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Valentine's Day
This project was done on St. Valentine's Day - the only day this winter when we had -24(felt like -34!)

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Almost gone with the wind ...
I made the ornaments - snowflakes - first, not having any particular idea
of where they could be applied.
The year of 2011 was pretty snowy. Click on image for 'Snow, hello!' newsletter
Just like that!
After giving it some thinking, I just decided to jazz up ... my jean jacket!
Lots of snow stuff and my daughters as models - here: click on image
It was still light enough for the photo session, and Anna as usual agreed to model. We bundled up and faced the frost. It was freezing cold.
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The next day was spring again! A warm enough day to wear this

More knits on the bench -
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The pink snowflake detail looks fantastic on denim.

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February Fantasies 
New Model
This snow-buddy didn't mind trying the jacket on (even though I could not provide a runway for him), (well ...  he could not run away anyways :-)

Click on image to see another knits-related snow-buddy
Where did the snow go?
The next day, there was no snow at all. And no snow-buddy- melted away :-(

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Take a Walk
Happy walking
and knitting
in February!

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