Showing Up * Mary Yoga ENews * Issue #123 * March 2016
... Oui, Merci
This is a great opportunity for Aparigraha, non-attachment, the 5th yama/restraint in the 1st limb of Yoga. After 5 hours of penning a masterpiece newsletter, I discovered it had not saved, though I'd been doing it, or so I thought! Here then, briefly my dears ~ happy Spring!
In my Feb ENews I asked: What does self-care look like to you? Some answers this month: giving and receiving yoga. Giving and receiving massage. Giving care to someone and seeing them bloom. Giving and receiving hugs. Giving myself education that I love. Loving who's in the mirror.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! Saying yes, I smile, as I've been recently reading Pure member Ava Chin's charming book Eating Wildly, her memoir on urban foraging and the search for love. After hearing Thich Nhat Hahn teaching meditation to French children, Ava found herself chanting "Breathing in, Oui, oui, oui. Breathing out, Merci, merci, merci" as she navigated through difficult traffic. 
Whether you are saying Yes to a meditation practice, a challenging yoga class, a friend in need, or yourself, BrenĂ© Brown claims that it is in our act of just showing up ~ especially in the face of fear of failure, or vulnerability to exposure ~ that creativity is birthed. Dr. Brown is a disarming research academic with the wry delivery of a comedian; thank you yogini warrior mama Yael for Dr.Brown!
Wherever your Arena ~ daily meditation practice, 100 daily handstands, a challenging job or relationship issue ~ Inhale, oui. Exhale, merci.
My Schedule At A Glance
Weekend Retreat 2016:
June 3-5 ~ Wagging Tail Yoga, Bethel, Catskills, NY
Sept 23-35 ~ Wagging Tail Yoga, Bethel, Catskills, NY
5th Annual NY AcroFest 2016:
August 12-14 ~ 5th Annual NY Acrofest, NYC
Pure Yoga New York Weekly Yoga Classes:
Pure Yoga Eastside - 203 E.86th St. (3rd Ave)
   Monday: 10:30-12:00 Slow Flow Meditation
   Tuesday: 12:30-1:30 Restorative
  Thursday: 12:30-1:30 Restorative
   Thursday: 5:30-6:30 Vinyasa 1/2
Pure Yoga Westside - 204 W.77th St. (Amsterdam Ave)
   Friday: 11:30-12:30 Restorative
Om Factory Weekly AcroYoga Classes:
   Friday: 7:30-9:15PM AcroYoga Flow Open Level - Fashion District
   *1st Friday/Month 9:30-11:30PM AcroYoga JAM - Fashion District
Private Sessions by Appointment:
Thai Yoga * Restorative Yoga * Meditation * AcroYoga * ISHTA Yoga
Studio Changes
My Pure East Friday 5:30 Restorative moved to 12:30 Thursday in January at my request, to alleviate my rush-hour commute to another Friday evening class. Weekday students who miss me ~ come join me Thursdays 5:30 for Vinyasa! Or at my next Restorative workshop! ~ Most likely Mother's Day weekend, on May 7th! 
At Om Factory, our weekly lineup of 5 AcroYoga classes have some new changes starting in April. Here they are:
Mon - 5:45 AcroYoga Solar Open level - Mendel - USQ
Mon - 7:15 AcroYoga Lunar Basics - Bassam - USQ
Tues - 7:30 AcroYoga Basics - Yael + Maisah - Fashion District
Thur - 7:15 April Series: Thai & Fly Open level - Linda - USQ
Fri - 7:30 AcroYoga Flow Open level - Mary - Fashion District
1st Fri/Month - 9:30 AcroYoga JAM - Mary - Fashion District
Watch for ~ Upcoming
Watch for updates on my Web page and ENews for:
* Mother's Day weekend 2-hour Chakra-tuning Restorative workshop, at Pure East or Pure West, Saturday May 7th, TBA.
* 100-Hour Restorative Teacher Training in late summer and fall, in 4 weekend modules, open to Pure grads toward 300-Hour RYT, or for students and teachers for self-advancement study purposes, TBA.
Feedback! Questions? Requests? Email me; keep in touch!
In this issue:
... Oui, Merci
My Schedule At A Glance
Studio Changes
Watch for ~ Upcoming
Acro Weekend!
Thai For Spring
Two Retreat Dates
Photo; Emails
Acro Weekend!
April 8-10, AcroYoga co-founder Jason Nemer and our own Matt Giordano team up to bring NYC a 5-workshop weekend: Solar Immersion Tuneup and Advanced Acrobatics. Check out the 5 mix 'n match sessions, from Handstands Friday evening to Acro Rehab Sunday afternoon! 2 out of the 5 sessions have pre-reqs. Register at Om Factory! Space is limited!
Thai For Spring
Spring has sprung ~ I am so grateful I am lowering my private Thai bodywork rates to celebrate spring: 
75 minute sessions $140 ~ $120 if you come to me. Add or subtract $10 for 15 minutes longer or shorter.
Or ~ book a private at Pure Yoga or Om Factory, and we use their beautiful space! Thai yoga bodywork makes great presents!
Two Retreat Dates
My June 3-5 Spring + Summer Retreat in the Catskills is near capacity. Email for space, or register now! 1-2 spots left.
Sept. 23-25 is the date for the Fall weekend retreat. It's my 57th birthday, and I'm thrilled! Email me to place a reservation, as we have not yet posted the web page!
Photo; Emails
Cover photo: thanks to Adachi Photography, and yogini Katie Capano
I value your privacy; please feel free to Forward, Reply, Subscribe or Unsubscribe, to keep your inbox clear and allow me to only be emailing those who desire to hear from me! 
Om shanti ~ peace!
Happy spring! ~ Mary

Mary Aranas Yoga  •  310 Lexington Avenue  •  NY, NY 10016

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