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Monthly News for December 2015
From the Minister
Well, it’s here! The end of the year is rapidly approaching. The time of longer nights and shorter days is upon us, and Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, reminds us in a very visual way of the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. We know that the Winter Solstice,     (and not the holiday we celebrate as Christmas, or Chanukah, or Diwali) is the real reason for the season. Interestingly enough, all of these holidays have something to say about lights. Christmas, with the birth of a baby who is prophesized to become the “light of the world,” Chanukah, with its focus on the light of the Menorah and its symbolism of the miracle of lights, and Diwali, which is known as the Hindu festival of lights. Diwali, a holiday which falls between the middle of October and the middle of November, celebrates the notion of “good” defeating “evil,” or light over darkness.
                                          From the Minister, continued
Sunday Services 
Sunday, 6  December 2015, 11 am
 Bob Falanga
“De-Constructing Jesus: Messages for UUs"
For centuries the early church applied exaltations and elevations to the person of Jesus. Can we remove these theological and political layers and find the Historical Jesus? Can we locate the core message of this Jewish itinerant teacher and mystic? What messages does the Historical Jesus hold for contemporary UUs? 

Sunday, 13 December 2015, 11 am
Rev.Michael Carter

This month many UU churches will be exploring  the theme of expectation. During this season of Advent, what are you anticipating or expecting to occur?
The infant Jesus represents new life and new possibilities. New life is precious for it is pregnant with possibilities. What is going to be born in you this season? Have you been true to your vision of yourself and the world you inhabit? If not, why not? What are you waiting for, expecting, or anticipating?
Sunday, 20 December 2015, 11 am
“Many Reasons for the Season”
Choir and Small Ensemble Singers
 Why do cultures all over the world develop rituals and holidays around the longest night of the year?  What can we find in common to unify us across religious and secular traditions?  Ginny Moreland facilitates a service of music and readings honoring the darkness, seeking the renewal of  light, and finding hope in new beginnings.  Come help us celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule and more! 
Sunday, 27 December 2015, 11 am
“The Third Day of Christmas" 
Rev. Michael Carter

Come join us for our annual Christmas /Holiday Musical Service this year.  Yes, it will be  three days after Christmas and the Holiday Spirit will be going strong. We expect lots of songs from the Christmas and Jewish Traditions and a nice way to bring in the New Year! If you’re in town and available we hope to see you there.

Sunday, 3 January 2016, 11 amjeffhutchins
Jeff Hutchins
“A New Year to Love”

Returning to our pulpit, member Jeff Hutchins  says “I will  talk about how we can look ahead to 2016 with optimism, and we will cast a cautious eye back over the year just ended.  Let’s get revved up for 2016.” 
Religious Education
Greetings from RE!
Classes continue apace. There is still a need for assistants. Please consider starting your new year with showing our smaller UUs that they are an important part of our congregational family by being an assistant one Sunday
December 27th, being part of Christmas weekend, is a non-teaching Sunday. This means that there will be no children's classes, but there will be nursery care available if needed. 
Plans are in the works now for the annual Soup/Chili movie night in February. If you would like to be part of making those plans, please contact Beata Ball or Linda Medford!
May your days be blessed with love, peace and creativity
Beata Ball, DRLE
Guests at Our Table
On Sunday, Nov. 22nd we kicked off our Guest at Your Table fund drive to support the UU Service Committee. For 75 years the Service Committee has reached out to help in human rights initiatives near home and around the world. The UUSC puts our 7 Principles into action on the ground.
We have UUSC donation envelopes and a brochure titled Stories of Hope. The brochure, Stories of Hope are inside the donation envelope on the table below the name tags, in the foyer. This pamphlet is where you’ll find inspiring stories about UUSC’s partners and their amazing work! Keep a copy on your dining table. When you gather to eat, read through one of the stories. In spirit, invite the characters in the story to dine with you, discuss their situation, and consider the profound ways a Guest at Your Table gift will help advance human rights.
Choose Compassionate Consumption 
UUSC engages people in owning their power as values-driven consumers, acting to protect workers’ rights, and joining a movement for economic justice.
Sustainable Recovery in Haiti
In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, UUSC has made a long-term commitment to creating a recovery that advances justice for Haitians.
The Human Right to Water
UUSC is on the cutting edge of ensuring that all people — no matter their skin color or bank account — have access to safe, affordable water.
For more informaion go to 
You may make a donation online or mail in a check in the envelope located on the table below the name tags in our foyer.
-Carolyn Shorkey 
Christmas Cookies!
Christmas Cookie Reception and Donation Dec. 20th
Keep our veterans in mind when you do your holiday baking this year.  I invite you to bring a generous plate of cookies to church on December 20th. After the Sunday Service, we’ll share some of our home made cookies amongst ourselves. Then, Carolyn and Milt will deliver the remaining baked goods to the Veteran’s Restoration Quarters in East Asheville. This is a project operated by ABCCM to transition homeless veteran’s toward permanent housing.  The vets will be very appreciative of your donation of holiday goodies! 
Board Report
Highlights from the meeting of November:
  • ​Treasurer ​Lee ​Reading ​reviewed our balance sheet which he indicated is strong. ​The ​portico project has started and checks were cut for some labor and materials. Lee will be investigating Arcadia Power to see if we can get green ​electric service. Lee indicated that members can set up an automatic withdrawal/payment from their bank account to be sent electronically to the UUCSV bank account. Contact Lee for instructions​.​
  • ​Portico project: whether ​to keep or remove the present front doors that lead to the portico was discussed. Jim explained our various heating/cooling units would not work to heat and cool the portico. Consensus was to keep portico doors.
  • Various ideas about retaining members were shared including a discussion of round robin dinners and having the membership/​ ​friends directory updated and distributed quarterly.
  • The Board discussed plans for the annual canvas in March. David Reid volunteered to lead the canvas with help promised from Jim, David Groce, Lee Reading, and Michael.
  • The next Board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 21 and congregants are welcome to attend.
​David Groce​
Something To Sell?
The UUCSV Board has created a new "Marketplace Bulletin Board" to assist members wishing to post things for sale.  Goods and services offered by members, friends, and family members must be typed on standard-sized paper, DATED, and placed into the Board Of Trustees mail slot in the church office.  Board members will review requests.  Approved ones will be posted on the Marketplace bulletin board, the one closest to the RE rooms.  Rejected requests will be returned to the congregant.  Outdated flyers will be removed regularly.
From the Minister (continued)
In our culture it’s a time to hibernate, to journey inward, both literally and figuratively speaking. We hunker down waiting for the warmer weather in the Spring to come out of our nests and to get on with the business of living in the light. We will have our Christmas Holiday Musical Service on December 27th this year and I hope you can attend. It’s a busy time of year for all and it would be good to see you at the service if possible. Yet whatever this season means to you, I pray that it is a time for gratitude, friends and family, rest, and relaxation, despite the external noise and festivities the season can bring. An old year is dying and a new year will soon be born. An old world is dying and a new world will soon be born--- in each and everyone of us! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Peace & Richest Blessings,
In this issue:
From the Minister
Sunday Services 
Religious Education
Guests at Our Table
Christmas Cookies!
Board Report
Something To Sell?
Luunch Bunch
Friday Fling
Choir News
Women's Group
Fellowship & Coffee
New Members
Portico Construction
UUCSV Leadership
Luunch Bunch
The next Luunch Bunch will be Tuesday, December 1st.  The topic will be a continuation of 'Bias'.There will be a brief showing of a film in the sanctuary and a discussion in the RE room. 
Friday Fling
This month's Friday Fling  will be held on  December 18th, at the church, with a potluck beginning at 6:30 p.m., followed by a movie. This month's selection is "Into the Woods", starring Meryl Streep as the witch.  Bring something good to share; red and white refreshments are provided.
Choir News
In December, our choir will be singing for the "Festival of Light" service on December 20th, collaborating with Ginny and the Small Ensemble Singers to provide music from around the world. We will be singing "Carol of the Bells," inspired by the music of Czechoslovakia, as well as "O Dunday," a song for the new year from Nigeria. Some of us will also be around to add our voices to the Christmas and Chanukkah music for December 27th.

Because we will be singing on the third Sunday this month, we will rehearse on the second Sunday, December 13th at 12:15, as well as Wednesday the 16th at 7 PM. Come sing with us! It's easy and fun, and we're very friendly. Linda Metzner,
Choir Director
Women's Group
December's meeting will take place on the second Friday, December 11th, at one PM in the Community Room across from 4D Lynx Drive.

All female members and friends are invited to listen to several members read their "This I Believe" statement, which they've been working on for two months.

Carolyn Shorkey has been leading us in the writing of our beliefs.  This month she will bring recordings from Public Radio's " This I Believe" statements from notables such as Helen Keller, Warren Christopher, Albert Einstein, Ben Carson, and Isabel Allende.

Join us for an enjoyable hour and help plan activities for the new year.  Everyone is welcome.
For more information call Helen Bell at 551-6077. 
Fellowship & Coffee
Coffee Hour: It’s more than coffee, cookies, hummus and crackers. It's about fellowship.  Sharing food and drink on Sunday after the service enables us to widen our circle. Please consider bringing nutritious snacks to our table on Sunday. Upon completion of the portico enclosure, I invite you to contact Milt. He’ll enjoy training you to host coffee hour. Please step forward, bring snacks and make coffee. Help us to widen our circle of fellowship. 
Milt Warden, 299-9456
New Members
Congratulations and welcome to new members! Watch the next issue for their introductions and photos!
  • Sue Hibbits
  • Charlie Scaravilli
  • Amy Beth Star
Portico Construction
Beginning of the project was delayed somewhat, but now begun, it is expected expect it to take approximately one month. Weather and other factors may affect the timeline.
Next Newsletter 
The standard deadline for the Newsletter is the 25th of the month prior to publication.  In view of other activities that might make December 25 inconvenient, content for January is welcome before that date or up until December 28.  Please submit items to newsletter.uucsv@ The best format is simply in the body of an email. 
Thanks, Ginny and Jackie 
UUCSV Leadership
Board of Trustees:
Jim Carillon
Diane Graham
David Groce, President
Sarah Kirkpatrick
David Reid, Vice-President
Tina Rosato
Carol Sheeler
Dave Wells
Minister, ex-officio,
non-voting Board Member:
Rev. Michael Carter, 
Lee Reading

UUCSV  •  500 Montreat Road  •  Black Mountain, NC 28711

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