The Ultimate Insult
Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
We recently received the ultimate insult, the grand put-down, a construction of ridicule at its finest. The comment was disguised as caring advice and delivered unsolicited from a mutual friend.
Both Thomas and I were a bit stunned by the blunt and sarcastic delivery of what was intended to feed us forward to better days and increased financial success.
We decided not to take it personally.
We decided not to take offense.
We decided the comment revealed more about the sender than it did about the receivers.
We decided to ignore it.
Before we tell you about this caustic insult that we experienced we want to fill you in on the precipitating incident. Many of you know we co-authored The Teacher Talk Advantage: Five Voices of Effective Teaching. We also train education personnel in the important and practical verbal skills that are contained within it. We even have a 3-day summer training of trainers that covers this valuable material and teaches trainers how to go back to their school and spread these valuable skills to give other educators these important advantages.
What you might not know is that we also created the Teacher Talk Advantage Super Site (a website) for serious Teacher Talk practitioners. This Pay Site included articles, tips, videos, audios, research and much more to help educators using the Teacher Talk skills become even more skilled and have an ever greater advantage when working with their students. It cost $59.95 for a one year subscription. Subscribers regularly renewed their subscription when it came due.
So what’s the problem you may be wondering? What is the big insult and why was it delivered? Not so quick. There is more to the story.
Another decision that moved us closer to the grand criticism was a decision to end the existence of the Teacher Talk Advantage pay site. No, we didn’t end the site. We ONLY ended the pay part. We decided to give it away for free!
That site now has:
40 articles never before published. FREE.
29 video instructions. FREE.
38 audio reactions. FREE
499 Teacher Talk Quick Tips. FREE.
Research Data, FREE
Forms to use. FREE.
Coupons for discounts on books, seminars and training of trainers. NO CHARGE
A place to find support, ask questions, get answers, and become increasingly skilled art becoming the teacher you really want to be….PRICELESS.
Yes, The Teacher Talk Advantage web site is now free. Totally.
So why the insult?
The ultimate insult? Get ready. Here it comes.
We were counseled against giving away our ideas, skills and expertise for free. Indeed, we were scolded by a close friend who told us we were becoming the “Mother Teresa of the Internet.” The words Mother Teresa were delivered with a snarl and more than a hint of sarcasm. Our friend went on to explain that not only did we need to charge money for our services, but that we also should charge more. And she repeated the insult one more time in the form of a question, “Who are you guys trying to become, the Mother Teresa of the Internet?”
Later, Thomas and I laughed about this insult. Look, if you’re going to insult us you better come up with someone other than Mother Teresa. We both consider it a compliment to be lumped into the same sentence with her. So forget that.
We do hear what we think she was trying to tell us about money, that our expertise and services are valuable. We know that.
We both charge for our services. We don’t give them away. Thomas charges patients who see him in his professional practice. We both charge for seminars and workshops. They are fairly priced in a way that we receive remuneration and educators and parents can afford to attend and improve their skills of working with children. Our books and other materials are also fairly priced. We don’t give them away either. We price them so the ideas contained within can get out into the universe in more hands and hearts making positive changes in the world. And we get compensated.
Yes, we are creating the Teacher talk Advantage web site for free. We are of a belief that what you give away returns to you one way or another. The energy invested in that site will go out into the universe. It will attach to like-energy and come back to us from some unexpected source. It might be in the form of money. It might not. We don’t care.
We love Mother Teresa. And we love helping educators and parents raise responsible, caring, conscious children. So back off with the insults already.
In the meantime and from now on the Teacher Talk Advantage web site is free and available for your use. Check it out at Share with your circle. And watch for regular announcements telling when new things are posted.
Chick and Thomas
The Mother Teresas of the Internet.
Chick Moorman
Thomas Haller

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