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The Clay Minerals Society
Clay Minerals Society
CMS E-News, December 2015
From the President
CMS 2016 Annual Meeting - Resurgent Clays
CMS Awards
About to appear in Clays and Clay Minerals
Student Grants 2016 - application deadline 16 February 2016
Recent CMS publications
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Reynolds Cup 2016
From the President

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all members for your unflinching loyalties and contributions to the Society.
The time has come to renew your 2016 membership in The Clay Minerals Society. You should have recently received an e-mail to this effect. The online renewal process ( is straightforward. Please take a few moments to renew your membership. I also want to challenge you at this time to recruit as many colleagues as you can to become the members of the Clay Minerals Society. Imagine the impact we could have if every member succeeded in recruiting at least one colleague to join our ranks.
I am glad to announce that the CMS website is being revamped in order to make it more amenable to handheld devices. Another notable activity of the CMS leadership is considering the best path forward for our journal Clays & Clay Minerals, the heart and soul of our society. In particular, the editorial board, executive committee, and council are examining proposals from two vendors that could positively influence the impact factor, circulation, distribution, and revenues from the journal.
The 52nd CMS Annual Meeting/ Euroclay2105 held 5–10 July 2015 in Edinburgh (Scotland) was successfully completed. The conference was superbly organized by Dr. Steve Hillier and Mr. Kevin Murphy and was attended by >500 delegates (including ~130 students) from 48 countries around the world.
I am also pleased to report that planning for the 53rd CMS Annual Meeting, led by our past president, Dr. Crawford Elliott, is in full swing. The upcoming meeting will be held 5–8 June 2016 in Atlanta (Georgia, USA). Do note that the organizers are keen to receive enquiries about support for this meeting, in terms of attendance, financially, or otherwise. Do contact them - details below.
I know that both CMS and clay science are dear to you. I would appreciate your suggestions, recommendations, and contributions to any aspect of the operation of the society. I also encourage you to step forward and serve on one of the many committees of the Society. It is also important that we recognize the deserving colleagues for their contributions to clay science.  Please identify and nominate deserving colleagues for one or more of the three awards - details below.
Kind regards
Prakash Malla, President, CMS
CMS 2016 Annual Meeting - Resurgent Clays

Visit the conference website for next year's annual meeting, being held in Atlanta, Georgia, 5–8 June 2016.
CMS Awards
Now is the time for all good clay mineralogists to stand up and identify those deserving of acclaymation!  The Clay Minerals Society Awards Committee seeks your nominations for the following awards to be presented in 2017:
  • The Marilyn and Sturges W. Bailey Award—the highest honor of The Clay Minerals Society (CMS)—is awarded solely for scientific eminence in clay mineralogy (in its broadest sense) as evidenced primarily by the publication of outstanding original scientific research and by the impact of this research on the clay sciences.
  • The G. W. Brindley Clay Science Lecture Award recognizes a clay scientist who will infuse the Society with new ideas, someone who is both a dynamic speaker and involved in innovative research. Dr. Brindley himself approved the concept of The Lecture, and the speaker should deliver a lecture that Brindley himself would applaud.
  • The Marion L. and Chrystie M. Jackson Mid-Career Clay Scientist Award recognizes mid-career scientists for excellence in the contribution of new knowledge to clay minerals science through original and scholarly research. The Awardee is to be within the ages of 39 and 60.
Nomination packages must be received electronically by 6 March 2016.  Details regarding each award may be found at  or by contacting Jim Amonette, Awards Committee Chair at
About to appear in Clays and Clay Minerals


  • Salt diffusion through a bentonite-polymer composite
    Gretchen L. Bohnhoff and Charles D. Shackelford
  • Composition and genesis of the nickel-chrome-bearing nontronite and montmorillonite in lateritized ultramafic rocks in the Muratdagi region (Usak, western Anatolia), Turkey
    Selahattin Kadir, M. Selman Aydogan, Omer Elitok, and Cahit Helvacı
  • Methylene blue adsorption on the basal surfaces of kaolinite: structure and thermodynamics from quantum and classical molecular simulation
    Jeffery A. Greathouse, Dawn L. Geatches, Darin Q. Pike, H. Christopher Greenwell, Cliff T. Johnston, Jennifer Wilcox, and Randall T. Cygan
  • Organo-clays as sorbents of hydrophobic organic contaminants: sorptive characteristics and approaches to enhancing sorption capacity
    Runliang Zhu, Qing Zhou, Jianxi Zhu, Yunfei Xi, and Hongping He
  • Ceramic membranes prepared from a silicate and clay-mineral mixture for treatment of oily wastewater
    Jung-Hye Eom, Hee-Jong Yeom, Young-Wook Kim, and In-Hyuck Song
  • Sediment-hosted kaolin deposit from C¸ akmaktepe (Usak, Turkey): its mineralogy, geochemistry, and genesis
    A. Yıldız and C. Basaran
  • Sorption of neptunium on clays and clay minerals – A review
    Daniel R. Frohlich
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of pyrophyllite edge surfaces: structure, surface energies, and solvent accessibility
    Aric G. Newton and Garrison Sposito
  • Reactivity of Callovo-Oxfordian claystone and its clay fraction with metallic iron: Role of non-clay minerals in the interaction mechanism
    Camille Rivard, Manuel Pelletier, Nicolas Michau, Angelina Razafitianamaharavo, Mustapha Abdelmoula, Jaafar Ghanbaja, and Frederic Villieras
  • Influence of grinding and sonication on the crystal structure of talc
    Vladimır Cavajda, Peter Uhlik, Arkadiusz Derkowski, Maria Caplovicova and Jana Madejova, Milan Mikula, and Tomas Ifka
  • Clay-polymer nanocomposite-supported brominating agent
    Hany El-Hamshary, Adel I. Selim, Nehal A. Salahuddin, and Hamada S. Mandour
Student Grants 2016 - application deadline 16 February 2016
Student Research Grants
The Clay Minerals Society annually awards several grants of up to $3000 through its student research grant program. The Research Grant program provides partial financial support of research for students of clay science and technology. Research Grant applications are judged on a competitive basis considering the qualifications of the applicant, the objectives of the research proposal, design of the research project and relation to Clay Science. More information here.
Student Travel Awards
The travel grant program is designed to provide partial financial support to graduate students to attend the annual meeting of the Clay Minerals Society to present results of their research. Travel Grants can be requested for up to $1000 per grant for intracontinental travel or $1500 for intercontinental travel. Funds can be used to pay for: (1) meeting registration at the student rate, (2) field trip(s) that are part of the meeting, (3) CMS banquet ticket, (4) pre-meeting workshop, (5) travel, and (6) lodging. More information here.
Please pass this new publication onto a colleague. They can read about a CMS membership here.
Recent CMS publications
Have you bought your copy of the recent volumes in the Workshop Lecture Series? Check them out here.

Materials and Clay Minerals
edited by L.F. Drummy
Advanced Applications of Synchrotron Radiation in Clay Science
edited  by Glenn A. Waychunas
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Reynolds Cup 2016
The 8th biennial Reynolds Cup competition for quantitative mineral analysis
is now open. You can register your interest in participating the contest by sending an
email to Reinhard Kleeberg. Information about the competition including guidelines and previous winners can be found here. The competition is free for all to enter; those who are not members of the CMS are encouraged (but not obliged) to join.
Please use the following format when registering:
Subject: Please put "Reynolds Cup 2016 registration" in the subject line in
your email request.
In the body of the email please put the following information:
Shipping address: (that works for DHL/Courier delivery, e.g. physical address not Postal Box)
Phone number (for delivery):
Email address:
A total of approximately 90 sets of samples will be available for distribution. Each set comprises three samples of approximately 4 g with mineral mixtures commonly found in clay bearing rocks. All sets of samples will be distributed in the order of registration. Samples are expected to be shipped at January 22nd 2016 with the deadline for
submission of results by April 8th 2016. The top three contestants with the most accurate results will be announced at the 53rd Annual meeting of the Clay Minerals Society (June 5-8, 2016, Atlanta, Georgia.
Only the names of the top three contestants will be published. The names of the other participants will remain strictly confidential.
The competition is open to anyone interested in quantitative mineral analysis, with particular emphasis on clay mineralogy.
Because of the popularity of the Reynolds Cup and the enormous amount of
work put into its preparation, potential participants are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and only request samples if they are sure they can complete the analysis and return results to the organizers by the due date. Those who request samples and do not send in results or fail to return the samples unopened WELL BEFORE the due date will not be eligible to participate in future Reynolds Cups. A waiting list will be kept to offer returned samples to other potential participants.
To ensure an even wider exposure, we encourage you to forward this announcement to your national mailing lists and mineralogy associations, colleagues and friends who might be interested in participating.
The Clay Minerals Society  •  3635 Concorde Pkwy Suite 500  •  Chantilly, VA 20151-1110
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