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Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 25th Edition February 7, 2016

VOTE FOR SKIPPY!!! Suwanee Magazine Cutest Pup contest

Skippy has been nominated in a Cutest Pup contest for Suwanee Magazine and WE NEED YOUR VOTE.  Currently he is in SECOND PLACE.  He has remained about 200 votes behind the leader dog (French Fry) since the beginning of the contest which ends on FEBRUARY 12th.   Quite honestly the winner just gets a basket of goodies and some play time at a doggy day care facility, but I want him to win because of his journey and so in any article that will be associated with a win, we can promote this rescue and also maybe get some donations or fosters from readers.   You can VOTE DAILY(every 24 hours) and all you have to do is CREATE an account per email account you have.  They only ask for you to come up with a log on name, password and email address.   Feel free to use skippy as your password to make it easy on yourself.  

Suwanee Magazine Cutest Pup contest



Melanie (with 2 brown eyes) came to us as one of two sheepdog girls from a Chattanooga, TN shelter.  Her sister has heartworms and her story is below.  Melanie, just needed some basic vet care at first, but quickly developed a cold which turned into Pneumonia.  She started off with the Waxmans, who also went to pick her up,  but because of her illness, we quickly moved her to a home with no other dogs.   Foster BethAnn, who had no other dogs, but had sheepdog experience was able to take her in and keep her for about a month. BethAnn felt she was a very sweet dog and easy breezy.   Both Melanie and her sister had really bad teeth.  We feel this was from chewing on fencing and eating rocks and such outside.    After Melanie got better from her pneumonia and was adopted, her teeth were  checked by a vet.   She has moved in with her new mom, Ann, from Jackson, Ms who picked her up Thanksgiving Weekend. 


IN Foster CARE- Melanie with One Blue Eye

Yes you got that right, we have 2 dogs called Melanie.  See we got two dogs at the same time, and some of the paperwork started getting confusing and I was getting some mixed messages and in the end, we called both dogs Melanie and just refer to them as 2 brown eyes or 1 blue eye.    This is Melanie- One blue eye.   She was picked up from the Chattanooga shelter by Jim and Rebecca Shaw and moved to his home in TN for foster care.  Melanie is Heartworm + .    We knew we would have to do heartworm treatment, but we tried a slow kill method at first.  After 2 months it was time to start the more aggressive and very expensive Heartworm treatment and she was moved to Atlanta.   She did very well after her first Heartworm treatment and went to stay with Volunteer BethAnn again, as she has a home with no other dogs.  Melanie is a bit more vocal, but has gone through some "quiet" training with BethAnn.  While Melanie is a SOLID dog, she is still only 75lbs.  She will begin her second treatment for Heartworms at the end of this week and will move to a closer foster in Roswell with the Sizzles.   Send your healing thoughts to Melanie as heartworm treatment is very dangerous and always touch and go!  We will keep you up on her well being.



Right after Christmas the phone started ringing about dogs needing help.  In the end only one came to fruition, but she was a cutie.  A young girl just around 1 year old (and very much looked like she had already had puppies).  Her owners had only had her for 2 days before they called rescue.  They had just purchased her from a guy in a small trailer that had another dog (and he said  he had even trained her to detect  diabetic seizures)  who had given her up because of space and her activity.  The newer owners had just lost their cocker spaniel and this was their first sheepdog and they also felt she deserved more space.  She came and fostered at my house (Fiona/placement Director) and this was Skippy's first dog to foster.  Sunshine was smart and gave her space, but all Skippy could see was a young dog to play with.  She sat there chomping her teeth at him while I kept her on a lead.  Skippy would come up to her and punch her with his head to her chest and then back up and hoped she would chase him.   Then eventually he used his paw at her and eventually while still chomping she started pawing at him, and finally after an hour they were best of friends. 
Josie did great with my cat so she was cat tested. We had the perfect home with a nice big fenced in yard, no kids and active parents in Athens, GA.   They were so thrilled to meet her and spent an hour with her while she eased into liking them.  Josie is a bit of a gun shy dog, so she requires some time to get to know other dogs and people.  But in an hour, she was quite happy to be around them.  She is now getting lots of walks and has made friends with some neighborhood dogs.  She is friends with the house cat and is very happy with her new home.  She is also now spayed and up to date on shots thanks to rescue.. No more puppies for this girl! (she was too young to have had a litter anyway)


Sheepie Day in the Park -Fall 2015

After several cancelled rain dates, we finally had our Sheepie day on Nov. 15th.  Approximately 20 dogs and parents visited and this was our best group picture.  We hope to get a Spring Date for you soon.  I hope to get another newsletter out next month.


Find us on Facebook

Find us on Facebook


Donations Can be made by visiting our website and pushing the PAYPAL Donate button sending checks to:
Attn:  Carolyn Vaisin-Treasurer
12878 Saddlebrook Circle
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AMAZON SMILE- OES Rescue of the Southeast

Do you order from Amazon or are you an Amazon Prime member?  You can help us with your regular purchases if you go to the Amazon Smile account and pick our rescue as your preferred charity.  A percentage of your order will come back to us in the form of a gift from Amazon.  Nothing extra is added to your sales order and all you have to use is a different portal.  
Remember to look for "OES Rescue Network of the Southeast".  

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There are many cross country dog friendly hotels. Hilton instituted a new animal friendly floor and program at their hotels (always check in advance.. deposits and size of dog may matter, but generally they don't worry about size). Additionally, LaQuinta's, Red Roof Inns and many Holiday Inn's provide dog friendly rooms.
Remember that when travelling, while they are providing you a service, its up to you to know the limits of your dog.   Does your dog bark alot?  Do you need to bring a crate because of destruction (should you leave the room) or during maid service? 
Don't forget that in a new environment like a hotel, you should exercise the dog often for potty breaks. 
Happy Trails!

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