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All of us at Brian Fireman Design wish you a thriving New Year!  We appreciate your patronage and look forward to wowing you in the months to come.
Under New Management
We are thrilled to announce the newest member of our team; Oswald S. Fireman.  Fondly called “Ozzy” by the staff, he is the latest edition to Brian Fireman Design.  Oswald has taken to the office quickly and runs operations with an iron paw.  He commands attention and demands only the best from his team.  When he’s not busy chewing away at important paperwork, he can be found daydreaming in a warm patch of sunlight…no doubt dreaming up the next big thing in furniture design.  (In case you were curious what the S. stands for it really depends on the moment…snuggly, suspicious, sneaky, sleepy, sly, savage, insert other “s” adjective here.  He’s a man of many modes.)
Reverse Engineering
“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” ~ Dorothy Parker ~
Creating a piece of furniture is not so far removed from say, baking a cake.  Many ingredients are combined to achieve something appealing.  Unlike baking a cake though, the intricacies of building say, a Swallowtail chair involves orchestration on a level akin to a well-planned symphony.  Slight miscalculations or imperfections are the difference between a work of art and a heap of wasted, costly firewood.  Reverse engineering a piece so that it is completed perfection, on a deadline no less, is no small undertaking.  As production begins for our art exhibition at The Bascom in Highlands North Carolina, we invite you to take a glimpse of our process from the seed of an idea to the finished product:
As any creative can attest, ideas come at us from all directions.  Sometimes you are struck by an idea and other times it starts with putting pencil to paper and working until you are satisfied. Regardless of the way an idea comes to you, the practicality of sketching and plotting are always the next step.
From paper to template, attention to detail must be heeded in this step so as to leave no room for error.  The mantra measure twice, cut once is no exaggeration!
If you liked jigsaw puzzles or Legos as a child then the next step is for you!
Sanding and grinding, though a grin and bear it task, takes a bulky, rough block of wood and contours it into a sexy, sleek ensemble.
Like a woman getting ready to step foot into the public, the piece gets the finishing touches put on.  Liming, waxing, staining, and finishing all take place during this step.
When all the elements culminate as planned (or when all the stars align *crosses fingers*), the end result is promisingly a piece of furniture to be treasured a lifetime.
Join us again next month via newsletter and daily on social media for the furniture 411 as we continue our journey to The Bascom and work on other custom projects.
Health and prosperity ahead ~ Brian Fireman Design 828-721-6660

Brian Fireman  •  205-B Lexington Rd.  •  Landrum, SC 29356

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