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Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 26th Edition April 9, 2016

Sheepie Day in the Park- APRIL 23, 2016 Norcross Ga 1pm

Hey everyone, 
Better late than never, wanted to let those of you in our newsletter land about the Sheepie Day announcement.  We have made the announcement on our Facebook page which we update almost daily (best way to get current news).  And various Facebook OES Groups.  Also we just started a MEET UP group and this is where we will now be sending our notifications about Sheepie Day in the Park for our Norcross group. 
We will get together on April 23 with April 30th being our Raindate.  1pm  
See Meet Up link for RSVPing and information on playdate.   We are hoping to find even more sheepie owners by using Meet UP.
Picture is from our Fall get together.

MEET UP link for Sheepie Playdate



Beckford and Sophie (story next) were owner turn in's from Savannah.  Given up mostly because their owner was aging and had some medical issues that kept her from home during recovery and that 2 was alot for her to handle.  Her sister helped contact us and made the arrangements for us to pick up the 2 dogs.  We were so grateful for a volunteer on business in the area that was able to pick them up and take them to meet their foster homes in Florida.  Neither dog was neutered or spayed and Beckford around 3 and Sophie around 8 luckily never had any puppies.  Beckford was yound and wanted to play, he was very matted and needed a good trimming.
Lucy in Jacksonville had been itching to foster for us so here was her opportunity.  She had another female sheepie (around 8) at home.  After meeting with Rick (Transporter), she took him home and there were no issues between the dogs.  The next plan was to get him neutered and shots.  After an unsuccessful attempt of a groom at a chain store, Lucy decided to proceed with the grooming at home using her kindness and grooming knowledge she had been given from a professional groomer.  This wall eyed (one blue eye) beauty finally got through his groom and his coat will be given another chance.  She did a great job!
Then I got the call, "I've fallen in love with him" and just like that Lucy failed fostering!!!!  Beckford, aka Beck is doing great and loving his new life where he gets daily walks, lots of attention and his coats has had a chance to grow out some.  Congrats to all involved.
Transport:  Rick Routh
Foster: Lucy Thornburn



Sophie is the sister (not same litter) of Beckford above.  She is closer to 8.  She was in heat when we got her and had to wait till she was out of heat before we could get her spay done.  She additionally had some lumps that needed removal and diagnostics on.  A sweet girl who again was desperate for attention, she is now with Maggie and her 2 other sheepies.   
Sophie very quickly adapted to the home and all the new love and attention.  Maggie went into this as a foster, but she also had an applicaiton in with us so we knew she might keep her if all went well with her dogs.  
After the spay, and the removal of the lumps (one in her mouth between her teeth and tongue described as being the size of a golf ball), we had to wait for results.  While 2 of the 3 lumps were considered nothing to worry about the one in her mouth is a type of cancer that will be slow growing.   Even with this knowledge Maggie adopted Sophie.  We are happy that Sophie has found a home. Maggie will continue to watch the location of the mouth lump removal and give Sophie the best quality of life possible and she will be on Watch.
Thanks Maggie for opening up your heart and home and giving Sophie (a senior) a place to land.  
Foster:  Maggie McCarthy
Transporter:  Rick Routh



From time to time, we have to connect with sites like Rescue Me and Craigslist to offer our services to the people giving up a dog.  Luigi was one of these cases.   Two weeks prior, he had been offered to us after working with the owner who posted she needed to place him in a day.  After hours upon hours of trying to find a transporter and foster home, we thought we were ready to go.  Then the owner said she had found a home for him with a friend.
Fast forward 2 weeks later, and the dog with the same name showed up on Rescue Me site.  So I contacted the owner immediately. Come to find out that it was the same dog from 2 weeks ago and this was the second home in 2 weeks he had been to.  NOTE:  Just because someone says they will take your dog doesn't mean they really want it, which is a good reason to work with a rescue.  So the second person who got the dog and I spoke.  She had gotten him neutered, and UTD on shots and was looking for a home.  I asked her if she would continue fostering him and we paid her for her expenses and let us handle this.  
We have so many applications from the Florida are we knew we could help this little guy out.  Luigi was only 9 months old and we had an application very close to his location that also was approved and had a 9 month old boy dog.  They had been looking for a fun playment for him.  Luckily the now foster mom took him over to his new home (with cone on his head left from his neuter) and it was all they could do to keep the 2 pups away from each other.   The cone is off now and Luigi and Freddie (his new brother) are having an amazing time playing fast and hard together.  They are enjoying the big back yard.  Thanks to Deborah and Robert for working with us and letting Luigi come into their homes.  We are so happy for everyone.
Foster/Transport:  Roxanne Lynd



Maizy has just joined us in foster care over the past week.  She is just around 1 1/2 years old.  She was given up by her family in Mississippi because they had 2 smaller dogs first that constantly picked on her.  As Maizy grew older they were concerned her tolerance over the years, had now turned to intolerance.  And one wrong move could have gone really bad.  So they had to keep the dogs seperated all the time and we think she spent alot of time in a crate or in the kitchen confined.  
Thankfully her hair was kept up, but her weight needed some management.  We brought her into a foster home with a small and medium sized dog, but her issue with the dogs and wanting to be the only one surfaced.  So we decided a no other dog home would be best for her.   Friday she was transported from Lower Alabama to Nashville to continue foster care as an only dog.  
More updates next newsletter.
Fosters:  Julie Minter and The Story's
Transporters:  Julie Minter, Carolyn Vaisin and the Story's


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We have had a most expensive year for the past 18 months  Our average cost on our dogs is somewhere around $1000.  We typically adopt a dog for between $100-$350 depending on age and other things.  
In an effort to help raise some money, all commissions on this party will go to our rescue.   Please consider buying something from our Pampered Chef party.  The party closes on April 20th.  Once you go through the catalog, when you pick your first item, you will have the chance to pick "deliver to guest", please do that so it ships directly to you!!!!
Pampered Chef is a great way to buy something from the MOTHER in your life (since Mother's day is early May).  The kid heading off to college might like something to cook with and the bakers and grillers in your world!  Please browse through the ONLINE CATALOG.  If you have any questions email  

Pampered Chef Link



Here is the article in Suwanee Magazine- Cutest Pup Contest (Suwanee, Georgia)
Thanks again for anyone who voted.  The race for first place was between Skippy and another dog and it was a great race, none of the other dogs even got close to our voting.  
The article reads:
Skippy is a 1 year old English Sheepdog.  Although he only has 3 legs you would never know from his friendly demeanor, mischievious personality and boundless energy.  He loves to run and play with his older sister, Sunshine, and chase after any object you throw.
After being deemed unfit by a breeder, Skippy was brought to the Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast as,a 12 week old pup.  One of his front legs had been crushed and never reset properly.  After much deliberation, Dr. Tim Jackson at the Heart of Suwanee Animal hospital  recommended the amputation of his leg.  Skippy was such a trooper!  He never cried, never missed a beat and was quickly running around again on 3 legs.  Skippy was lovingly adopted and now helps his family host other foster dogs in their home.  He wants to show them that even rescue pups can end up having wonderful lives too!



If you are not Seeing pictures with each article, please notify and let her know. 
Some formats are only showing a picture in the top article only, but we always have a picture per article.  We may have to change services if this continues.


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There are many cross country dog friendly hotels. Hilton instituted a new animal friendly floor and program at their hotels (always check in advance.. deposits and size of dog may matter, but generally they don't worry about size). Additionally, LaQuinta's, Red Roof Inns and many Holiday Inn's provide dog friendly rooms.
Remember that when travelling, while they are providing you a service, its up to you to know the limits of your dog.   Does your dog bark alot?  Do you need to bring a crate because of destruction (should you leave the room) or during maid service? 
Don't forget that in a new environment like a hotel, you should exercise the dog often for potty breaks. 
Happy Trails!

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