Easter Outfit
Easter Bunny
"I am about three months young here, and this is my first Easter outfit - the Easter Bunny Hat".

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New Jacket
"Excuse my back, please: I am a year older now and am always so busy.
As for the the Bunny Hat, it is
too small :-), I can't wear it.
But I got a new outfit -
an Easter jacket!"

Easter Outfit
Yes, time flies, and little people grow fast. This Easter, I knitted a jacket for Amelia to match the Bunny Hat made last year.

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Knit and Crochet
It's a combination of knitting and crochet. All patterns are
very simple.
Crochet: single and double stitches
Knitting: a very popular moss stitch and my favourite

I used the leftovers of the yarn I purchased last year, and even though I used all of it, the jacket turned out to be a little too small

A Little More Work
"I hope, Tanya, you will get some more yarn and finish the project,
so I could have the jacket with
long sleeves! Thank you"

A Little More Yarn
Yes, I should purchase more of this beautiful yarn and get back to work! 
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Happy Easter
"The photo session is over, and I can finally watch

Happy Easter!

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