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Winter Tranquility
The first big snow storm of the season blew in last week.  It also was most likely the last, given our location at the foothills of the Appalachians.  The storm caused operations to grind to a halt in the studio with a power outage that also fried our Internet connection. The opportunity was used to unwind a bit, but also to brainstorm and bring focus to the business, reflecting on where we’ve been and how we see ourselves growing in the future.
Let's Get Cracking!
With new juice flowing both literally and figuratively we jumped back into the work of bringing new pieces to life.  Meanwhile, new life was emerging from their shells right here in the studio despite the frigid conditions.  For those who aren’t aware, we raise a small flock of heritage breed chickens.  The eggs were set in early January and we had a great hatch of itty biddies!  Jump on our Instagram account for cute shots of our hen’s antics around the studio.
Karnali Inspiration
 Do you remember this ad for Maxell cassette tapes?
Growing up with a massive collection of prized cassette tapes, Brian spent much time creating mix tapes and loved the image that the Maxell ad portrayed.  Emboldened to recreate this same feeling of ease and comfort, he sought to build a chair that was low to the ground with comfortable upholstery on the seat and back. A chair to kick back in…
Although one might feel at ease while relaxing in the Karnali, it is one of our most complex designs to construct.  Much like putting together a jig-saw puzzle, the Karnali contains 22 separate pieces of wood and a total of 9 steps in glueing up the chair, not including any of the added upholstery work!  
As for the name, inspiration came from the majestic Karnali River in Nepal.  In the early 1990's, Brian spent three weeks on a pioneering kayak expedition through the river's upper canyons.  The Karnali flows off of Mt. Kailash, a 21,778 foot peak.  Regarded by many sects of Hinduism as Paradise, this mountain represents the ultimate destination of souls and the spiritual center of the world.  Very remote and difficult to reach, the trek to the put-in took three days with over 30 Nepalese porters helping to carry two rafts, three kayaks, and food for the expedition.  The river and majestic mountain still hold a special place in his memory!
We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the inspiration behind the Karnali lounge chair.  This design, along with some new work, will be on display at our upcoming exhibition at The Bascom in Highlands, NC this upcoming July 2 - August 27.  We look forward to connecting with you again very soon.  Stay warm! 828-721-6660

Brian Fireman  •  205-B Lexington Rd.  •  Landrum, SC 29356

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