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The Clay Minerals Society
Clay Minerals Society
CMS E-News, April 2016
From the President
CMS 2016 Annual Meeting - Resurgent Clays
Source Clays
About to appear in Clays and Clay Minerals
Reynolds Cup
Recent CMS publications
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From the President

Finally, the spring is here! It is hard to believe the 53rd CMS Annual Meeting is only about seven weeks away. The organizing committee in Atlanta is working extremely hard to put together an excellent conference. Over 100 abstracts encompassing a wide range of new research on clay science and technology have been submitted. Some of the planned sessions are:
Origin of Kaolins, Beneficiation, and Uses of Kaolins and Other Industrial Clays 
(A session in Honor of Prof. Haydn Murray)

Engineering Applications of Clay Minerals
Contaminant Remediation by Clays
Nano-Clay Mineralogy Techniques, Simulations, and Modeling
Critical Zone Clay Minerals
Impact of Clays on Pore Development and Hydraulic Fracturing of Tight Shales
Clay Minerals and Health
Intercalation and Nanocomposites
Clay Minerals on Mars and Other Planetary Bodies
Structure and Properties of Clays
Isotopes (Geochronology and Stable Isotopes) and Clays
General Sessions
That is not all. As a part of the pre-conference program, you will have a rare opportunity to visit the kaolin mines in Georgia from where Source Clays KGa-1 and KGa-2 are procured. In addition, a workshop on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Clays will provide you with invaluable insights. Please do not miss these opportunities: register for the meeting today.
The CMS leadership continues to explore the best path forward for our journal Clays & Clay Minerals.
Dr. Michael Velbel has completed his tenure as an Acting Editor-in-Chief of Clays and Clays Minerals and the Society has now welcomed back Dr. Joe Stucki from mission work on behalf of his church. Many thanks to Michael for his hard work on behalf of the Society.
The revision of the CMS website is almost complete and should go live next month. The new website will be compatible with mobile devices
Finally, it is not too late to renew your 2016 membership. Do it now!
I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Atlanta in June!
Prakash Malla, President, CMS
CMS 2016 Annual Meeting - Resurgent Clays

Visit the conference website for this year's annual meeting, being held in Atlanta, Georgia, 5–8 June 2016. There's still time to register.
Source Clays
The CMS’s Source Clays Repository offers two series of materials:
(1) Source Clays
(2) Special Clays
The Source Clays are derived from large, reasonably homogenized stocks. Thus, over the years, data on these reference materials can be compared. The samples have been selected carefully from the source deposits by professionals to minimize in situ variations. Because any beneficiation technique can bring about changes in properties, pre-treatment usually involves only low-temperature, steam-fired tray drying, and imp or Raymond mill pulverization. Each original sample consisted of one metric ton.
The Special Clays are rare but of great theoretical interest. No attempt has been made to homogenize or beneficiate them.

Since 2015, the Society's Source Clay Repository has also sold the leftover reference mineral mixtures from the Reynolds Cup contests. The materials, RC_Mineral_Mixtures, are useful for checking analytical procedures.
About to appear in Clays and Clay Minerals


  • The Beat of My Heart
    Jiří Konta
This is the life story of the famous Czech mineralogist, Jiří Konta.
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Reynolds Cup
The Reynolds Cup competition, named after Bob Reynolds for his pioneering work in quantitative clay mineralogy and his great contributions to clay science, was established in 2000 by Douglas McCarty and Jan Srodon of ChevronTexaco and Dennis Eberl of the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Unlike other round-robin events that used well-ordered, high-symmetry phases (Madsen et al., 2001) or splits from natural samples with unknown mineral composition (Ottner et al., 2000), the Reynolds Cup competition utilizes mixtures of pure standards that represent realistic sedimentary rock compositions. The first RC competition opened early 2002 and samples were made available to individuals in commercial, industrial, government, or academic laboratories, which could use any method or a combination of methods to obtain the most accurate quantitative phase analysis. Three samples each were given to a total of 40 participants. The TOP-3-finishers were presented with plaques and the champion’s trophy went to the first-place finisher. The competition was sponsored by ChevronTexaco and the trophy was donated by the USGS. The success of this competition encouraged the founders to make it a biennial event. The Reynolds Cup competition is now funded by The Clay Minerals Society CMS and the German-Austrian-Swiss Clay Group DTTG. The competition is free for all to enter. However, those that are not members of the CMS are encouraged (but not obliged) to become members. Read more here.
Recent CMS publications
Have you bought your copy of the recent volumes in the Workshop Lecture Series? Check them out here.

Materials and Clay Minerals
edited by L.F. Drummy
Advanced Applications of Synchrotron Radiation in Clay Science
edited  by Glenn A. Waychunas
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