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Corinna's Corner ~ Marvelous, Magical Mugwort
Corinna Wood
Director, Southeast Wise Women
Corinna WoodHave you spotted her silvery, aromatic leaves emerging this spring? Many of you are probably quite familiar with mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris). As winter releases its grip, she shows up along paths, in the garden…even roadsides. When she’s mature, we appreciate her for her aromatic qualities: dried and placed in sachets and pillows to encourage vivid dreaming, or used as our local smudge for energetic clearing. Mugwort is also used in oriental healing modalities such as moxabustion, when burned as part of acupuncture therapy.

We don’t usually think of her as a digestible plant and, in truth, she can be mildly toxic as the warm months progress and she grows tall. But at the cusp of spring, when her small, divided leaves are just peeking up, mugwort is wonderful as a seasoning in your wild salads or in deviled eggs. Her aromatic flavor is delightful when used in moderation.

Harvested while tiny—just a few inches high—mugwort is one of the first medicines that you can be making in very early spring. I like to infuse the young leaves into a simple vinegar (see right) to draw out her nutritional benefits. She is high in minerals, including calcium and magnesium.
When foraging, it is essential not to confuse mugwort with poison hemlock. At this stage of the growth cycle, there are no flowers to guide you, but her strong fragrance and the distinctive silvery-white glaze on the backs of the feathery leaves should help in identification. Due to the deadly nature of poison hemlock, if you are in any doubt at all, be sure to consult with an experienced herbalist or botanist before proceeding.
Since mugwort is tenacious and does spread by the roots, I plant her in areas that have naturally defined edges—like a triangle bed where roads meet, or a contained planter. Though, as you can see (above), my mugwort whiskey-barrel planter has worn over the last ten years, and mugwort is now delightedly escaping those confines, to the surrounding paths. Ah well, a good problem to have—marvelous, magical mugwort offering herself in abundance!

Read more in Corinna Wood's article . . . 
Mugwort: Magical Herb of the Moon Goddess 
2016 Events ~ Learn, celebrate and connect...
Southeast Wise Women offers two annual events that honor women and the earth. Both are celebratory, engaging, and educational, delving at the heart of Wise Woman Tradition. We are often asked what makes these two beloved programs similar and what sets them apart. Here are the details in a nutshell . . . 

May 22-27 ~ Near Asheville NC

Violet basketA truly unique program, the Herbal Immersion is a week-long inspirational journey that infuses participants with a deep understanding of the principles of herbal medicine, traditional nourishment, and self-love. This circle of women gather all week at a mountain retreat for in-depth, hands-on learning--in safe and sacred space for each to rediscover their own wise woman within.

Group size: 20-25 women
Length: Six days, Monday through Friday
Instructor: In-depth teaching with Corinna Wood, Director of Southeast Wise Women
Focus: Hands-on, in-depth, experiential learning in a retreat setting with a small and intimate group of women.
Location: Bend of Ivy Lodge, 30 minutes from Asheville NC
Dates: May 22-27
Classes: Morning and afternoon class sessions (three hours each) covering medicine making, local wild edible and medicinal plants, nourishing traditional foods, women’s health, women as healers, plant communication, wildcrafting, and more.
Cost: $1060
Food & Lodging: Three delicious, nutritious meals/day are included, as is camping. Indoor lodging is available for an additional fee.
May 22-27 Herbal Immersion Registration

October 14-16 ~ Black Mountain, NC
Red Tent at SEWW Herbal Conference 2015
The Herbal Conference is a weekend for women to learn, celebrate, and connect. Women come from all over the Southeast to learn about herbal medicine and women’s health in a vibrant, joyful, and loving community. Over the last twelve years, this much-loved event has grown into an annual tradition for women from all walks of life.

Group size: Over a thousand women
Length: Weekend event, Friday-Sunday
Instructors: Dozens of presenters, including leading herbal and women’s wisdom teachers from the Southeast and beyond.
Focus: Celebrating women, plants and earth-based healing in a festival type setting.
Location: Lake Eden, Black Mountain NC
Dates: October 14-16
Classes: Seven sessions (90 minutes each) with eight classes to choose from per session. Topics include herb walks, advanced herbalism, do-it-yourself herbalism, world traditions, nutrition, women’s health, myth & mystery, and much more.
Cost: $240 - $305. Early Bird Discount until June 2nd
Food & Lodging: Camping is included. Communal indoor lodging is available for an additional fee. Meals are available for purchase.

October 14-16 Herbal Conference Registration
Early Bird discount until June 2nd
Conference Registration is now open!
Make Your Own
Mugwort Vinegar
 1. Pick plants up to 6 inches high.
 2. Stuff the plant material into a jar
 3. Fill it to the top with organic apple cider vinegar.
 4. Let it sit for six weeks or so, in a cool, dry place, checking it occasionally and topping off the vinegar as the leaves absorb it.
 5. Strain out the plant material and you have a delicious, nutritious vinegar for your wild salad greens all summer long.
Reserve your space now
2016 Herbal Immersion with Corinna Wood
Dark Supermoon
Set intentions Thursday

Wednesday night's dark moon is the dark "supermoon" of the year--the dark moon that is the closest to the Earth this year. So, even though we don't see her, we can feel her pull strongly.
The dark moon peaks Thursday morning, April 7th at 7:24 am, in the astrological sign of Aries. So after dawn on Thursday, is the optimum time to state your positive, heartfelt intentions.
And intentions in the areas that Aries governs are especially powerful . . .
new beginnings, self-focus, innocence, authenticity, self-discovery, independence, and courage. 
Dark supermoon blessings to you tonight!
Herbs for you
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