CREATURE FEATURES   Vol. 4, Issue 7, December 2015
To All CCPT Members, Teams and Supporters:
As we close out a very successful 2015 and look forward to a new year and new beginnings, on behalf of the Board I’d like to share with you some exciting news about our organization for 2016.  Effective January 4th, Mary Beth Cooney will join CCPT as its new Executive Director.  Mary Beth comes to CCPT as a seasoned administrator with more than 25 years of experience in non-profit management, program facilitation, event planning, volunteer recruitment and management, development and grant writing.  Our Board of Trustees is confident that Mary Beth has the background, skills and experience to bring CCPT to the next level of growth and achievement and to carry on the excellent work begun by our co-founders, Annie Murphy and Joan Baer.  We invite you to take the opportunity to meet her in person at our first membership meeting/coffee of 2016 and in other settings and venues where she can introduce herself to you.
As the new generation of management joins our organization, please also join with me in thanking Annie and Joan for all they have done to get CCPT established, built and recognized as one of the finest pet therapy organizations in the country and a model for others to follow.  We would not have had the kind of success we have enjoyed without their dedication, hard work and adherence to our founding principles.  Luckily for us they won’t be going very far.  Both Annie and Joan will begin a transition in January to more pet therapy volunteer and mentoring work and they will also remain engaged with CCPT as members of our Board of Trustees.  
Thank you again for all of YOUR hard work on behalf of CCPT over this past year.  This is an exciting time to be part of our organization and we look forward to another very successful year in 2016!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Joe Caruso
Chairman of the Board of Trustees 
Creature Comfort Pet Therapy
"CCPT has been a joy to our students and offers a very non-threatening environment for our most fragile second grade students. Words cannot explain the joy of seeing the boys and girls around the room reading to the dogs and the impact it has on their self-esteem and confidence." Debora W, Principal, Lincoln School
"One child makes sure she picks a book with dogs in the book, so that her therapy dog will enjoy the story!" Netta A, Lake Hiawatha Library
"Pet Therapy is the most popular event that Counseling and Psychological Services offers. Our students look forward to sharing in these joyful moments with the certified pet therapy animals." Stephanie K – Fairleigh Dickinson


"I can't say enough about your program, our seniors love the visits." Marlene T, Senior Services at West Milford



Teams loved de-stressing  travelers and staff at the United Terminal at Newark Airport last Spring. Next week CCPT will be back to de-stress anxious holiday travelers.



"Thank you for being there to comfort the grieving friends and family today of Christopher. It was a sight
for sad eyes." 

We would like to thank everyone who share their pets with others and to all our partners for allowing us to bring our therapy pets into your facilities. 
We'd like to acknowledge the therapy dogs we've lost in 2015:
Angel                          Partner
Belle                            Blair Majtyka                         2015
Kismet                         Liz Bungo                              2015
Duffy                           Kathleen O’Donnell                 2015
Ruby Love                    Dana & Jack Zuber                 2015
Koko                            Steven Herz                          2015
In 2015, CCPT made over 3,000 visits to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, college campuses, mental health programs as well as many special visits, including airports and even funeral homes. The theme of this newsletter is 'Our Teams at Work'.  Please enjoy the pictures and quotes that are a sampling of our therapy work that goes on every day. 
Peter and his terrier, Kevin, regularly visit the cardiac floor at MMC. During one visit, Kevin made quite an impression on a patient. Shortly after this gentleman went home, CCPT received a call from his family inquiring about home visits for hospice patients.  They specifically wanted Kevin and it was arranged for Peter and Kevin to visit.  Although they only visited once before the gentleman passed away, his daughter sent us a letter to express how visiting with Kevin had given him so much pleasure at the end of his life. 
A visit from a therapy animal distracts a patient from pain; gives connection to an autistic child; brightens the day for a lonely elder.  Help us continue our great community work by sending a donation either online at:
or mail to:
PO Box 872
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
CCPT is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible.

Dear Rosie,
I loved those homemade doggie treats that my owner made last year.  I want to nudge her to make them again by sharing your oatmeal treat recipe.
Pot Belly Puppy 
Dear Pudgy, err Puppy,
These treats are easier than pie to make.  1/1/2 cup oatmeal (uncooked)
1 cup flour & 1 cup cornmeal
1 egg
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 water
I like my bone shape cookie cutter, but we will eat any shape!
Mix and refrigerate for an hour.
Preheat oven to 350.  Roll out and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden. 

If you shop, Amazon gives!  Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Creature Comfort Pet Therapy.  Simply log onto; choose Creature Comfort Pet Therapy and shop as you always would.  No cost to you at all.
If you need to cancel a visit at the last minute due to inclement weather, please contact the facility directly to let them know.  Contact information is on the calendar.  Also let CCPT know for tracking and billing purposes. 
Many places you visit may not use pet-friendly salt, so be sure to wipe your pet's paws upon entering the visit and again before they get back in your car.
Creature Comfort Pet Therapy • PO Box 872 • Morris Plains, NJ 07950
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