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Custom counter for smoker with hand carved details

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Check out Linda’s designs!
Congratulations to designer Linda Constable, whose work was recently published in two national and one regional magazine!
Country Cottage features the home of Linda’s clients Larry and Dershie McDevitt. The article showcases the screened porch and other interior spaces. Linda and the McDevitts have collaborated for many years to transform their magic place in the mountains.

To read the full article click here
The Cottage Journal’s spring issue featured Linda's and her husband Blair Jones's home. Check out the photos and story. This home is filled with love and creativity!

 to read the full article click here 
The spring issue of Carolina Home and Garden wisely chose to give Linda’s own porch a prominent spot. Wouldn’t you love to be on a similar porch right now, taking an afternoon nap or listening to the critters’ evening songs?
To read the full article click here.
You know we designers at Ambiance Interiors do a wonderful job of understanding your under-roof needs, but we also design outdoor spaces. Summertime is special in these beautiful mountains—we need to enjoy time outdoors. We will be happy to work with you to transform boring porches and terraces into fabulous outdoor rooms!
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