows local government to allow private parking enforcement in private parking facilities and provides for civil enforcement of private parking. Citations would not be reported to the DMV. There were some concerns expressed by some CPPA legislative committee members regarding the language in the bill and the potential for confusion by the public as to whether a citation was issued by a local agency or private party. The bill was reviewed carefully by Tim Yaryan, the CPPA’s legal advocate, and he believes this issue is addressed by a requirement in the bill that there be a conspicuous statement on the citation to the effect that it is not issued by a local government. This bill was actively supported by the League of Cities.  Following is a link to the full bill:
Complus Data

Advisory Committee News
By Bill Hurrell
Vice President CDM Smith
Advisory Committee Chair
The Advisory Committee is a resource for the CPPA Board and provides guidance on matters related to the Association’s policies, goals and mission statement.  It also deals with maintaining the Association’s bylaws, reviewing legal practices and contracts, insurance coverage and financial procedures.  For 2016 we have two major objectives:
  1. An update of the Association’s bylaws – We will be looking at changing the membership structure to an agency based approach with a single membership for each agency rather than the current practice where each individual from an agency must pay the full fee in order to participate.  We will be updating the communications and voting procedures to be in tune with today’s electronic media environment.  We will also be better defining how the Association addresses changes in the status of Board members and committee chairs.  The current bylaws can be viewed at  You will need to use your member login to sign in and then click the link at the bottom left of the page. 
  2. A review of financial practices/controls - As the CPPA grows we need to be make sure we have adequate controls in place to manage the Association’s financial resources and day-to-day operations. 
We welcome any comments, suggestions or questions you might have on these topics.  Also if you are interested in participating please let us know.  Bill Hurrell is the Advisory Committee Chair as can be reached at
The Know Parking Zone: Flawed Assumptions
By Cindy Campbell
During a recent frontline training session, the group discussion focused on a common frustration we experience in our challenging world of customer service. You know the scenario…An infuriated customer yells out something like, “How was I supposed to know I couldn’t park there?!? I didn’t see any signs!! What a racket! You need to make it clear if you expect people to follow the rules!” Sound familiar? You may have experienced a “saltier” version, but you get the point. When you hear a complaint like this, do you think, “Are they blind or just slow??
Who issued this person a driver’s license? The sign is obvious!!” Your assumptions about this individual’s failure to grasp the obvious could be justified, but…what if it’s not? Are we forgetting how it feels to be unfamiliar with a setting, trying to take everything in while safely maneuvering the car? Even with a passenger to help with navigation, we sometimes miss the obvious.  
I shared a story with the group about something that had happened to me at last year’s CPPA conference. Since I’d driven my car to the conference, I had offered to drive 3 of my out-of-state parking colleagues to dinner one evening. While Google had flawlessly directed us to the restaurant, finding an available parking place remained a challenge. I circled the area, finally finding an entire row of open spaces down a small hill near the ocean. We laughed about how many parking professionals it took to figure out the pay station equipment used in the lot.
With that transaction successfully completed, we trotted off to dinner. After a leisurely meal, we returned down the hill to the car, only to find it behind a locked gate. I felt an immediate wave of panic and frustration, as we were many, MANY miles from the conference hotel. How was I supposed to know the area closed at a certain hour?? Where were the signs?? Looking up…right there, on a tall post (you know, adjacent to THE GATE) was the sign. Yep, big as life. In my haste to make it to the restaurant on time, I missed it all. The sign, the gate…all of it. Luckily, a very nice parking officer came to our rescue, opening the gate and saving the evening from ruin. (Note: He did not find the humor in my witty story about the 4 parking professionals missing the obvious signs, but that’s another story.)      
Here’s my point: Situations like this can happen to any of us. Keep your assumptions in check. Try to be empathetic. While situation may seem obvious to us, we can’t assume everyone else shares our perception. The motivations and personal experience of our customers isn’t always clear. The enforcement of rules is necessary, but it doesn’t have to include passing personal judgment. Take opportunities to look at situations from the customer’s viewpoint. Could markings be clearer or does the area need maintenance? Don’t miss an opportunity to decide if a customer complaint may actually indicate a bigger issue that you may be able to improve.
IPS Group, Inc.

IPS Group, Inc. is the patented provider of credit card enabled single-space parking meters, helping cities and universities around the globe upgrade and manage their parking operations.  IPS meter mechanisms retrofit into current parking meter housings and offer additional payment options including coins, credit/debit cards and smart cards.  Customers benefit from access to real-time parking meter data, a comprehensive and intuitive web-based meter management system, and help employ green initiatives by using solar power technology. A complimentary product suite including vehicle detection sensors and pay-by-cell options make the IPS solution the most advanced parking system in the world. Website:
Consultant’s Corner
By Patrick Smith
Associate, Dixon Resources Unlimited
The Parking Industry: An Unlikely Comparison
As the common phrase goes, “no one expects to get into parking.” I can’t say that I am any different than those voices. There is a parking industry and it is very much alive, real and growing. Having imbedded myself into the industry it is obvious that technology has finally begun to catch up with parking. This leveling is evident in advancements in smart meter technology, pay-by-phone, LPR, and more. Conversely, I entered parking by way of academia and possibly the furthest thing from parking aside for paying at a meter each time I drove onto campus. Needless to say, the learning curve was steep and longwinded.
When I initially mentioned to family and friends that I was going to enter the parking industry to say there were a few looks of confusion would be an understatement. Not only was there slight confusion but there was an overall lack of knowledge as to what the industry entailed. Up until that point, my intentions had been to enter an area that performed research and analysis. However, I was introduced to parking through a mutual acquaintance that ultimately led me to a position as an Associate at Dixon Resources Unlimited. This position provided me with a great opportunity that I felt I could truly wrap my interests around. This article explains the similarities that I have witnessed between the parking industry and the academia world.
For so long, parking was just parking to me. I always had an idea of where I could find parking on a busy summer day in my beach town growing up or that going into the city for a game or event meant the increased likelihood that I would be paying more for parking versus another day. What I failed to ever realize was the sheer impact that parking has on commerce and downtown businesses, the ability for a city to expand and grow or the ability for visitors and commuters to efficiently locate accessible parking. Based on what I know now, the previous few examples are just scratching the surface of impacts that parking has on society.
However, through this gained experience and time in the parking world and I have been able to draw on a number of similarities between both the business of parking and academia. Much of this is related to the fact I approach parking from the consulting side but the unique nature of the work I assume correlates closely with my previous work. Many of the projects that I assume deal with agencies and the completion of comprehensive parking studies. Often, these studies include the analysis of existing parking data previously collected by the agency as well as generating new data through the use of public intercept surveys, on and off-street collection of vehicle occupancy and turnover data, as well as in-depth interviews of stakeholders and focus groups.
Much like these comprehensive parking studies, my focus in the world of academics dealt with quantitative methodology using data collection and analysis. In simpler terms, the study of sociology using statistics and numbers or focus groups and interviews. For example, what are Millennial’s perceptions of education as an avenue to life course success? In the social sciences, research tends to follow a consistent path the majority of the time which actually parallels that of a comprehensive parking study in a familiar way.
Most research begins with an issue or question that the researcher hopes to prove one way or the other which would most closely relate to an agency recognizing an issue or potential problem that they would like to address through the formation of a parking study. Once this issue or problem has been communicated to firm X, that firm now aims to identify any existing data related to the agency and/or any parking studies previously conducted for the agency. Using this information, the firm may then format a proposed methodology structured to field observations and data collection efforts. This step correlates to the formation of a hypothesis, methodology and research design undertaken in the sciences. As the progression of the study continues, the subsequent step is very much identical between both parking and the sciences, operationalizing the research design and methodology through data collection in the form of surveys, focus groups, experiments, and observations. With the data collected both parties can analyze their data and format conclusions and recommendations on the initial issue, problem or question.
The stark difference I have witnessed between the parking industry and the sciences is what occurs when the study is completed. The comprehensive parking studies’ recommendations have the likely potential of being acted upon by the agency in the form of implementing parking and transportation related changes throughout the agencies system. As gratifying as finding a hypothesis significant or uncovering a correlation between one variable and another, helping a city enact physical change through their operations carries with it a personal sense of gratification. This may be perhaps one of the most enlightening aspects of the parking industry that I have had an opportunity to experience in thus far.
As I continue to acquire knowledge and experience across the wide-range focuses that comprise the parking and transportation industry, the goal is to expand those enlightening moments in creating change and variation. The industry has entered a pivotal period where the advancements in technology are creating smart parking systems, increasing efficiency and access, and helping transform cities parking and transportation operations to the now. I am just glad I got into the parking industry when I did.
SP Plus Corporation

CPPA Membership Renewal
Contact Debra Picou if you have any questions
Membership has its privileges!
I know, I know, I’m stealing someone’s tag line – don’t turn me in; but what’s true for AmEx is also true of CPPA. Membership does have its privileges. For instance, did you know that if even one member of your agency is a member of CPPA, all of your employees are eligible for the member discount on training? It’s true! And with training offerings such as ‘How to Read a DMV Print Out, ‘Hearing Examiner’, ‘Accessibility in Parking Facilities’ and ‘Tactical Communications’ you to name a few – you may want to send PEOs, CSOs, front office staff and supervisors.   You’ll need all the discounts you can get! Add to that discounted access to one of the largest annual conference and tradeshows west of the Mississippi and you’ve got a lot of bang for your membership buck just in training alone.   And remember, your non-member conference registration includes a one year membership, so if you have any doubts about the value to you; join us for conference this year. Enjoy a great conference experience and see how that one year membership pays off for your organization. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions! Thanks all – See you in November!  
HUMOR - A young parking professional in training…

Told 7 year old daughter to put her bike away neatly, walked out to this...

September Quote

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Leo Tolstoy
*Quote shared by Charles Kindred
Career Opportunities
  • Parking Manager
  • Associate Director, University Police - Parking (SLO)
  • SP+ - Senior Manager - Beverly Hills
Click here to view all career listings and details.
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Request for Proposals
  • City of Culver City: Electronic Chalking System for Parking Enforcement Vehicles
  • City of Culver City: Cloud-Based Residential Permit Parking Program Management System
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