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How do we measure growth? We don't do a lot of testing. We don't use computer generated charts and graphs to evaluate and plot a student's progress. So how do we know that our children are progressing and growing and doing well?
Last week we hosted an open house. Each student presented a lesson to all the parents. That event was a great measure of growth. The students not only demonstrated academic but also social growth. We could not have been prouder of them. More importantly they were proud of themselves and the work they have been doing this year. They were professional, articulate and quite excited. I know that the parents enjoyed seeing their children smiling and demonstrating their knowledge to other parents and strangers. It was truly a great night!    
Simón Dice (Simon Says)
Learning Spanish has been one of our areas of focus this year. The students have really embraced learning a second language because Mr. D has made it so fun! They play games such as charades (see below) and Simon Says in Spanish.
Strawberries, garlic, lettuce and beans. That's what's coming up in the garden. We'll soon be ready for some yummy additions to snack time and lunch time. One of the parents had a good idea...homemade butter with garlic scapes. So, when it's time, we'll give the students some heavy whipping cream and let them shake it until it turns into butter and then add the garlic scapes. Sounds delicious!

When we created the Yadkin Valley Community School, we knew that “community” was going to be a critical part of our success. We are a small, newly formed non-profit which relies heavily on donations and grants. So we are endlessly grateful to those who supported us financially this year. We could not have done it without the donors and grantors listed below along with a few anonymous donors.

We also knew that we would have to rely heavily on the community to help us provide the curriculum and overall educational experience that we dreamed about as we created this school. Boy, did our community step up! Individuals and businesses have given so generously of their time by providing dance, gymnastics, art and yoga classes on a regular basis. Our students have benefited from these classes because they have not only allowed the kids to express themselves creatively but they have also helped them to grow socially by being out-and-about in the community.

On April 24th, we will hold an event at the school to show these donors and volunteers how much we appreciate their support this year. If you see any of these folks, please thank them for helping us get off to such a great start!  
We are so grateful to our 2015/2016 donors!
We are also very excited to collaborate with our generous partners:

Yadkin Valley Community School  •  240 Standard Street  •  Elkin, NC 28621

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