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 The View from Here. . .
  March 2016
2016 - The Year of the
Empowered Human? 
Why Not?
This article, along with the first article on the right (both slightly edited), was published in the December 2015 "Predictions" issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence.
Are you having fun yet? The Roller Coaster Ride of the Centuries continues apace into and through 2016, providing enough breathtaking dips, unexpected turns, and abrupt upside-down twists to thrill everyone as we move along on the human version of Mr. Toad’s wild ride! If you bit off more than you could chew before it began, or if you are still munching on something that no longer agrees with you, you might be feeling a little nauseated about now.  Just remember, as with any good, scary amusement park ride, screaming is just another part of the fun, and every single one of us not only signed up for it, but we all stood in line to get the ticket to be here!
Because the ride is still in full swing, change and challenge continue to be key words for 2016; but so do amazing technological advancements, opportunity, opening hearts, compassion, and empowerment—and all at a pace that will cause heads to spin (and some to grin)! And, as always, the severity of the challenge depends on the amount of human resistance to the change. Whether the rug is pulled out from under you or you feel compelled to make a difficult change yourself, the more fun you can have with any challenge, the easier it will be.
Humanity and the world continue to move through a great transition and, therefore, change and challenge will continue on all levels and, as we know, humans tend to view change as challenging, even changes they initiate and changes they want.
The great human illusion that change can and should be prevented causes more pain than any other  unrealistic expectation!  Many humans believe that change is always bad and, therefore, preventing it is good. Neither was ever true, because change is a constant and cannot be stopped. Those who cling desperately to the past and to the known, and who try to prevent the future—often loudly and/or violently—not only do themselves and others a great disservice, but they engage in a fruitless waste of energy. The momentum for change is unstoppable and, if we can tap into it individually or collectively, it is actually wrapped in Grace. God/The Universe/All That Is truly rolls out the red carpet for anyone willing to move past his fears (even baby steps!), embrace change, and be more loving in new ways.
Yes, some of the changes will bring great challenges. Severe weather events will escalate in some locations—and start in new locations—as weather patterns continue to change. Many people around the world will experience challenges and life-disruption associated with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, fires, mudslides, hurricanes, and flooding, as Mother Gaia continues to shrug her great shoulders and stretch herself into higher vibrations, releasing pent-up negative energy (created by humans over eons), and realigning herself—while fulfilling items on the bucket lists of millions of people. Crops will be affected by these weather changes and events, as will animals, birds, and aquatic life, and there will be a ripple effect.
Personal earthquakes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions will also continue under the influence of the cyclone of energy pushing us forward. Every person on the planet is being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. Abusive and unsupportive situations and relationships are becoming too uncomfortable to tolerate as the Winds of Change push everyone toward more freedom and more true expression of the Self.
Have you experienced your own internal or external transformational “ordeal”? During this transition time, every person on the planet will reach a point (or points) of feeling that the chrysalis is suffocating and constricting—the chrysalis being the way you have defined yourself, your belief systems (BS), your life circumstances, and/or your relationships. A great internal struggle will ensue and, one person at a time, beautiful butterflies will finally break through. . . or break down. Even if you undergo a break down, the break through will ultimately arrive; but it will be slower and more painful. You are writing and directing this script, so it is all up to you! Are you writing a tragic drama or a happy comedy for yourself and your life?
All of the magnificent institutions and systems that we have collectively created to run and/or support our collective lives—governments, banking, medical care and wellness, energy distribution, education, etc., etc. —are being squeezed into their own ever-tightening chrysalis, and they, too, will have to break down or break through. In order to continue to exist and thrive, everything—from individuals to relationships to corporations to governments to institutions to entire systems—must respond to these demanding energies and adjust in whatever ways are necessary to better serve the greater good. Again, we can write these scripts to make the necessary adjustments in an easier or a more difficult way. But be sure to choose, and send out your focused intent. With more massive systems, it takes more people focusing on “easy” to bring that about, so be very careful about the energies you are contributing—consciously or unconsciously—to any change scenario.
Expect to be Wowed (and maybe Overwhelmed)!
While some may get bogged down in the drama of all this continuing inner and external turmoil, others will revel in the wonders that come online. Technology will advance at head-spinning rates, changing lives in unimaginable ways. Virtually every aspect of human life will benefit from new technologies and discoveries, but the most stunning advances and benefits will come in the fields of medicine, energy generation and distribution, personal electronics and computing, transportation and automobiles. Phone watches, virtual reality games, laser and other non-invasive surgeries, 3-D printing, and assisted car parking are just the beginning! Minds are becoming unleashed (and unprogrammed), and who knows what wonders they will create?!
New technologies and discoveries can and will make life much easier and better for many, but they can also bring new ways of wreaking havoc and creating damage. Appropriate cautionary measures will be required. Examples abound of the “down side” of, say, the wonderful internet. While the internet connects so many people around the world and provides unprecedented access to information, it also provides a platform for online gambling, pornography, incitement of bigotry and violence, all kinds of hacking, and identity theft.
As new advances become available that will benefit the many, there also will be backlash. The old energies die hard, and those who have benefited the most from the old ways will not relinquish the power and wealth quickly or easily. This is especially true in those countries where money and power have become the highest priorities and have been carefully consolidated for the few. Even with the majority of people aligned to the need for change, large systems and ways of being do not change overnight, and there may be a number of false starts and erroneous side trips.
It’s Time to Step Into Your Power!
The most exciting part of 2016 is the opportunity for each of us to truly step into our power and take action to create a better world. Over the last few years, we have all been slowly, and sometimes painfully and with great resistance, identifying the ways we have given our power away, and we have slowly been taking it back. For many of us, the hard part is ending, and it is time to start using our power, our consciousness, and our very Presence consciously, and with intention and focus to co-create the world that we want for ourselves and the greater good.
Humans are Divine, Powerful Beings! And as the veil has slowly thinned over the past few years, our powers have started manifesting, even if most of us have been too busy being distracted by all the drama around us to notice!
It is time to stop playing “follow the leader,” recognize that those leaders often have clay feet and not-so-beneficial agendas, and start following our own hearts and leading ourselves. How can we do that?
The first thing to do is to let go of the drama, stop being wooed by violence and victimization, and disengage from the distractions provided nonstop by the mainstream media. Following the old newspaper adage of “if it bleeds, it leads,” the news media focuses on drama and fear because it sells! But they overemphasize the bad and dangerous, and they overlook the good.
When disaster happens around the world, instead of being sucked into the 24-hour news cycle (which focuses on victims and disempowerment), sit quietly and Send Love to the situation. Join with others and Send Love. And know that the “bad actors” are the minority; it’s just that horrific actions are dramatic and we are not being told about all the amazing good in the world.
Are you seeing pictures of people fleeing their war-torn country to try to create a better life for themselves? Send Love. People losing everything in a major flood? Send Love. If you can do something else, such as sending money or supplies, or if you have the ability and skills to go to the place and physically help in person, then by all means do that. But often when disaster strikes far away, there is nothing one can do to physically help the situation (hence the disempower-ment). So Send Love. Wallowing in confusion, fear, and anxiety actually makes the situation worse by contributing energy to the chaos!
Remember that you can always do something that really will help, even from your living room sofa: Send Love. Sending Love IS doing something! Let go of the idea that Sending Love and prayer is meaningless. Sending Love is, in fact, the most powerful and helpful thing you can do. Love and prayer have amazing power. Love is the most powerful creative force in the Universe! Send Love and ask the Loving Beings around you to assist those who need help—and Magic things will happen!
The prevailing Belief System (BS!) that humans are inherently bad, flawed, limited, and ineffectual has served those “in charge” for many centuries and effectively consolidated the wealth and power of the world into a few hands, with little or no opposition from those who blindly believed and obeyed. That Belief System (BS) has kept most people in an ongoing, debilitating, disempowering state of fear—fear of themselves and fear of each other. How long are you going to continue to believe that BS??
As the veils continue to thin and transparency becomes the norm, shocking revelations will be made about revered leaders. Who will you turn to when your leaders are shown to be liars, hypocrites, and puppets—and worse, as demonstrated by the ongoing revelations of priest abuse of children—working for those who hold the wealth and pull the strings? If you cling to the idea that meaningful change must come from the “leaders,” you will not only be wrong, but you will miss the greatest of opportunities ever available to you! Meaningful change will only come from the collective will of the People. And it starts with each one of us!
Take A Leap Of Faith Into Faith In Yourself!
Step boldly into faith in yourself and your fellow humans. Step boldly into your own inherent super powers. Shed the outworn BS and step boldly away from your limiting self-doubt. Step boldly into the idea that you can make a difference by using your Consciousness with intent. Step boldly into your birth right and start consciously co-creating a better life and a better world with All That Is. Step boldly into being the antidote to the massive “fear machine” that is constantly pumping fear pollution (or fear-porn as some call it) out into the environment.
Empower yourself and take action. Shine your Light on abusive situations. Become a Spiritual Whistleblower. Step past your fear and do the right thing and assist others in doing so. Send Love to the difficult situations and dramatic events that you hear about in the news. Use the Power of Love to change your life and the world. The time for spiritual people to sit on the mountain—or on the sidelines—observing the turmoil of "the uninitiated others" is long over, and it is time for each and every one of us to integrate our spirituality into our daily lives, into every thought and action we take. It is time to stand up against what is wrong and stand up for what is right, not just for ourselves, but for everyone.
Collaboration, Not Competition, Will Pave the Way
Despite the constant drumbeat for the last few decades creating fear and separation from anyone “not like us,” we are all in this together, and the sooner people open their hearts to their fellow humans, instead of closing them and turning away, the better off all of humanity will be. When people come together for the greater good, amazing changes can happen! Remember the civil rights movement, the end of apartheid, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Many, many people overcame their fear, distrust, and disdain of other people “not like them” to bring about those important changes.
Taking from others, forcing one’s views and beliefs on others, and operating under the notion that “might means right” stopped working a long time ago, and it is only the very insecure and fearful, the very vocal fear mongers, and the sword rattlers who are keeping those attitudes alive, either because it is the only way they know, or because they profit greatly from creating turmoil and war (banks and gun manufacturers come to mind, as war is expensive business).
It is time to find a better way. Perhaps it is time, as well, to stop viewing violence in any form as entertainment or as a solution?
Empowered Humans know better. Collaboration and community are the wave of the future, and it is time for humans to demand (and elect) leaders who understand that. Deep respect of others and flexibility on all levels will be required to integrate the new knowledge and new technologies and to assist massive, overarching systems to shift and change to better serve everyone. Greater community and working together will be required to enable all people to create better lives for themselves, especially in the wake of natural disasters and other dramatic events.
Empowered Humans know that when they look at another person—regardless of differences in race, religion, sexual orientation, or political party—they are seeing themselves, because everyone wants the same things:  to love and be loved, to have family, education, opportunity, dignity, respect, and to live in peace and prosperity. Empowered Humans know that when they deny something to someone else, they deny themselves; and when they assist others in achieving their dreams, they assist themselves. It is all up to each of us, as we write out the script! Feel free to redraft those pages as necessary and as your consciousness and vibration rises!
2016 has the potential to be the Year of the Empowered Human, but only if we all start choosing love over fear, put aside our differences, and step up to the plate, empowering, assisting, and loving each other.
Choose Love this Year, Release Attachments, Empower Yourself, and Enjoy The Ride!
March Comes In Like a Lion...
and Leaves Like a Lion, too!
Don't hold your breath hoping that the Winds of Change and the huge, ongoing, unrelenting downloads of high-vibration Love, energy, and information coming to the planet will end anytime soon. We have quite a way to go on our own version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride... but 2016 will be pivotal.
We all got royally blasted by the full moon on February 22 (can't tell you how many people told me it really kicked their butt!) and March has quite an array of energetic portals to keep us from getting bored. In fact, some say that March will be so instrumental in our reaching a higher level of consciousness that we will not be the same at the end of the month as we are now, at the beginning! Here are some of the major astrological highlights:
March 8—Crisis New Moon and total Solar Eclipse. This is a good time to reach deep down and release non-beneficial beliefs, judgments, and prejudices against ourselves and others "not like us."
March 21—Spring Equinox. A very powerful portal and, as we reach a balance between day and night, it's a time to return to balance in all things, including our inner divine masculine and feminine energies. It's also a time of new beginnings, so set intentions for your new astrological year!
March 23—New Moon and Lunar Eclipse. This is a great time to go within and seek illumination about what may be holding you back in any way and what you might want to release.
Earth activity, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, heavy rains, and high winds will continue. So Send Love!
Who Is Ellyn Dye?
I am an Intuitive Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and Practical Mystic.
A Near-Death Experience (NDE) in 1985 expanded my psychic abilities and created a link with some very loving—and humorous—Guardians of humanity and the ancient wisdom, who gave me a huge amount of information about life and the evolution of mankind.
I bring this knowledge and connection to my clients and audiences, along with over 30 years’ accumulated wisdom and understanding of metaphysics, life on earth, and Who We Really Are.
I am the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, The Search for the Crystal Key—an adventure about believing in yourself and the power of Love; and I am currently writing a new book, Creating Heaven on Earth... One Soul at a Time; A How-To Manual from the Perspective of a Near-Death Experience.
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In this issue:
  2016 - The Year of the Empowered Human?  Why Not?
March Comes In Like a Lion... and Leaves Like a Lion, too!
  Who Is Ellyn Dye?  
What Can Empowered Humans Do?
Is it Spiritual to be an Activist? Or Better to Stay "Above the Fray"??
On My Website. . .
Please Share Tunnel Vision
What Can
Empowered Humans Do?
What can an individual do about all the things "going wrong" out there? What impact can one person have? Plenty!!
Is there a hurricane heading toward a populated area? Sit quietly and tune in to that amazing hurricane. Talk to it! Bless it and thank it for the massive cleansing that it brings. In your mind, wrap it in a big fluffy cloud of Love. Do the same for all the people who will be affected by this mighty storm, wrapping them in Love and White Light, and surrounding them with the intention that their losses will be minimized.
Talk to Mother Nature and request that the storm move out to sea, if possible, for the benefit of all. Last, but not least, let go of the outcome, and how you think it “should” be, knowing that your request will be honored for the good of all.
The idea of our ancestors talking to the sky gods, the rain gods, or the wind gods, or Mother Earth, herself, may seem silly and primitive to some, but they were smarter than modern man in understanding that there is consciousness there, and co-creation is possible! In all things, Nature wants to support humans, but the humans must participate in the exchange!
This happened in the fall of 2015, when hundreds of people organized and started asking (and praying for) Hurricane Joaquin to move away from the east coast toward the ocean. There was much flooding from the rain in unexpected places, to be sure, because Mother Nature saw a need for that, but much disaster was prevented as the main part of the storm was “suddenly” deflected out to sea.
Empowered Humans did that! What else could Empowered Humans do if they set their minds to it?
Is there a tornado brewing? Send Love and request/envision that it steer clear of as many residential areas as possible. Fires starting? Send Love and request/envision that the fires purge the forests as needed, while staying away from populated areas.
Has an act of terrorism occurred somewhere in the world? A bombing? A shooting in a school? Unfortunately, we will likely see more of these until the underlying issues are resolved. The escalating energies are emphasizing emotional imbalances and some people lose the ability to find other ways to resolve their pain and despair. Send Love to those who died or were wounded, and to their loved ones, for certain, but also find it in your heart to Send Love to the confused, despairing perpetrator, who truly knows not what he’s done. Send Love and see everyone involved in the situation receiving the comfort and aid that they need.
Better yet, make a habit of Sending Love out into the world to all those who are feeling unbalanced by the challenging energies coming to the planet, to all those who feel frustrated, angry, resentful, and despairing. Send Love to all those who might feel drawn to act out in violent ways and request/envision them receiving the help that they need in order to better their lives and avoid such actions.
Are you hearing of millions of people fleeing war-torn areas and seeking asylum or safe passage to create a new, better life? Send Love and request/envision them all finding safe harbor and new, loving homes where they are safe and can make their way in the world.
Better yet, open your hearts in compassion, sign petitions, join together and send aid, or open your own home to your brothers and sisters, who only want for themselves and their families what you want.
Know in your heart that there is plenty on this beautiful planet to go around, and that there is no need to take from the mouth of another in order to eat. The notion of lack and “not enough” is, quite simply, an illusion, yet another Belief System (BS) invented to control us.
In addition to responding to dramatic or catastrophic events, Empowered Humans can also work pro-actively to help create a better world. Look around at what is happening in the world and recognize where you might be of help.
James Twyman recently organized a world-wide meditation for peace in Syria. During the meditation period the fighting “miraculously” stopped, and 10 days later a peace accord was signed. When people around the world join together and focus their attention, intent, and love on a situation, that situation changes!!
Why not take time once a month, once a week, or once a day to send love to those who are struggling around the world, those living in war-torn areas, those living in poverty, those living in hopelessness and despair, those who are being abused in any way, or those who are living with physical challenges? Why not send love to the elected leaders of every country to assist with making laws and decisions for the good of all? Why not send love to the voters of the United States as they decide which candidate to support, and as they decide whether to actually use their power and vote or not? 
Sending love is a powerful force and a powerful tool. It releases the outcome, because sending love does not impose your will or dictate the result, and it leaves the outcome to God/The Universe/All That Is for the good of all.
And never forget the exhortions of Jesus to “love your enemy.” Perhaps he knew that Love is the most powerful “weapon” of all, the most powerful way to disarm an enemy?
Violence only creates more violence. Love creates more love. By sending love to all those perpetrators of horrendous actions, all those who make war, all of those dishonest politicians, those predatory bankers and corporations, and those we perceive to have harmed us in any way, we assist the Love deep inside them to strengthen and rise to their attention, perhaps assisting them to “see the Light” and make better choices?!
Is it Spiritual to be an Activist? Or Better to Stay
"Above the Fray"??
(This article is reprinted from the Summer 2015 issue of Tunnel Vision.)
A funny thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I saw something in the news that totally outraged my sense of justice, and I posted about it on Facebook. I generally do not post about political issues, but this was about proposed legislation that, in my view, seemed to be legalizing bigotry and discrimination. Worse, it did so in the name of religion. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me about anything, and I really don’t try to convince or convert anyone. I merely express my opinion.
I was surprised and fascinated when a couple of people commented that they were "disappointed" that I would comment on something political, because I have had an NDE; I generally try to present spiritual, uplifting, and positive messages; and I am apparently supposed to "take the high road," and not stoop to being involved in political discourse.
Obviously, they disagreed with the comments I made—I hit one of their buttons—and they wanted me to butt out and return to my "place"!
One of the gifts of having an NDE, and any enlightening spiritual experience, is being able to see the bigger picture, to take a wider and more long-term view of things. It’s a two-edged sword, because we can then see the chasm between humanity’s potential and what is actually manifesting on the ground. We can see this in individuals, groups/organizations, and the world at large.
Seeing the bigger picture while operating out in the 3-dimensional world can be difficult and heartbreaking and, yes, it inclines many of us to withdraw from the fray, focus our attention on that bigger, higher view, and "dwell" in the good, rather than focusing on the bad (which are all judgments anyway, of course). It can incline us to become hermits, turning away from this life that we agreed to live on this planet we chose.
There was a time when spiritual people lived in caves or temples or monasteries, far away from everyday life and everyday humans, so they could focus all their attention on spiritual growth and be shielded from painful lower vibrations and vicious human actions. That was then, and this is now.
The goal now is to bring the spiritual into everyday life, to integrate the spiritual into ourselves and to live our spirituality, to live as an awakened and enlightened human to the extent possible.
As a result, I believe that one of the most spiritual things we can do (in addition to loving, laughing, and helping each other!) is to stand up for what we perceive is right, and speak out against injustice when we see it. And we can do this on the personal level—in our homes, our jobs, and our communities—and on the national or global level. It often takes moral courage to stand up and speak out, to risk ridicule and retaliation, especially when speaking out against the actions of authority figures or any other kind of bully.
We had a saying in the 60s that still applies today: "If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem."
Instead of Spiritual Activism, I often see people living in such fear that they observe or experience repeated injustice and abuse—particularly in the work place—and remain silent. Or worse, they collaborate and inform on those who have not yet sold out, in order to protect themselves or gain favor. They live in fear, telling themselves to not make waves and not call attention to themselves, to go along to get along. And all the while, they moan and complain about injustice, blaming it on others and feeling self-righteous in their victimhood and feelings of powerlessness.
Worse, some people wrap themselves up in spiritual self-superiority and distance themselves from others, claiming that if "those people" did their spiritual work and raised their vibration enough, they would not experience those injustices. They use Spirituality as their justification to do nothing to help their fellow beings or create a better world.
To me, that is the New Age cop-out ("not my job, not my aisle"), blaming individuals for all their own suffering. It is the same attitude taken by the barons toward the serfs (or the 1% toward the 99%). On a higher, soul level, perhaps that is true, as souls choose the conditions and major events they will experience in a life. But we each agreed to live our lives in human form at this time, on this planet, in these conditions. We each agreed to come and make a contribution; to make a difference. If we see the need for a "clean-up on Aisle 9," as responsible spiritual adults, it’s up to us to get the mop and go at it! Perhaps the person next to us agreed to experience a tragedy to allow us the opportunity to do the right thing and help someone?
If we deplore what is happening out in the world, we must follow our conscience and speak out about it. Many of us call ourselves Light Workers, and one of our most important roles is to summon our courage and shine that Light on situations that are abusive and unjust, and to take action.
Granted, it is not helpful to become mired, lost, and despairing in the negative, or to feed negativity with constant emotional focus. But taking action to make things better—for those undergoing a tragedy or ongoing suffering—is the work of the Light. After all, we’re here to create Heaven on Earth, and sitting in our spiritual ivory towers waiting for others—or God—to make it all better won’t work!!
If you find yourself upset about injustices in the world, stand up, speak out, and find a way to contribute to the solution. If you can't solve the particular problem, find a problem you can solve and a person you can help!
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
~ Edmund Burke 
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