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Nice November Knits
Autumn Sunny Beam
Meet my autumn model - our little sunny beam - Amelia.
As usual, little Amelia was very patient during the photo session (she doesn't like hats :-(
Click on image to see another baby hat - Easter Bunny
Autumn Leaves Baby Hat
This baby knitted and crocheted hat was made from the leftover yarn. It's a one evening project, because the leaves were done a several years ago.

Click on image to see other Artisunknity knits.
Autumn Sunny Necklace
In the picture, I am wearing another sunny color object - felt balls necklace.

Click on image to see knitted and crocheted flowers
Felt Balls November Necklace
These felt balls were bought at one of the
One-of-a-Kind  shows and just
assembled by me.
Fabulous fiber!
Click on image to see Fabulous Fall mohair necklace
Autumn Leaves Carry-All
October has arrived - the woods                                            have tossed
Their final leaves from naked                                                       branches;
A breath of autumn chill - the road                                    begins to freeze,
The stream still murmurs as it                                       passes by the mill,
The pond, however's frozen; ......
(A.Pushkin, Autumn)
Click on image to go to the 2011 Newsletter October Has Arrived...
Cacophony of Colors
Yellow is a color of a wide range of possibilities: from gold, butter, and ripe lemon to olive yellow and ginger ale.
This wrist warmer is like a beam of the last sunny autumn days. It can juzz-up your fall outfits and bring some optimism and pleasure.

Click on image to go to October 2014 Newsletter
Falling for Fall
 Every autumn, we are happy to attend the colorful leaves
ball ... and we are
falling for fall
Happy falling... :-) 
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