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Citizens Against Harmful Technology            Newsletter          February 1, 2016

Help yourself by helping others. Become a volunteer activist.
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Sunday Conference Call

Talkshoe Phone Number: (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 139744 #, Pin 1#, Moderator: Neal Chevrier
Time: Sundays at 8:30 pm EST/7:30 pm Central/6:30 pm Mountain/5:30 Pacific.
You can log into: to join the chat room & listen through your computer speakers. Use *8 on your phone to request to be unmuted to share or ask a question on the call. Use *6 to mute yourself (& unmute yourself).

General Discussion: Harmful technology, Electronic Harassment, Organized Stalking & Protection. Please join us and share your experiences with us. Share with us any articles on technology that may be misused on Tis, including behavioral or social research. We gather information constantly to bring the most up-to-date technology to light in order to remove the mystery of targeting.

You can donate any amount you like here and specify if the amount is for a Membership which is $30.00 per year. Please email if you have problems with the donate button. You can also obtain a membership on our website at

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In This Issue
Sunday Conference Call
Linqstat Has Arrived: Radio Frequency Protection
Article Review:  Neurotechnologies as weapons in national intelligence and defense – An overview
Will these 15 new technologies change your world?
The Crazy World We Live In
Darpa Opportunity:Neural Engineering System Design
Book Review:  Archangels of Dreamland (Area 51)
PRISM and UPstream Discussions Take Place in Secret
Morgellons:  A chemical and Light Microscopic Study
Morgellons Video:  Fibers
Targeted Individual Testimony
The Environment:  Sea Level Rise, Collapsing Coastlines
Video Review:  Death of LaVoy Finicum
Article Review:  Neurotechnologies as weapons in national intelligence and defense – An overview
Advances in neuroscience and neurotechnology have necessitated discussions on the ways that such developments could be used as weapons in contexts of national security, intelligence, and defense. This paper defines the concept of neuroweapons, and elucidates operational issues associated with their use to aid informational and strategic intelligence, such as brain-machine interfaces to improve efficiency in data analysis. As well, exploration of neuropharmacologic, neuromicrobiological, and neurotoxic agents are discussed relevant to their utility in combat scenarios. The limitations of emerging neurotechnologies as weapons are addressed, as both regards practical and operational frameworks, and implications relevant to formulation of ethico-legal guidelines and governance of research, development and potential use.
Will these 15 new technologies change your world?
Neural Network Computing

Neural network computing will lead to improvements in computer vision and analysis, such as detecting emotions and moods, which may have safety and security applications. Proactive software agents: Software applications with the capacity of discerning and predicting likely future needs use hundreds of thousands of processor cores programmed to algorithmically determine the content of a given image and has the capacity to successfully understand the photo of, for example, a cat, based on thousands of cat pictures.

Emotion tracking: Using sensors, computer vision and algorithms to correctly identify the likely emotions displayed by individuals in a crowd. Useful in airports and other high-risk facilities.

Predictive group sentiment analysis: Predicting the likely behavior of large groups of people based on sociometric input variables like social tension, weather variation, pedestrian flows and degree of agitation is becoming increasingly possible.
Predictive crime prevention: The use of sociometric sensors coupled with neural networked computers to statistically determine the probability of crime (or other anti-social behavior) taking place before it happens.

Extended Cognition

Extended cognition involves more direct connection to people's brains, allowing mood, thought patterns and information to be altered in the brain. Neural biofeedback uses real-time EEG or fMRI to illustrate brain activity, often with a goal of controlling the central nervous actions.

Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers:

A relatively new concept in the field of ultrasonic transducers where the energy transduction is due to change in capacitance. Can be used to remotely improve alertness, awareness in soldiers, etc.

Next-generation neuropharmacology: Both behavioral and molecular neuropharmacology are benefiting from rapidly accelerating change. With an increase in technology and improved understanding of the nervous system, the development of drugs will continue to rise with an increase in drug sensitivity and specificity. (Such as neuropharmacological enhancements that work better than caffeine).

Neuroprosthetics: Neural devices capable of substituting motor, sensory or cognitive modalities that might have been damaged as a result of an injury or a disease. Applications include neural enhancements, advanced cognitive features and extended physiological senses.

Neural Interfaces
Neural interfaces get information out of people's brains more efficiently, ultimately allowing a machine-enabled form of telepathy.

EEG brain-to-computer interfaces: Electroencephalography remains the most feasible practice of executing and implementing brain to brain interfaces. It represents the best temporal-resolution tool for getting a picture of the brain in action, is portable, non-invasive and extremely affordable compared to other methods.

High-resolution fMRI: The next generation of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging involves increasing the spatial and temporal resolution of the imagery. We are likely to see a 14-tesla machines becoming common (as opposed to today's 3-tesla).

Transcranial magnetic stimulation: TMS is a noninvasive method to cause depolarization or hyperpolarization in the neurons of the brain using electromagnetic induction to induce weak electric currents using a rapidly changing magnetic field. This can cause activity in specific or general parts of the brain with minimal discomfort, allowing the functioning and interconnections of the brain to be studied.

Optogenetic implants in humans: The combination of genetic and optical methods to control specific events in targeted cells of living tissue, even within freely moving mammals and other animals, with the temporal precision (millisecond timescale) needed to keep pace with functioning intact biological systems.

Next-generation brain-to-computer interfaces: Hypothetical interfaces to be used for assisting, augmenting, or repairing human cognitive or sensory-motor functions and communicate thoughts and intentions to the Internet.

Brain-to-brain interfaces: The hypothetical implementation of brain interfaces that translate thoughts, sensations or impulses into digital signal, converting the data back into the recipient's brain to enable a certain response from both ends. Loosely interpreted as telepathy, brain interfaces would be able to transmit information from one person to another without any mediation other than the internet, allowing the brain on the receiving end to perform behavioral tasks without training.

The Crazy World We Live In
Because we are living in such crazy times, we have to come to understand crazy technologies. In a world where frequencies can be sent and received without a person knowing their being effected by it, and the realization that everything in this world has a frequency, we are vulnerable to being manipulated in many ways when these capabilities fall into the wrong hands. They have.

It was said by V.I.Vernadsky (1863-1945), that he who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world. Take note of the time period this was realized in. He saw this potential more than 70 years ago.
With my background in using frequencies from a Rife machine to get rid of disease causing pathogens and many hours of conference calls with techs and engineers to study all these integrated, adaptive, frequency based systems being used today, I came to the realization that we are like a computer with no firewall. Furthermore, in the wrong hands this technology can cut, copy and paste into us just like a computer. The bottom line is we are being hacked, manipulated and used by this frequency based technology and it's operators. The multi faceted capabilities of frequency manipulation through wireless networks makes the possibilities endless.
For those who know this, it is realized that there is no easy escape. Subliminal thoughts can be installed in everyone to buy products, vote for a particular candidate or turn left when you meant to turn right. This technology can keep people from feeling alarmed when they should be alarmed. There is an unnatural complacency in society that has accepted a compromise for convenience that is too high of a price to pay. If people knew their brains were hooked up to an interface through the Smart Grid Mesh Network, would they still use the convenience of a Smart phone?  We have literally traded in our natural creative process for the convenience of not having to stop to use a phone booth. We let our children go to schools with the convenience of wireless computers but at the cost of brain damage and even a threat to the eggs in a woman's womb. They say our kids will show signs of Alzheimer's symptoms by the time they are twenty one! It's time for people to understand the severity of damage and control being done to us all.

Because our thoughts can be read through remote neural monitoring we have no privacy. As a matter of fact our next move can be anticipated and the people around us can be controlled to make our lives unpleasant. Sounds pretty crazy doesn't it ? After over 23 years of this technology being used on me for being a whistle blower, I have come to understand the far reaching complexity & danger of the misuse being implemented on the human race for complete control. We are all being effected by this.
The Smart Grid is hooked into your house power through the Smart Meter, the RFID chips in your new appliances, your Wifi, digital TV and even the video games you pacify your children with. Take a look around and see how many people are addicted to their phones. They don't realize they are being taken over and controlled. One article states that it takes about 5 minutes to completely control a person. This is completely unacceptable. We are in a battle for our freedom in a very life threatening way. Are we willing to give up all this convenience to get back our God given rights to natural creativity, thought, free will & privacy?
Humanity is at a crossroads where it will either trade convenience for it's demise or it will follow the laws of nature and get back into the balance that nature provides. When everyone sets their smart meters out by the curb and takes the battery out of their cell phone, these systems will cease to have as much control as they do now. This will be our first move to adapt & survive. Then we will have to shut down the HAARP machines, GWEN towers, satellites & drones that are using frequency based technologies against us. We will  discuss all of these technologies and more on our conference calls. Remember, knowledge is power. We must contemplate every possibility to gain the understanding required to adapt & survive. Keep an open mind.
In the next article I will go into the benefits of using frequencies as a therapy to counteract the bad effects being perpetrated on us all.
Darpa Opportunity:
Neural Engineering System Design
DARPA-BAA-16-09.pdf (770.19 Kb)
The Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) program seeks innovative research proposals to design, build, demonstrate, and validate in animal and human subjects a neural interface system capable of recording from more than one million neurons, stimulating more than one hundred thousand neurons, and performing continuous, simultaneous full-duplex (read and write) interaction with at least one thousand neurons in regions of the human sensory cortex. In addition to achieving substantial advances in scale of interface (independent channel count), proposed systems must also demonstrate simultaneous high-precision in neural activity detection, transduction, and encoding, with single-neuron spike-train precision for each independent channel.
The final NESD deliverables must include a fully implantable device (i.e., no percutaneous leads for data or power), safe for semi-chronic or longer (> 30 days) human use, integrated with components and packing from TA2 and neural transducers* and algorithms developed in TA1, and demonstrate reliable power and data telemetry supporting full-duplex [send and receive] system functionality in animals and humans.
*“Neural transducer” is the portion of the proposed approach that encompasses the conversion of neural activity between individual neurons and an intermediate form of information. For example, photons, ions, magnetic fields, or ultrasonic vibrations. The neural transducer and intermediate form of information must be developed in conjunction with the manufactured transducers in the implanted portion of the system. For example, voltage-sensitive proteins, the intensity and wavelength of light emitted, and photo-detectors must all be compatible.
Book Review:  Archangels of Dreamland (Area 51)
The Archangels battle Lucifer in this apocalyptic thriller by Steven L. Fawcette- available on Amazon. This riveting book deftly blends facts with fiction. In 1947, two teenagers in Roswell, NM, witness the crash-landing of a mysterious airborne vehicle and the beginnings of a spectacular and coordinated cover-up. More than 50 years later, the surviving teenager, now in hiding, finds herself and her children still running from those who want to kill her for what she knows and want to destroy her children for what they might become.
It is a high-tech science fiction (or not), thriller about a family who discovers a conspiracy concerning technology from the future that can destroy the world. It wasn't extraterrestrials that gave early humans an advantage, its was time-traveling future men and women who got things going for the human race at the dawn of time. A covert government agency has acquired that time-travel technology giving them an ability to alter history as they have done so in the past. Now they intend to unleash supernatural forces capable of global disasters -- and they will unless they can be stopped.                                  
From the editor:
This book was inspired by a series of dreams. The writer was tormented to write this book. I believe there is more fact than fiction in this book because it explains and justifies how humans have increased technological capabilities in the last 75 years more than any other time in history. Have super quantum computers taken over the human race ? Is your smart phone controlling you ? Do you see people that appear to be taken over ? Put a piece of crumpled aluminum foil over your left ear to block the signal interface & take note if you get treated better & reduce the amount of malicious street theater perpetrated against you !!
PRISM and UPstream Discussions Take Place in Secret
The House Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing next week on two of the NSA spying programs revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden: PRISM and Upstream. The entire hearing is classified, and closed to the public. This continues the excessive secrecy that has contributed to the surveillance abuses  and to their adverse effects upon both our civil liberties and economic growth.”
PRISM and Upstream run under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act of 2008, take hundreds of millions of online messages and voice communications, including emails, Skype calls, and Facebook messages, that involve “targeted” suspects overseas and the people they talk to. The law was never meant to sanction bulk collection of American telephone records. PRISM gets the data from companies like Google, Apple, and Yahoo. Upstream siphons it off from major internet cables owned by the big telecom companies. Once those communications are in the database, the NSA can search them without a warrant.
Closed sessions deprive not just the public of information, but other members of Congress as well. “The warrantless surveillance conducted under Section 702 is worse than the collection of records authorized by Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Closed committee sessions and insufficient congressional oversight have contributed to the evolution of our unconstitutional surveillance state.
Morgellons:  A chemical and Light Microscopic Study
This study concludes that Morgellons lesions were not caused by self-mutilation or delusions in the three cases presented. The photographic evidence clearly demonstrates that the unusual fibers or filaments described in this study are not self-implanted textile fibers. All three patients had symptoms and laboratory findings consistent with systemic illness and indicative of tickborne disease. Neuropsychiatric testing was normal in two cases and influenced by the disease in the third case, and all three patients were examined by a medical practitioner who confirmed the presence of fibers underneath unbroken skin compatible with a diagnosis of Morgellons. We have demonstrated that filaments found in MD patients have chemical, physical and immunohistological features of keratin. The presence of individual filaments attached to epithelial tissue is consistent with keratin and suggests that the filaments are produced by keratinocytes. However, this study makes quite a few deductions based on 3 people to make broad general statements that all Morgellons fibers originate in skin or hair cells. Other possibilities for the construction of fibers are fiber-producing bacteria and fungus. Fiber construction is part of their survival mechanism. Not covered here.
Morgellons Video:  Fibers
Finding fibers in sores is a definitive symptom, but finding the animals and bacteria that make the sores and fibers is not so easily seen. The living organisms in Morgellons are not seen because they are extremely small and must be looked at through a microscope. If you have symptoms of malaria caused by the plasmodium parasite, you don't see that, so why deny a disease based on the fact that you can't see the cause. Here deniability become faked ignorance which denies treatment for this parasitic condition, the perfect bioweapon. Denial of its existence gives the disease to proceed to the fullest extent of its pathology.
Targeted Individual Testimony
There Are Only Days…

If anybody would have told me 18 years ago that I would be living the lifestyle that I am today, I would have told you that science fiction sagas and unbelievable fairy tales just don’t happen in this modern era. For 17 years I knew that many happenings in my life were weird and strange, but I just could not assemble all of the puzzle pieces and come up with the pretty picture on the box. Finally, in January of 2015, I researched a different subject and the shock began to unfold. For some reason, my Internet limited research into Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) never revealed the definition of a “Targeted Individual.” Then like everyone else, I tried desperately to answer those questions that had no answers. It seems like many TIs have limitless energy and desire to help others in constructive ways.
Besides being a single female living alone, I have always been an activist and organizer in movements to help the needy and our little people, our children, whenever possible, wherever possible. Whether it is in these United States, México or Lithuania, my dedication to helping others continues to this day.

My story is perhaps a little more unique than some TIs, since I have been legally blind since birth, although my vision was much better nine years ago, prior to the introduction of poisonous chemical vapor-gases into my living space. I have learned to be creative, innovative and survive in ways others will never know. I see with my ears, fingers, feet and nose rather than my eyes today. My sight is now severely limited but my vision is limitless.

I have also learned like many that there is no such concept as “impossible.” The strongest will in our DNA is to live and like everyone, I have many more reasons to live than I do to die!

Since I am not allowed to ever sleep normally, lying down in a horizontal position, I have only been able to take cat naps for the past six years. For this reason, I have no normal nights, but rather only one day that has no end. I am living my life faster than most of you, keeping busy just about around the clock. Did any of us ask for this lifestyle? No, absolutely not!

I do a lot of walking during each day and through each of your nights. My footsteps are directed by my talking pedometer, at times anything to distract my focus from the realities of the moment. Luckily I am a knitter and I have learned to knit while walking with my yarn coming down over my shoulder in front of me. When I do have Internet access which is not like most people normally do, writing is one of my opiums and I have completed the writing of a book, (LIUDA’S ODYSSEY: Chronicles of a Lithuanian Humanitarian and Adventurer) which is presently in the editing stages. Circumstances that I cannot change, I endure and live through, since anger and frustration only plays into their master plan. Like all TIs, there is one family member and a few friends who still do not believe in the concept of Targeted Individuals. Unfortunately they will understand it all, but only when it is too late and I am no longer here to discuss my present life with them.

If my Bose Wave Sound System can blow out a candle, my theory is that it should be able to blow something out for them also. So when they are in the midst of their worst attacks, using more than one weapon, it’s then when I play my Sirius satellite radio (Channel 24, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville) through my Bose speakers at its loudest. At the same time, I usually join in loudly singing, so those fascinated with me truly are entertained. When any situation seems impossible to live through, it’s then when I am stronger than ever and find extraordinary ways to provide all kinds of distractions for my secret admirers. Let’s always remember as well that we are free even though our life is a bit unusual shall we say, but our stalkers are bound to technology and truly unable to live and move independently like we do. Can you even imagine what a waste of time and humanity it would be to be those people who find pleasure and reward in harassing and terrorizing us?!? This is homeland terrorism in its most basic form. This is my homeland and I am being terrorized…

We each walk through life’s uncharted territories, experiencing new innovations being forcibly directed at each of us in every part of the world. At times, I do feel that we are pioneers on a mission that continues to be written for us each day. We each have our own philosophy and creative ways to navigate through the worst of pain, torture and harassment. I have learned that all those I meet on this journey are working just as hard as I am to live another day…
So often I recall the poem I wrote and dedicated to my loving Parents upon graduating from the University of Buffalo:

What if...
What if I have eyes that do not always see
This gaily colored world of forms and show.
What if in the dark I sometimes go,
My footsteps led by sound and memory.
What if autumn never dressed a tree
In russet browns for me to love and know.
And what if the sunset always hides its glow
And morning's dawn does not unveil to me?
My Father gave me strength of soul and mind;
My Mother taught me how to laugh and pray.
My ears, nose and fingers are designed
To bring me knowledge, beauty, work and play.
I do not envy those who walk by light
For I know my way and have no fear of night!

Do you think the perpetrators of this insidious crime against humanity can share the same philosophy like I have?!?
By Anonymous
Western New York State, US of A

“Lend me your eyes and you can borrow my mind.”
The Environment:  Sea Level Rise, Collapsing Coastlines

Runaway Sea Level Rise, Collapsing Coastlines, and the Chemical Climate Engineering Assault
Geoengineering programs are further fueling the biosphere implosion in what is already a runaway scenario. If we continue on the current course, "Venus Syndrom" will likely be the final destination. Venus syndrome is a scenario in which climate and atmospheric feedback loops are triggered that can't be switched off. We are not just facing climate change, we are facing what is more correctly termed as an "abrupt climate shift" which science makes clear is anthropogenic in nature. The tipping point may be as levels of carbon dioxide rise in our atmosphere, the planet may hit a threshold beyond which today's world ceases to exist and the planet may enter a new climate state. Climate engineering/solar radiation management programs are pushing the planet past any point of possible recovery. The record shattering heat in 2015 (breaking the record global heat just set in 2014) is compounding the rate of ice deposit melting around the globe. Sea level can mount due to two factors – melting ice and the thermal expansion of water as it warms. This in turn is pushing rapidly accelerating sea level rise which is now estimated to be happening at 10 times the rate previously predicted.
Video Review:  Death of LaVoy Finicum
Watch the Traffic Stop and subsequent death of Robert Finicum.
According to the 32-page criminal complaint and an attached affidavit by FBI Special Agent Katherine Armstrong, information contained in video recordings by Pete Santilli were used as just cause for the arrest of the militia members on route to a town meeting which resulted in the death of 56-year old Robert "LaVoy" Finicum on January 26, 2016.
Whether one agrees with the actions of the government, Pete Santilli, an embedded independent journalist, rather than just reporting as an impartial observer, inserted himself into the issue at hand as an activist, and provided critical information to the authorities that was used officially in the affidavit as cause for arrest.

The criminal complaint was filed on January 16, 2016, naming Ammon Bundy, John Ritzheimer, Joseph O'Shaughnessy, Ryan Payne, Ryan Bundy, Bryan Cavalier, Shawna Cox and Pete Santilli as "defendants.
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