January Joy
Jan 24th 2016 Amy turned 1 year ... young!!

Anastasia threw a party for her. She put so much effort into it. And so many things were done by hand.
I would say it was quite an artisanal approach!
January 24th 
In the picture - Amelia doesn't understand what all these
people are doing here
(she was woken up
5 min ago)

One of the games was - What would Amy choose?

and Games
And she proved to be her Daddy's girl - she picked a Star Wars toy.

There were several stands with pictures: 12 months of Amy's
first year;  her various facial expressions, and others. 
Bday cake 
The cake was ordered and created by a talented cake artist Svetlana Nisterenko.
Amy liked the small delicate butterflies on it. 
Amazing cookies
These amazing cookies (and several other types) were made by Brad's mom. Yummy!! 

One Year
"I can't believe I am one year ...old!"

Balloons, balloons, balloons !!!
There were many various decorations.
These two-color garlands were made by hand.
Amelia 1 year
Cake Kievskiy!! made by Svetlana N. 
Click on image to go to S.N. website
Aqua and Pink
As you can see, the colours of the event were pink and  aqua.
January Joy
Happy Birthday, little Amy!
Be happy!

Artisaknity  •  33 Harbour Sq.  •  Toronto, ON M5J2G2


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