Buckyball Music Fall 2015 News
Drum Talk - getting many views
DrumTalk on Facebook
This video featuring my students performing Samba and Baião, taught in Marc new book, was recently featured on the FaceBook page of DrumTalkTV and got over 16,000 view 425 likes and many shares.
I you want to join in please share
“Drum Talk” is a teaching method created by musician and educator Marc Wagnon that does not require students to have any previous knowledge of music technique. The method is based on group dynamics, and by starting with simple concepts by singing the polyrhythms and various drum strokes before playing them on instruments, which is an adaptation from the West African way of transmitting drumming knowledge. This system allows the group to attain a level of complexity that would normally demand longer preparation. The book of 10 lessons contains 58 video clips and 86 musical examples.
Sample and order it on iTunes

A Treat for Tunnels Fans
exulta video

This video was taken at a gig in Boston in May 2015, it show Tunnels at its best playing a medley of Maxwell's Demon and Inseminator, both from the "Tunnels with Percy Jones" release from 1992. The haven't aged a bit and the trio featuring Marc, Percy and John O'Reilly Jr on drums, is pretty 'slammin'
Tunnels page at Buckyball Music
Buckyball Video Channels
We have two video Channels - our main one is YouTube, which features more than 80 videos:
Buckyball Music YouTube Channel
But for a few even more creative video releases, visit Marc's page on Vimeo:
Marc Wagnon on Vimeo
A New Website 
Buckyball Music has created a new website for the Play of Daniel, an 11th century drama reinvented for the 21st century. Sarah Pillow plays a Queen (think Eleanor of Aquitaine) and an angel (the wings are to die for).
Upcoming performances for Play of Daniel are January 2nd and 3rd, 2016 at Trinity Wall Street. Check out the new site for details:
The New Website is Up!
link to Buckyballmusic.com
This has been long coming, but the old site, which served us well for now over 13 years was just not up to dates with the need of the multi platform/devices we live.
It also allowed us to weed out some of the redundant pages that grew over the years, and makes it a more fun and engaging experience. We will probably enhance it as time goes by and the many new projects we are working on come to fruition.
So! we surely hope you lake it. Let us know about your experience.
Visit the new site
With the new site we are starting a second blog more geared toward performing recording and music production related to Buckyball Music.
But the Science and Music blog will stay and there will be more musing on this wast subject, so make sure to visit it from time to time.
VoiceOver: in the works a new service: VOMA
Marc Wagnon is now setting up a new service dedicated to Mac visually impaired Mac users named VOMA (VoiceOver Mac Access). The concept is to do remote teaching and tech help for VoiceOver user, the Mac based screen reader that is part of the operating system.
It will be geared toward anyone that needs help withe the program with a specialization for musicians using ProTools, Logic X and GarageBands.
Since for any application being music or any other that are accessible like we Safari, Mail, iWork and of course just navigating your computer, require a strong understanding and customizing it is really for anyone with a visual impairment.
Marc is now in the testing phase, the launch will be for January 2016
Perpetual Motion a Galileo's Daughters project featuring videos by Marc Wagnon and story telling by author Dava Sobel:
December 5, 2015 at 5 PM
Moravian College Medieval/Early Modern Conference Concert
Trinity Episcopal Church
February 6, 2016 at 7:30 PM
UC Santa Cruz Music Center Recital Hall, Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Baroque Festival
March 11, 2016 at 7:30 PM
Saint James Episcopal Church Lancaster, PA

University of Oklahoma Libraries
April 15, 2016 at 7 PM
As a part of their year-long exhibition, Galileo's World

Early Music at Saint James
Jake Hertzog:
November 17th Pirkanmaan Musiikkiopisto
 Tampere, Finland

November 19th Malmitalo 
Helsinki, Finland
December 1stShapeshifter Lab
, Brooklyn, NY

Juampy Juarez & Jake Hertzog
December 5th 
Buenos Aires, Argentina

December 8th 
Dr. Jimmy
Castelar, Argentina

December 10th 
Santa Prisca
, Argentina
December 11th 
El Boliche don Miranda
San Luis, Argentina
more info on all of these on Jake Hertzog site

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