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Citizens Against Harmful Technology            Newsletter          January 24, 2016

Help yourself by helping others. Become a volunteer activist.
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Sunday Conference Call
Talkshoe Phone Number: (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 139744 #, Pin 1#, Moderator:  Neal Chevrier
Time: Sundays at 8:30 pm EST/7:30 pm Central/6:30 pm Mountain/5:30 Pacific.
You can log into: to join the chat room & listen through your computer speakers. Use *8 on your phone to request to be unmuted to share or ask a question on the call. Use *6 to mute yourself (& unmute yourself).
General Discussion: Harmful technology, Electronic Harassment, Organized Stalking & Protection.
Please join us and share your experiences with us. CAHT encourages everyone to connect with their fellow TI's. Share with us any articles on technology that may be misused on Tis, including behavioral or social research. We gather information constantly to bring the most up-to-date technology to light in order to remove the mystery of targeting. Please email Neal at if you have problems with the donate button.

CAHT offers free consultations to members, a free Handbook for Targeted Individuals, and affidavits regarding healthcare and the weekly newsletter. Membership is $30.00 per year for an individual and $100 for companies. However, donations are welcome in any amount to keep the group growing. Please go to our website to get a membership.

Linqstat Has Arrived for Radio Frequency Protection
Send an email to Neal Chevrier at for Linqstat orders.
 Those who have requested some will be contacted if they don't place their order through PayPal or debit/credit cards at our donate button on our website. Linqstat comes from Canada and the U.S. is facing hardship in the near future. We may not be able to order more the way things are going. This is a very high quality of RF shielding material only made in Canada. Take advantage of this opportunity while you still can. We are here to help you to help yourself.
LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number:  LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series 
We have 3 packages available:
1. 24' ft for $ 80.00 ( To make a hat, vest & over under blanket for where you sleep ).
2.  12' ft for $ 50.00 ( To make an 8 layer hat & 2 layer vest ).
3.  6' ft for $ 30.00 ( To make an 8 layer hat ).
(With shipping, tracking & insurance included in the price).
Neal's Cost Effective Enclosure for You
I built this enclosure for testing shielding materials on top of a waterbed frame with a door opening at the base of the bed. It is constructed with 2"x2"s and put together with 1/2" wooden dowels and wood glue so there's no metal in the frame. I didn't want screws or nails to affect the consistency of the frame so I could guaranty no disruptive properties for the experiment.
The first layer I put on the inside is Linqstat and lined the base of the waterbed with it too. By using a variety of layers you can reduce the harmful affects of different delivery systems. You can buy 4'x8'Poyurethane foam insulation sheets with a layer of Aluminum on one side at Home Depot or Lowes. It comes in a variety of thickness. The Aluminum side faces out away from the bed and should be touching at all the corners and edges.
As one of your layers, you can use carbon loaded butyl rubber backed like Dynamat or Xtreme Rattle Trap (sound proofing material). Air in between layers provides some dielectric protection. There are reports that Fiberglass welding blankets from Harbor Freight will help reduce some delivery systems but you don't want to breathe any fiberglass particles or leave them exposed. Do not coat as the fiberglass will get brittle & deposit harmful fibers in the air. Linqstat can be laminated together by heating the edges together with a layer of paper put over it using an iron on medium low. This is tricky but seals in 1 to 4 seconds. it will hold 160lb psi so it is air tight.  There are reports of Teflon being used to block radar. Stainless steel mesh & copper mesh will block Some Rf based frequencies. There will be more info on layers & there efficiency in a future newsletter. Best of Luck To You.
In This Issue
Sunday Conference Call
Linqstat Has Arrived for Radio Frequency Protection
Neal's Cost Effective Enclosure for You
Editorial:  Cyberbullying
Technology:  GPS Vehicle Surveillance Tracking
Targeted Individual Testimony
Article Review:  Directed Energy Applications Across Land, Air and Sea
Book Review:How to Deal With and Defeat Gang Stalkers
Website Review: Humane Society of the US
The Environment:  How does Fracking affect the Environment?
Morgellons:  How to Avoid the Diagnosis of Delusion of Parasitosis
Morgellons Video
Dr.Nick Begich Interview on Vinny Eastwood Show:Technological Control Grid Prevents People From Thinking
Editorial:  Cyberbullying
Zero tolerance is the only way to truly eradicate bullying. Bullying is a learned behavior. Bullying is an attempt to gain superiority or control over another. Due to immature social skills, bullies tend to view threats where there are none and identify other people as hostile when they are not, making snap judgments that create conflict. Due to lack of compassion and empathy, bullies have difficulty understanding how others feel and they are unable to accurately decode situations in which other people are actually attempting to show empathy toward them.
1. Strained parental relationships.  Parents of bullies tend to be highly competitive and place unreasonable demands on their children to be superior to other kids. They teach their children to compete at all costs, and to win by whatever means. These parents often have prejudices based on race, sex, wealth, and achievements.
2.  Inconsistent discipline.  Parents have difficulty setting limits, enforcing rules or holding children accountable for their behavior.
3. Poor academic performance.  People bully in response to stress. They may lose hope and seek “revenge” on higher achieving people.
4. Unsupportive peer networks.  People who are isolated and feel disliked or unsupported turn to bullying to gain some social control.
5. Child abuse.  Children who are physically abused by their parents may develop anxiety, depression, and drug & alcohol problems and will probably abuse their own kids later in life. Abuse is cyclical.
6.  Victims of bullies.  Many bullies have actually been victims of bullies, and relying on learned behaviors, use bullying behaviors to try to gain superiority and control so that they will no longer be victimized.
7. Low self-esteem.  Bullies tend to struggle with self-esteem. They struggle to fit in, often ridiculed by their own parents and/or siblings.
Technology:  GPS Vehicle Surveillance Tracking
GPS tracking is one of the most interesting technological advances of our time. The United States' Global Positioning System (GPS) consists of up to 32 medium Earth orbit satellites in six different orbital planes, with the exact number of satellites varying as older satellites are retired and replaced. Operational since 1978 and globally available since 1994, GPS is currently the world's most utilized satellite navigation system.

GPS tracking began as a project especially for the United States military. In the 1980s, the system was being developed so that the military would have better capabilities on the ground to keep on target. It could also be used to help find lost soldiers and to more quickly locate the wounded.

Even though civilians could use GPS tracking in the late 1980s and 1990s, it was not the same system that the military used. In the year 2000, President Bill Clinton ordered the military to stop scrambling its GPS tracking signals so that anyone with the right equipment could have access to the military’s system. This allowed anyone, individuals and businesses, to make use of the extremely accurate military system.
New GPS System is Hack-Proof

The GPS Rival Systems made by defense company BAE Systems is able to use hundreds of different TV, Wi-Fi, or cell phone signals to triangulate the location of a person or vehicle, and can also learn from previously unidentified signals. This technology protects drones from both jamming and GPS "spoofing" that uses bogus signals to hack and take control of drones or other robots. Self-driving robot cars, trucks, ships and airplanes that use GPS could benefit from having a jam-proof, reliable form of navigation also.
Scavenging signals from the air also allows BAE's Navigation via Signals of Opportunity (NAVSOP) system to work indoors or deep underground — places where GPS has traditionally failed because satellite signals can't reach. NAVSOP can work in remote locations such as the deep jungle, the arctic, mines and caves.
Targeted Individual Testimony
I've been sleep deprived since 2012 and suffer attacks from drones & neighbors, also. There's no escape from it at present. These lowly souls will surely reap what they sow. The network goes from street-level to the highest ranks of military intelligence and their cowardly workers showed themselves to me intentionally when the targeting became overt. After their many attempts on my life failed, I was followed with military jets & drones all day everyday & night & I'm still attacked in every house I visit as they had perps in every single neighboring house, and some if not the closest people in my life were part of it.
Their aim of causing sufficient physical, psychological and spiritual suffering is to make you feel so traumatized & desperate they expected me to take my own life, which I will never do, but years previously they succeeded against friends of mine, who were innocent honest people which is one requirement. They mainly target the innocent, & their main goal is hell on earth by eradicating all honest truthful people, which they have obviously done in the military and politics.
Their very existence requires that they try to extinguish all forms of light and truth, they know our potential for spreading light in the darkness and they corrupt all aspects of society right-down to the individual, but those of us they can't break or turn from truth, they use every bit of knowledge and technology they have to attack & destroy our inner-light & everything we have done that benefits humanity, every single limb of the 'beast machine system' against a single individual. We have to carry the weight for those who are asleep to reality. Stay strong. --Anonymous Targeted Individual
Article Review:  Directed Energy Applications Across Land, Air and Sea
Archimedes' Death Ray - Giulio Parigi (C. 1600)
This illustration shows how the artist thought Archimedes' mirror focusing the sun's energy might work to burn up an enemy ship. However, this was painted 800 years after Archimedes died and although it is plausible with a shaped lens, a planar mirror, as shown is unable to focus, or concentrate the sun's rays on a small target sufficient to ignite a fire on the wooden ship. The rays are shown as diverging which makes them even less likely to start a fire. The size of the mirror is insufficient to capture and reflect enough of the sun's rays to start a fire.
Men have been wanting to burn or blow each other up from the beginning of time, so it is no surprise that with new technology, they have discovered more ways of doing so. Although non-lethal technology can be non-lethal, the same weapons can be lethal, depending on the amount of energy and the time it is focused on its target. Leading Edge, Volume 7, Issue No. 4, Directed Energy Applications Across Air, Land and Sea, Challenges and Solutions for the 21st Century
Book Review:
How to Deal With and Defeat Gang Stalkers
Targeted Individual
by Chomi Prag
Chomi Prag is an attorney and author and is currently the focus of gang stalking and covert surveillance. They attempted to stop her from publishing this book by deleting it from her computer. Multiple perpetrators are involved. Read her personal story about the court system and how it, as as well as some police, can be just as crooked as the gang stalkers. She and her editor provide you with guidance, support and advice and ultimately get you ready to go to court against your attackers.
Website Review: Humane Society of the US
Undercover Investigation Reveals Cruelty to Chimps at Research Lab
An undercover investigation by The Humane Society of the United States revealed routine and unlawful mistreatment of hundreds of chimpanzees and other primates at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana.
In 2007, the Oregon Primate Center received $33 million in government grants to carry out animal experiments. The estimated expense of simply maintaining one chimpanzee in a laboratory is $60 per day. They are subjected to psychological stress which results in rectal prolapse, self-mutilation and psychosis. Some animals are operated on while awak with no anesthesia. Some have lived 50 yrs in a cage.
The Environment:  How does Fracking affect the Environment?
Fracking is a technique that releases natural gas from shale by breaking the rock up with a high-pressure blend of water, sand and other chemicals. Shale development has affected mostly rural and natural areas. A single gas well results in the clearance of 3.7 to 7.6 acres of vegetation, and each well contributes to a collective mass of air, water, noise and light pollution that can interfere with wild animal health, habitats and reproduction on contiguous land. If you look down on a heavily 'fracked' landscape, you see a web of well pads, access roads and pipelines that create islands out of what was natural habitat.
24 American states have active shale-gas reservoirs but only five- Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Texas—maintain public records of spills and accidents so quantifiable evidence of how the natural world responds to shale-gas operations is not available. A major impediment to research has been the lack of accessible and reliable information on spills, wastewater disposal and the composition of fracturing fluids. GoodnightEarth
 Why worry?
Fracking fluid is a toxic brew that consists of multiple chemicals. Typically, 5 to 10 chemicals are used in a single frack job, but a well can be fracked multiple times, and each gas play consists of tens to hundreds of thousands of wells - driving up the number of chemicals ultimately used. Studies of fracking waste have identified formaldehyde, acetic acids, and boric acids. For each frack, 80-300 tons of chemicals may be used, selected from a menu of up to 600 different chemicals. Though the composition of most fracking chemicals remains protected from disclosure through various "trade secret" exemptions under state or federal law, scientists analyzing fracked fluid have identified volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene, all of which pose significant dangers to human health. Industry experts say it's misleading to suggest 600+ chemicals are used in a fracking operation since only a small percentage of this number of chemicals is used per well. But this "one-well" model is the biggest misrepresentation of all: fracking operations in a gas play typically consist of thousands of wells. Cumulative impacts matter.
Morgellons:  How to Avoid the Diagnosis of Delusion of Parasitosis
A great injustice continues in the practice of medicine toward those who have the disease called the fiber disease or Morgellons. Mary Leitao, founder of the Morgellons Research Foundation, first used this name because of its similarity to a description of a children’s disease in 17th Century France, but the name of disease has not been publicly announced. However, there is a package marked hazardous discovered on the internet with a label "MORG" which describes the contents for aerosol dispersal. The labels says "Aerosol Med Exp."
1.  Your health care provider may have never heard of Morgellons disease. A search of the medical literature will not provide the information one normally expects to find when trying to learn about a new disease. They will also have been approached and indoctrinated to treat you in a negative way. People who are performing surveillance on you have listened to your phone call making an appointment and will have called the doctor and informed them you are to be targeted in their office. 

2.  Your family practitioner or internist is more likely to be open-minded and pay attention to odd, unusual symptoms you report than a dermatologist. If you have a history with your private physician, you are more likely to be heard and to receive appropriate medical care than if you consult a medical practitioner you’ve never seen before! A bizarre story is less likely to be dismissed as the “ranting of a nut-case”.
3.  Do NOT describe in great detail those things you’ve observed in and on your skin. In this particular situation, going into great detail can cause your doctor to jump to conclusions about your mental health. DO NOT present specimen you have pulled from your skin. Describe the symptoms such as biting sensation, itching, burning, stinging, warmth, and the vague sensation of a foreign body present in the skin under the crust and let the doctor make a diagnosis based on symptoms.
4.  “Pick” your skin lesions as little as possible!  Scratching them enlarges the wound and interferes with the healing process. The need to look at and manipulate the skin lesions is obsessive-compulsive at times. The skin lesions do not heal in a normal manner and often spontaneously open, ooze, and scab over. Sometimes this will occur as a result of unconscious scratching, but lesions do open without any mechanical trauma and without even being touched.

5.  Try to be as calm and composed as possible during visits to your doctor.  There seem to be several stages patients experience after becoming infected with Morgellons. Most patients initially experience brain fog or confusion, anxiety, and a degree of desperation while trying to treat themselves. The emotional upset often causes agitation and may progress to a full-blown panic attack.

If you show up at your local Emergency Room or walk-in medical clinic in an agitated state and accurately report what you see happening to your body—you are likely to get several days of ‘adult time-out’ in the local psychiatry unit. If you make any comments about your stress level such as, “I just can’t take it anymore,” or “This has become unbearable”, it is likely you will be assumed to be suicidal and may result in a mental health exam.
The “President’s Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry”, appointed by President Bill Clinton, published it’s 1998 report in the "Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities”. It states that “consumers have the right to considerate, respectful care from all members of the health care system at all times and under all circumstances.” This report discusses the importance of mutual respect in the doctor/patient relationship. It also discusses the responsibilities each of us has as a patient.

Morgellons Video
Morgellons, Hormones, Genetics, Monsanto and Biocrimes 
Important in this video:  Agrobacterium transferred DNA Complexes in genetic weapons, food, water and air
Dr.Nick Begich Interview on Vinny Eastwood Show:
Technological Control Grid Prevents People From Thinking
The truth is being exposed from many sources. Do you notice how many people are obsessed with their Smart Phones ? It's not smart at all. It's a control interface network to every human Brain.
The information provided on this web site and those it links to, including embedded videos and other content from other web sites, is for educational purposes only. The information and products made available through this web site are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnose, treat, or cure any health conditions, or be construed as a therapeutic recommendation or prescription for any disease or symptom. The US Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated products or statements about specific products, health topics, or any suggested methods presented. Viewers should not attempt self-diagnosis or self-treatment of any kind, and should not discontinue any medication or therapy or make any health-related decisions without the advice of a licensed medical physician. You should consult with a physician or healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, or supplementation program, before taking any medication or nutritional supplement, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. Each person is different, and the way you react to a particular product may be significantly different from the way other people react to such product. You should consult your physician or healthcare professional regarding any potential adverse interactions between medication you are currently taking and nutritional supplements before taking any such supplements. Citizens Against Harmful Technology disclaim any liability, loss, or risk incurred, directly or indirectly, as a result of the use and application of the contents of this site. If you are unwilling to be bound by this disclaimer, you should not view this site or newsletter.

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