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Citizens Against Harmful Technology Inc.
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Citizens Against Harmful Technology            Newsletter          March 6, 2016

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Sunday Conference Call
Talkshoe Phone Number: (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 139744 #, Pin 1#, Moderator: Neal Chevrier
Time: Sundays at 8:30 pm EST/7:30 pm Central/6:30 pm Mountain/5:30 Pacific.
You can log into: to join the chat room & listen through your computer speakers. Use *8 on your phone to request to be unmuted to share or ask a question on the call. Use *6 to mute yourself (& unmute yourself).

General Discussion: Harmful technology, Electronic Harassment, Organized Stalking & Protection. Please join us and share your experiences with us. Share with us any articles on technology that may be misused on Tis, including behavioral or social research. We gather information constantly to bring the most up-to-date technology to light in order to remove the mystery of targeting.

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Linqstat: Microwave (RF) Protection for You
This is a very high quality RF shielding material.
It doesn't out gas & is completely nontoxic!
Linqstat is much safer and thicker than Mylar and when Mylar starts to break down, it leaves Aluminum particles in the air which you breath in. It is not good to use thin Mylare sheeting for very long, it is meant for emergency blankets.  Linqstat does not come apart in the air so it is a long-lasting RF shielding material.
For Linqstat orders, email Neal at
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LINQSTAT (≤50,000 ohms/sq) Electrically Conductive Film.
Product Part Number:  LINQSTAT MVCF S-Series 
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Infrared Shielding


What is Stealth and how can it help you survive?

The Land Shark is actually two different kinds of Instant Survival Shelter. Both sides provide you with the same lifesaving thermal protection, however, one is made to attract visual attention (International Orange), while the other keeps you hidden (Digital Camo).

Thermal cloaking keeps you hidden in plain sight.

Evading detection can mean the difference between life and death. Land Shark’s inherent thermal cloaking abilities reduce the user’s infrared signature to undetectable levels, even while using some of the most advanced commercial and military-grade infrared detection equipment.

Military and Soldier of Fortune tested:


A 30-minute test using the highly rated FLIR, Inc. Model 2000AB helicopter-mounted IR detector, operating in the 8-14 micron wavelength range, failed to locate three individuals concealed in Land Shark bags. Soldier of Fortune magazine tested the Land Shark bag using the Life-Finder hand-held IR detector. The magazine’s testers were also unable to locate three individuals concealed in Land Shark bags during the 30-minute test. After testing, Soldier of Fortune magazine concluded that: “The new StealthBag is essential gear for those in a SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) scenario whose survival depends on their ability to hide not only from visual detection but [from] sophisticated infrared detectors as well.”

An increasingly important tool in your arsenal

With the increased use of infrared detection equipment by both military and law enforcement personnel, infrared cloaking capability has become an extremely important evasion tactic. The Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter reduces the wearer’s infrared signature to undetectable levels while remaining a compact and affordable survival tool.
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Linqstat: Microwave (RF) Protection for You
Infrared Shielding
REQUEST: Submit and Share your Harassment or Stalking Story
Book Review:  Community Policing is another word for Gangstalking through organized "Policing"
Infrared Radar:  What do your handlers see?
What blocks radar? Radar works in the microwave frequency range.
What are the frequency ranges of radar used in urban surveillance?
6 Goals of the Illuminati-from 1924 Newspaper
Brain Research
Optical Control of Neural Activity
Website Review:  
Video Review:  GMO Genocide
Environment: Winter Storm Jonas 2016 in Mid-Atlantic United States
REQUEST: Submit and Share your Harassment or Stalking Story
There is a spot in our newsletter which relates testimony of Targeted Individuals regarding their experiences. Please submit your story to be published here or on CAHT's website to
"How are the perpetrators able to target and torture so many individuals at the same time manipulating their body functions and actions? We are all doing different things at any given time and I am aware that every moment of my life is being witnessed and can feel bodily functions manipulated...i.e., liver, gallbladder, heart, bowels, digestion, brain, nervous system etc. Toxic chemicals are used and directed into my nasal passages anywhere and sometimes orchestrated by some psychopathic mentality when for example I might raise my hand in a particular way. Sometimes manipulation is directed to body organ when I express a certain body movement or am standing at a certain location, like my kitchen sink....but manipulation occurs while I am driving a car or anywhere. I do understand that they have something akin to a brain print which appears on screen as a type of MRI imaging so they really can see the body and its working mechanism...however there are so many targeted individuals, how are they able to be so involved with so many people at once in such an intimate manner...I do not understand how the perpetrators are able to work on so many people in this way at the same time? I understand tracking and they can find you anywhere and see you...but how are they able to manipulate my body so intimately. I do not believe that I am someone's pet project..but that is how it seems to appear as I have been tracked for over 12 years now and it seems that this sicko knows everything about my body certainly what I think, see and hear and my body functions. How many targets at once can he actually manipulate this way? Please explain if you can.."
Book Review:  Community Policing is another word for Gangstalking through organized "Policing"
IMPORTANT: THIS IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT AND STALKING. THIS IS "COMMUNITY" DOING THE "POLICING" which is just another name for blacklisting, harassing and covertly culling targets from the community, using ordinary citizens just like Hitler used doctor, teachers, ministers and soldiers to slaughter 6 million Jews. They were attacked with this very same protocol. They were blacklisted, they lost their businesses and jobs first, they were herded into a ghetto (FEMA camps), not allowed to buy food and were eventually killed in various ways.
This process is happening to Targeted Individuals who have unilaterally been chosen for a death sentence. Go to the Justice Department website and also google the budgets for COPS and you will find this program teaching community stalking to police, fireman, medics, veterans and other people in the community (stalkers).
There is nothing transparent about covertly implanting people with medical devices for causing pain which is certainly extra-judicial if it is a punishment for a crime, but certainly not the constitutional way of executing justice. Since Community Policing is part of the Justice Department, it can only be deducted that the whole program is some kind of punishment upon arbitrarily chosen blacklisted individuals which is most easily effected without going through the that whole cumbersome judicial system thing. The NWO would want to execute "justice" quickly without the victim or anyone else knowing who was actually behind it. After all, the practice is to commit heinous acts on unsuspecting victim such as in the 9-11 holocaust and massacre of human beings and blame it on someone else. The bravery of such a program claimed by a certain president is also just the opposite, since most of the implanting and pain happen while the victim is asleep. The take was, "You must be brave (another word for insensitive) to kill people."
In reality, everything is just the opposite of what is stated in the COPS literature. The sentence in red shows how the stalking and implant, stimulation of implants by police, handlers and community stalkers, in-home harassment, GPS surveillance etc. is accomplished. There are people in your area who operate this program and are engaged in enlisting businesses and citizens in  "policing" the community using home invasion, radiation and stalking. This is the program responsible for covert harassment and surveillance of blacklisted individuals. It is operated through the DOD and the Dept of Defense. It may contain lower eschelon criminal elements but the organization of all these people are under the Justice Dept umbrella.
"The task force was created to strengthen community policing and trust among law enforcement officers and the communities they serve, especially in light of recent events around the country that have underscored the need for and importance of lasting collaborative relationships between local police and the public. We found engaging with law enforcement officials, technical advisors, youth and community leaders, and nongovernmental organizations through a transparent public process to be both enlightening and rewarding, and we again thank him for this honor. Given the urgency of these issues, the President gave the task force an initial 90 days to identify best practices and offer recommendations on how policing practices can promote effective crime reduction while building public trust. In this short period, the task force conducted seven public listening sessions across the country and received testimony and recommendations from a wide range of community and faith leaders, law enforcement officers, academics, and others to ensure these recommendations would be informed by a diverse range of voices."
Infrared Radar:  What do your handlers see?

Infrared (IR) is invisible radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, extending from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometers (frequency 430 THz) to 1 mm (300 GHz)[1] (although people can see infrared up to at least 1050 nm in experiments). Most of the thermal radiation emitted by objects near room temperature is infrared.
What blocks radar? Radar works in the microwave frequency range.
Radiation-absorbent material, usually known as RAM, is a material which has been specially designed and shaped to absorb incident RF radiation (also known as non-ionising radiation), as effectively as possible, from as many incident directions as possible. The more effective the RAM, the lower the resulting level of reflected RF radiation. Many measurements in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and antenna radiation patterns require that spurious signals arising from the test setup, including reflections, are negligible to avoid the risk of causing measurement errors and ambiguities.
Radar-absorbent RAM is used in stealth technology to disguise a vehicle or structure from radar detection. A material's absorbency at a given frequency of radar wave depends upon its composition. RAM cannot perfectly absorb radar at any frequency, but any given composition does have greater absorbency at some frequencies than others; no one RAM is suited to absorption of all radar frequencies. A common misunderstanding is that RAM makes an object invisible to radar. A radar-absorbent material can significantly reduce an object's radar cross-section in specific radar frequencies, but it does not result in "invisibility" on any frequency. Bad weather may contribute to deficiencies in stealth capability. Read more:
Radar jamming and deception:
What are the frequency ranges of radar used in urban surveillance?

Ultra Wideband (UWB) radar systems transmit signals across a much wider frequency than conventional radar systems and are usually very difficult to detect. The transmitted signal is significant for its very light power spectrum, which is lower than the allowed unintentional radiated emissions for electronics. The most common technique for generating a UWB signal is to transmit pulses with very short durations (less than 1 nanosecond).

The spectrum of a very narrow-width pulse has a very large frequency spectrum approaching that of white noise as the pulse becomes narrower and narrower. These very short pulses need a wider receiver bandwith as conventional radar systems.

The amount of spectrum occupied by a signal transmitted by a UWB-radar (i.e. the bandwidth of the UWB signal) is at least 25% of the center frequency. Thus, a UWB signal centered at 2 GHz would have a minimum bandwidth of 500 MHz and the minimum bandwidth of a UWB signal centered at 4 GHz would be 1 GHz. Often the absolute bandwidth is larger than 1 GHz.

An example of a typical UWB radar is the pulsed noise radar. This radar is transmitting at the center frequency of 24 GHz single pulses with a duration of a few nanoseconds, and a pulse power of 4 mW. Its bandwidth is therefore 8 GHz. Whether this radar is transmitting or not can not be determined by measurement from the outside of the radar as its transmit pulses do not differ from environmental noise.
6 Goals of the Illuminati-from 1924 Newspaper
February 17, 2016
By Aaron and Melissa Dykes
Of course, these days the concept of the Illuminati is much less a shadowy secret society bent on world domination than a cruel inside joke MTV has played out with borrowed symbolism.
But back in 1924, people were very worried about the Illuminati’s plans to take over the world by destroying it.
This article in the June 21, 1924 edition of the Joplin Globe laid bare the six “principles” or goals of the Illuminati:
First, the abolition of government.
Second, the abolition of patriotism.
Third, the abolition of private property rights.
Fourth, the abolition of all rights of inheritance.
Fifth, the abolition of religion.
— and finally —
Sixth, the abolition of the family relations.
Brain Research

SALT LAKE CITY, March 30, 2011 — By exposing inner-ear cells and heart cells to infrared optical signals, scientists have found that the light actually activates the cells so they can send signals to the brain, a discovery that could lead to optical prosthetics for disorders of movement, balance and vision.

"We're going to talk to the brain with optical infrared pulses instead of electrical pulses," which now are used in cochlear implants to provide deaf people with limited hearing, said Richard Rabbitt, a professor of bioengineering at the University of Utah and senior author of the study.

The inner-ear cells of the oyster toadfish, which are well-established models for comparison with human inner ears and sense of balance, were used in the University of Utah research. (Image: Wikimedia Commons) The scientific significance of the studies is the discovery that optical signals — short pulses of infrared laser light delivered via a thin, glass optical fiber — can activate heart cells as well as inner-ear cells related to balance and hearing.

In addition, the research showed infrared activates the heart cells, called cardiomyocytes, by triggering the movement of calcium ions in and out of mitochondria, the organelles that convert sugar into usable energy. The same process appears to occur when infrared light stimulates inner-ear cells.

Infrared light can be felt as heat, raising the possibility that the heart and ear cells were activated by heat rather than the infrared radiation itself. But Rabbitt and colleagues did "elegant experiments" to show that the cells indeed were activated by the infrared radiation, they said. The low-power infrared light pulses in the study were generated by a diode — "the same thing that's in a laser pointer, just a different wavelength," Rabbitt said.
Optical Control of Neural Activity
Genetically targeted optical control neural activity
Temporally precise, noninvasive control of activity in well-defined neuronal populations is a long-sought goal of systems neuroscience. We adapted for this purpose the naturally occurring algal protein Channelrhodopsin-2, a rapidly gated light-sensitive cation channel, by using lentiviral gene delivery in combination with high-speed optical switching to photostimulate mammalian neurons. We demonstrate reliable, millisecond-timescale control of neuronal spiking, as well as control of excitatory and inhibitory synaptic transmission. This technology allows the use of light to alter neural processing at the level of single spikes and synaptic events, yielding a widely applicable tool for neuroscientists and biomedical engineers.
Apparatus and method for neural-signal capture to drive neuroprostheses or control bodily function
US 20100016732 A1
Method and apparatus for detecting nerve activity of an animal. Some embodiments include outputting a light pulse having a wavelength onto a volume of animal tissue such that the light pulse interacts with active nerves of the tissue; measuring a light signal resulting from the interaction of the light pulse with the tissue; transmitting an electrical signal based on the measured light signal; signal-processing the electrical signal; and outputting a response signal, which can optionally be used to control a prosthetic device, stimulate another nerve, or display/ diagnose a condition. Some embodiments output a plurality of light wavelengths and/or pulses, which are optionally high-frequency intensity modulated. Some embodiments analyze DC, AC, and phase components of signals to spatially resolve locations of neural activity. Some embodiments output light pulse(s) and detect the resultant light from outside a human skull to detect neural activity of human brain tissue inside the skull.
Website Review:  
Know your enemy. There is an interesting book on this site, SpyTek called "The Art of Surveillance". Master Investigator Kelly E. Riddle discusses different techniques, skills and knowledge needed to conduct a professional surveillance based on his experience of 6,500 cases.
Surveillance is simply discovering without being discovered and is used to obtain information that cannot be obtained any other way. This book is designed for both the novice and experienced investigator. The author relies on his more than thirty-five years of surveillance experience in outlining the art of surveillance.

Conducting surveillance correctly is truly an art. In this book the methods for all types of surveillance will be outlined as well as how to avoid common mistakes. Proper equipment and concealment techniques are essential parts of surveillance. The use of technology will be outlined as well as the legalities of surveillance.
Video Review:  GMO Genocide
GM Genocide Terminator Gene-Farming Suicide


There are many concerns about the spread of altered genes, and these experimental alterations may be out of control. One of the concerns is that an antibiotic-resistant gene that was isolated from bacteria and used in some GM crops might cross back from plants to different species of bacteria. If this happens we would lose the ability to treat major illnesses such as meningitis and E-coli.

While the mainstream dismisses these concerns as “speculations (which) have been extensively rebutted by the scientific community”, Mae, together with Joe Cummins of the University of Western Ontario, has also argued that a sterility gene engineered into a crop could be transferred to other crops or wild relatives. This could severely compromise the growth of conventional crops, and cause wild relatives to become extinct. Mae and Joe articulated that this process could also produce genetic instabilities, “leading to catastrophic breakdown”. They have stated that there are no data to assure that this has not happened or cannot happen.

Mae has also argued that bacteria could acquire the bacterial gene barnase from transgenic plants. This gene kills any cell that expresses it, and lacks barstar – the specific inhibitor of barnase activity. In an article entitled ‘Chronicle of An Ecological Disaster Foretold’, Mae speculated that if a bacterium acquired the barnase gene and survived, this could make the bacteria a more dangerous pathogen. In this presentation, Mae details how all this science fits into the agenda for genetic modification, something vital to understanding where the Codex Alimentarius project is intending to take us all.
Mae-Wan Ho 250 pages (approx). A serious, in-depth enquiry into Schrodinger's question, "What is Life?" and at the same time, a celebration of life itself. A voyage of discovery through many areas of contemporary physics from non-equilibrium thermodynamics to quantum optics in order to understand the problem of life. A rare and exquisite view of the organism, giving novel insights, not only into the physics, but also "the poetry and meaning of being alive" Also included is the CD-ROM of live footage of organisms and the Quantum Jazz DVD which has footage of live organisms presented as a short musical video.
Environment: Winter Storm Jonas 2016 in Mid-Atlantic United States
Update: Death toll from the winter storm Jonas has risen to 19. Winter storm Jonas has prompted multiple states across the Mid-Atlantic United States to declare a state of emergency. Recent snow storm has claimed lives of at least ten people; six in North Carolina, one each in Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.Emergency has been declared in Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.
New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has declared a "winter weather emergency" and issued a hazardous travel advisory for the city, encouraging people not to travel. According to The Weather Channel, blizzard warnings have been sissued for more than 33 million people from northern Virginia to southern Connecticut, including Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City. 
The top snowfall from winter storm Jonas has been recorded in Redhouse, Maryland; a total of 28.5 inches as of Saturday morning. "Through noon Saturday, the forecast shows snowfall rates could potentially reach 10 inches every six hours," CNN has written quoting Chris Geldart of the District of Columbia's emergency management agency.
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Thought For The Day:

People who have strong likes and dislikes find life very difficult; they are as rigid as if they had only one bone. Such people cannot bend, and if they are compelled to bend, they can only break.
We can all learn to develop resilience. We can make ourselves like that Japanese doll called the daruma doll, which has a rounded base and is weighted in such a way that when you push it over it springs back up. Yu can hold it down as long as you like, but as soon as you take your hand away, it jumps back up again. This is the kind of resilience that we can all cultivate. Whenever life tries to knock down people who have developed this precious quality of resilience, they are able to spring back; they have lost every trace of rigidity. Daily meditation will help us overcome our rigidity.

From "The Mantram Handbook"
By Eknath Easwaran

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